Jason Hope On The Implementation Of The IoT In The Airline Industry

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and a tech enthusiast who spends most of his time searching for the next big trend in technology. He is a holder of MBA from Arizona State University W.P Carey School of business. He has been a technology entrepreneur with a company which he later sold at a very high profit.

Now, Jason Hope is mainly about advising businesses about the technological trends they should be aware of. Technology is a factor which plays a huge role in determining the success of a business. A business that will apply the wrong technology will be in huge problem going forward. So, to make sure that the objectives and goals of a business are in line with the expectations of technological growth, the role of advisers such as Jason Hope is paramount. Jason Hope is a futurist.

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Jason Hope supports the development of the Internet of Things going forward. One thing about this technology is that no one is speculating about its possibility, it is now a reality that we must all live with. In the past few years, many people doubted whether this would be a reality, but this is no longer the case. Companies have already wakened up and realized that they have to deal with this reality. It is for this reason that you will find too many companies which are now pumping money into research work as they try to figure out how they can take advantage of this technology to boost their business.

The airline industry has already seen many companies take up the cue early and started investing in IoT. A third of the airlines today are manufacturing aircraft that come with IoT technology according to dailyforexreport.com. For instance, the Boeing 787 has all parts connected to the internet such that the status of every part of the plane can be tracked. If there is a need for maintenance, it is done depending on the alerts that come from the control system. These airlines are now in a position to create confidence in the passengers that they are safe. There are other applications of IoT in the industry which will make the industry even better especially on interactions with passengers.

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Victoria Doramus Was Determined To Stop Her Addiction Needing To Change

Victoria Doramus attended her very first rehab session at the age of 26. She was in Tucson, Arizona and know nothing about addiction. All she knew was that her life was out of control and she couldn’t manage it. She had succumb to Adderall and cocaine. She spent 45 days at the facility and then she left to go back home. Even with the new knowledge and tools she acquired at the facility she still didn’t have the understanding that what she had was a real disease and she was facing a lifelong battle. She didn’t really understand until she completely hit rock bottom. She tried moving and changing friends but nothing worked until she found herself doing another 60 days at a different rehab facility. Then she was desperate for change.

Wanting To Change

She needed to prove to her dying mom that she was capable of changing for the better. She pushed everyone away trying to sober up on her own but she only got worse. Finally, she admitted herself to a long term treatment facility where it was designed specifically for relapsing. This long term program was at a place called Burning Tree, and they had a strict schedule or prayer and group activities daily. There 12 steps and the addicts completed 1 step per month.

Committing To Change

After the program was finished Victoria Doramus went to a hallway house and had to work full-time and still attend meetings 5 times a week. With no phone, no transportation, and no one to contact, Victoria saved up her money for four months and then bought a plane ticket to see her mom. She moved back to New York a month later and joined various addiction nonprofits. Victoria Doramus says she plans to open a halfway house to help others that struggle with addiction. She admits addiction can’t be tackled alone so she wants to create an environment that allows for group accountability and individual responsibility. Follow her on Twitter.

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Victoria Doramus Is A Marketer Turned Philanthropist

Victoria Doramus is an experienced market trend analyst who knows how to spot consumer retail trends in a spread of different industries. She has worked with Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Trendera, and Creative Arts Agency and is a very creative marketer. She studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she earned a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and has worked with many interesting people including Peter Berg. Her talent to discover trends that will have an effect on specific sectors has helped her to serve her clients and the businesses she has worked with for years.

According to blogwebpedia.com, Victoria Doramus worked as a Freelance Ghost Writer from 2009-2015 where she helped to conduct research and write many different books. Some of the projects she worked on include Menu Dating: Taste-Test Your Way to the Main Course, Decades: A Century of Fashion, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations, and What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide. She also put together visual materials for the J.Crew/Stila collaboration and served as a Trend Correspondent for The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and USA Today.

