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JHSF/ José Auriemo Neto: Achieving Success In Real Estate

Are you wondering what property developers do? Perhaps you’re interested in starting a career or business in real estate and want to find out the best route to take. Although there are many ways to make money in real estate, property development is one of the most lucrative.  Property development requires great expertise and having access to a great team. JHSF and its CEO, José Auriemo Neto, are leaders in the industry and come highly recommended.  As developers, JHSF and its professionals have access to top-notch resources and industry connections, which enable them to address the needs of their clients effectively and obtain a great outcome.

They make sure that the legal department is involved in all aspects of the real estate development process. This renowned firm has handled numerous projects over the years and has some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the real estate investment and property development fields. Property developers evaluate future sites and make a determination as to whether or not there is potential in them. Development experts can also evaluate a decaying building and implement strategies for remodeling and making a profit from it. As an integrated company, JHSF can handle complicated land transactions, obtain financial partners and address design and construction challenges.

The firm has been around for many years and its team has a deep knowledge of the industry. There are several crucial steps that every real estate investor or property developer must follow in order to get the desired outcome. The professionals at JHSF work together to identify the right solutions for their needs. They do the necessary research, plan and set up systems that help them reach their goal. Any ambitious person can learn how to achieve success in this arena. There are courses and training programs offered by successful real estate investors. It is crucial to get one that is offered by a reputable professional like José Auriemo Neto or JHSF. José Auriemo Neto is well known for advising and guiding both beginners and those who want to take their business to the next level.

Gareth Henry, Athlete and Courageous Advocate

Gareth Henry is a man of many sides. He is a champion badminton player, a social worker and a fearless fighter for equality and gay rights in his home country of Jamaica. He has 154 wins as a professional including a gold medal in the 2018 men’s doubles at the Central American and Caribbean Games and was part of the Jamaican men’s team that took the bronze at the 2018 Pan Am Badminton Championships. However, despite representing Jamaica in the games, Gareth Henry lives in Canada as a refugee due to threats and violence that caused him to flee his country.

Jamaica is considered one of the least friendly countries to gay men in the world. Despite knowing this, Gareth Henry fought for gay rights as the leader of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG). Henry was already volunteering with the organization and took the reigns of the organization, even knowing the risks to himself, following the murder of leader and co-founder Brian Williamson. During his tenure with J-FLAG Gareth Henry dealt with the violent deaths of 13 of his friends from homophobic attacks.

Unfortunately much of the violence inflicted upon gay men was perpetrated by the police in Jamaica. Henry continued to work as an advocate even after witnessing the death of a friend at the hands of police and a mob. He then experienced this violence first hand as he found himself the target of multiple attacks. The worst of these incidences was a brutal beating at the hands of authorities at a pharmacy in Kingston, Jamaica. Following that attack Henry was forced to go into hiding. Gareth Henry was forced to leave his home escaping to Toronto where he lives now with his husband. He still considers himself to be a Jamaican, and continues to fight from afar for equal rights for himself and others in his home.

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