Victoria Doramus (@victoria_doramus) has recently discovered that she wants to devote a good portion of her life to working with nonprofits and charities. She now works with Best Friends Animal Society, the Women’s Prison Association, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and Room to Read. With the Amy Winehouse Foundation, she is a volunteer who works to educate young people about the dangers and negative effects of alcohol and drug abuse. She is happy to be able to work with people in need and hopes to make as much of an impact as possible during her time with the Foundation. Looking into the future, Victoria Doramus hopes to draw on her special talents and skill set to help out as many people as she possibly can.

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Bruno Fagali: a long time social responsibility

In the year 2009, Bruno Fagali graduated with a degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He wasn’t satisfied with the knowledge he had gained in the field of law and he specialized in administrative law. This is the field from which he was able to get a master’s degree in the year 2012 from the same institution. His enthusiasm pushed him even further. He specialized now in state law and got an MA.

Bruno Fagali’s choice of course and institutions he chose to study it was not a coincidence. Evidently, from the very beginning of his education in law, Bruno Fagali was always concerned with the laws and policies in Brazil. Some of them could be termed as too extreme.

Specializing in state law opened opportunities for him to practice in the field of helping traders to deal with the state policies within the country. He does so with a clear objective of being of great assistance. That is probably why he does not charge so many legal fees for his services with the FAGALI advocacy.

In Brazil, the traders have so many problems that they encounter within the system. Of course, this does not exclude the professionals who are practicing law as well. To stay in the market, they must meet the high standards. This could be one of the main reasons why Bruno Fagali works so hard to ensure that the employees of FAGALI advocacy remain ethical and hardworking enough to keep the advocacy in the market.

Bruno also has so many personal objectives. Excellence, for instance, is one factor he ensures he has factored in during Fagali’s practice. His focused and enthusiastic nature has always kept him on track in his professional activities. This is even more helpful when he must exercise leadership skills, to lead the business in the right direction. His employees feel valued because he values team spirit and ensures decisions are inclusive. As much as it is difficult to strike a balance between the extreme corporate social responsibility and profitability of the business, he ensures he goes to great lengths to maintain his principles.

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Getting Your To-Do List Under Control with Upwork

The To-do list can be a great way to accomplish tasks if you know where to get help. More people are trying to find the best ways to make sure that they complete their tasks on time. Upwork is the best site for people that are serious about trying to improve their effectiveness in completing the To-Do list. There are more people that interesting in Upwork freelance workers because they have a lot of different skills. It makes sense to have these freelancers that are willing to get in place in do the work you need done.

There are full-time contract opportunities. There are also short term tasks that you can get completed when you have the right experts to help you out. There are experts in data entry and project management. There are others that are there to take care of different IT needs. There is never a time where you have to worry about telemarketing or advertising. Anything that you need can be taken care of with freelance writers, bloggers, photographers and copywriters. The list of talent is vast on Upwork, and you have your own personal freelancers that can do everything that you may need to get done without any hassle with hiring full time employees.

The thing that you must figure out is how much you are trying to get done in the course of a day. Make a to-do list and start contacting the people that will help you complete the tasks. This is the smartest move if you are working with a deadline. It is also a good move to break things down into different levels. Don’t just assume that you will complete a big task that has a lot of sub tasks in a single day. Don’t torture yourself like this. Instead, break the to-do list down into simple tasks in order to see what you really have to accomplish. When you write everything out in plain view you can improve your productivity levels so much more. It is wise to delegate, revisit your list and stay mindful of your time during the day.


The journey of Jason Hope in the medical world

Technological advancement has led to the introduction of new business fronts that have impacted positively to the public. It has also led to the emergence of professionals that have led to the introduction of new skills and ideas for doing business. Jason Hope is an expert in technology, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and investment. He was born and raised in Arizona where he attended the Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in finance. He later attended college’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he graduated with an MBA. The educational process has been instrumental in shaping the future life of Jason Hope. He started his career by establishing mobile communication company that has been instrumental in the success story of his career.

Jason Hope has been instrumental in the development of some famous mobile phone applications, desktop computer software, and gaming software. He focuses on avenues that contribute towards technological development by conducting research. Jason focuses mainly on new and developing trends where technology is applicable and takes advantage of the existing opportunities. As such, he has been instrumental in the development of solutions that are geared towards making our life easy through the use of technology.

Jason Hope has contributed immensely to the medical field. For instance, he has been instrumental in coming up with ways to fight the aging process. There are different medical challenges and diseases that have affected people but whose medicine has been discovered as compared to aging which has no medicine. As a result, it is important to develop ways that can be used to help mitigate the aging process. As people grow old, there are many diseases and complications that come into play thus making people find it difficult to live a normal life. Jason has contributed funds towards the establishment of a scientific organization that addresses the aging process. Through his initiative, organizations have developed and are using technology to address and reduce the process of aging among people. He contributed over $500,000 to SENS Foundation that uses biotechnology to develop approaches to deal with disease affecting human beings.

Jason Hope is a renowned philanthropist that continues to help many organizations in his hometown of Scottsdale. He is very passionate about giving back to the community with the aim of uplifting the living standards of the community. His philanthropic nature focuses on scientific research where he has donated a lot of money towards aiding medical research.

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Roseann Bennett Helps Couples Overcome Depression

A fact many do not know is that the month of May is Mental Health Month. Mental healthcare professionals and affiliates around the world have recognized the May as Mental Health Month for well over half a century. The occasion is especially important to marriage and family therapist Roseann Bennett. She has been a licensed therapist for 10 years, responsible for counseling a variety of clients over her career. Roseann Bennett knows better than most that mental health issues can be a cause for concern. Mental illness can have a huge effect on a romantic relationship. Many of the married couples she counsels are on the brink of divorce due to untreated depression.


Roseann Bennett became a therapist because she is extremely passionate about helping others. she wants to help people overcome internal and external struggles and live a happy life. She is especially interested in helping couples deal with depression in the context of marriage.

In almost all cases one person’s depression will at some point begin affect their partner’s mental wellbeing if the depression is not addressed. Sadly, much of the time it never is. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


Many people, even some professionals, fail to realize that mental health issues are often individualized. Depression is either transient or situational. Meaning that some individuals are only depressed because of their circumstances and others may not even know why they are perpetually sad. For instance, a person in jail may feel depressed but when they are released the depression goes away. People who have suffered from depression in the past are more likely do so in the future. Many individuals have recurring episodes of depression. Visit This Page for related information.


With that being said, couples who recognize depression as a problem and seek out help are likely to stay together. It’s not an easy path but one that will pay off in the end.


Source: https://www.roseannbennett.com/

Southridge Capital: The Workforce, The Founder, The CEO and The Achievements

The success of Southridge Capital as a major player in the nationwide and global finance industry has well been documented in the news feature posted at Release Fact. The article revealed many of the key strategies, ideas and transformative decisions that have made Southridge Capital one of the most structured finance services that provide an extraordinary level of service to public companies.



It could be added here that what stands out in Southridge Capital is the fact that it offers innovative financial solutions rooted in real market situations. Most financial services companies just go with theory. They don’t realize that reality is different from practice. They don’t distinguish empirical reality with ideas that only work in books. Fortunately, Southridge Capital’s executive team knows the difference.



Such talent to know the difference between practice and theory may have led the company to be able to invest about $1.8 billion total of investments across a variety of companies, in its entire operations since it was running in 1996. The strength of Southridge Capital comes from the fact that it understands everything one needs to know in making a company public. From learning how to leverage the employees’ skills to finding individualized financing techniques, Southridge’s people do their best to get to the core of the answers. You can visit scribd for more.




With all this technical expertise that Southridge has earned all these years, it is now able to partner with some exemplary companies, such as the Lounsbury House, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Walnut Community Hill Church, Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.



Another interesting aspect or angle in the growth of Southridge Capital can be read from the interview that Stephen M. Hicks, Founder and CEO of Southridge, did with Ideamensch. It’s in that interview that people could understand how the Southridge group of companies has grown, how its business development has run all these years and how the execution of such programs has grown to what the company is valued now. You can visit their site southridgeholdingsllc.com




Asked about a favorite book in the interview, it may be of interest for people to know that Hick’s answer was the biographical history book “Titan”, which was about the life of Rockefeller.




Read more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southridge-capital-enters-into-a-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-elite-data-services-inc-300118746.html


Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jerjurikar

Dr. Sameer Jerjurikar is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who is changing lives by helping people enhance their bodies. Based out of Dallas, Dr. Jerjurikar has forged a name for himself in the plastic surgery community.

Dr. Jerjurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He is also a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Jerjurikar focuses on the enhancement of the face, eyes, nose, body, and breasts. His mastery of the art of cosmetic enhancement mixed with his compassion for his patients makes him a stand out surgeon and an incredible choice for anyone seeking plastic surgery.

Dr. Jerjurikar is familiar with all things plastic surgery. He offers anything from facelifts to butt augmentations and everything in between. Dr. Jerjurikar is changing with the times and is consistently searching for the latest and greatest trends in cosmetic technology.

One of the services he offers is Crisalix 3D imaging, a program that can help patients visualize what their bodies will look like after cosmetic surgery. This gives peace of mind and assurance before embarking on cosmetic enhancement.

Dr. Jerjurikar understands that choosing cosmetic surgery can be daunting, and makes sure to keep a warm and inviting environment in his practice. With Dr. Jerjurikar, you are in great hands. There are no questions about pricing or procedure- everything is completely transparent between client and doctor.

If you are considering cosmetic enhancement of any kind, call Dr. Sameer Jerjurikar for a cosmetic consultation. Get the body you’ve always wanted today!

Jim Toner Shares 25 Years of Real Estate Investment Knowledge for Entrepreneurs

IdeaMensch recently published an interview with the real estate investor Jim Toner. Toner is known in the real estate world for his incredible success over the past two and a half decades. But it is his dedication to bringing his knowledge to the general population that has helped him succeed as an entrepreneur.

After spending 25 years in the trenches of the real estate investment world, Jim Toner decided it was time to bring all the knowledge he has gained from both his successes and his failures to the people. He began to publish books like “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder” and “Send in the Wolves: The Million Dollar, Real-World Education on How to Run a Successful, Profitable Small Business in the New Economy”. He has also created a program on real estate investment as a path to personal financial freedom called the “12 Little Houses Plan”. Though he does accept private coaching clients within his Private Client Group, it always has a wait list. He is also a speaker and consultant, speaking at events with the Napoleon Hill Foundation with entrepreneurs like Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, and Frank McKinney.

He feels one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to be successful is through keeping the mind and body in balance. This is why he begins his day in the early morning, with a quiet half hour first thing to simply think. Then he spends the next several hours reading and working out. He will often listen to audiobooks or podcasts while working out to keep learning about new ideas.

After that, the majority of his day is spent creating sales copy or writing for his new book. He also is a radio host and will spend his time recording his podcast and radio show. One of the things he is dedicated to in order to stay productive throughout the day is to avoid the to-do list. Instead, Toner prefers to spend more of his time going with the flow, especially because he already deeply understands his priorities.

He also suggests that working all day and all night is the fastest way to a burnout, which will actually prevent the entrepreneur from succeeding quickly. In our fast paced world, people and entrepreneurs in particular have a tendency to brag about working 24/7 when in reality, that overwhelm can prevent them from bringing their “A” game.

Another tendency for entrepreneurs that may prevent them from succeeding as quickly as they want to is the tendency to spend most of their time thinking about implementing ideas and strategies rather than actually doing the work. The inaction eventually kills the enthusiasm and leads entrepreneurs to start thinking about everything that can go wrong instead of what can go right. That’s why Jim Toner suggests testing. Though failure is a part of being an entrepreneur, if the person persists and learns from mistakes, success is just around the corner.

Meet Jim Toner’s Team: https://sendinthewolves.com/meet-the-team

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