Jason Hope: Philanthropy and How He’s Helping Change the World

The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that is strongly focused on creating an industry of biotechnology medicine and be of help to the future and to the world. The SENS Research Foundation provide financial support to universities or individuals that have researches that are aligned to theirs as well to be able to propel their research.

One of SENS Research Foundation’s main supporters in Jason Hope. Jason Hope has always been a fan of the work of Dr. Aubrey De Grey which is one of the main reasons on thy Jason Hope has pledged his support to the organization.

Jason Hope has pledged his support for SENS Foundation and has made a huge donation of $500,000 to support the cause of SENS Foundation. His generous donation will be used to create new biotech facilities and to develop more specific studies that are related to age related diseases. The money of Jason Hope will particularly go to the study that is focused on Areterioclerosis – a sickness of the heart that concerns the stiffening and hardening of the arteries and they are one of the main reasons for hypertension.

Jason Hope is a believer in the potential of regenerative biotechnology and its overall effect on the future of younger generations and the future of our world. Jason believes that developments in regenerative biotechnology will change the course of the medical industry. Jason believes in the approach of SENS Research Foundation towards anti-aging medicine, treatments and regenerative medicine and their potential to change the course of health care, biotechnology industry and pharmaceuticals.

Jason is a proud supporter of the SENS Research Foundation and the work the organization does. Among all the organizations that is covered by Jason’s philanthropy, Jason holds the SENS Research Foundation on the top of his list.

Jason is a very well established business man who holds a lot of philanthropies in his life – he mainly focuses on helping organizations that forward efforts in education, disease cure and scientific research. Jason has worked with a lot of organizations that are proof to his philanthropy like the Andre Agassi Foundation and the True Colors Fund.

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The Acquisition Deal Between Fortress Investment Group And SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by Japanese investment firm company, SoftBank. The $3.3 billion deal was completed after prolonged discussions between the two organizations. Through this deal, SoftBank seems to be on a path to becoming the biggest investment company in the world.

To understand how the deal between these two companies was arrived at despite both dealing with totally different industries, one needs to look at their history.


SoftBank is a Japanese investment firm that was established in 1981 as a wholesaler of PC software. In 1996, it acquired a controlling stake in Yahoo and since then its path of growth changed significantly. Today, the company has managed to make investments in a wide spectrum of industries. Mainly, it focuses on the tech industry where its interests are in tech startups that have innovative and disruptive ideas. SoftBank was founded by Masayoshi Son.

Fortress Investment Group

While SoftBank is a 1980s company, Fortress Investment Group is a bit newer. It was started in 1998 in New York where its headquarters are currently stationed. Fortress is one of the largest alternative asset managers not only in the United States but in the whole world. It was founded by Randy Nardone who also acts as the CEO and his co-chair Wes Edens.

In the past two decades, Fortress Investment Group has proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are up to the task of becoming an alternative asset manager. Currently, they are managing assets on behalf of more than 1,750 institutional and private investors from different parts of the world. The total net worth of assets under its management is estimated to be over $40 billion.


In the deal between SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group, the latter will continue to operate independently and no changes will be made to its offices’ location or the top leadership team. Whereas acquisition deals involve the buyer determining the terms of the agreement, this deal between these two organizations seems to be different. SoftBank will not dictate any major renovations to the structure of Fortress group. SoftBank recognizes that Fortress Investment Group is a highly successful venture that needs to be allowed to run on its own.

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Edwin Miranda Talks About KOI IXS

Edwin Miranda is the founder and the CEO of KOI IXS, a company based in Puerto Rico. The company specializes in advertising and marketing. It is also an advocate of programmatic advertising, one of the most popular advertising techniques today. On his interview with Ideamensch, Miranda will talk about KOI IXS.

When asked about the inspiration of the company, Edwin Miranda revealed that he loves working with talented group. He is also that type of person who enjoys giving his clients the competitive edge. With this in mind, KOI IXS was born in 1994. It is now boasting almost 25 years of excellence in providing effective marketing services.

Edwin Miranda also revealed that to become productive, he likes getting up early at 5:30 AM every day. A light breakfast and a cycle for 30 minutes plus time with his family before setting off to his work at 7:30 AM is his daily routine. Miranda also revealed that in making his ideas come to life, specifically KOI IXS, his passion is one of the greatest factors that enabled him to carry on and build own company. Until now, KOI IXS is standing strong and ready to take on challenges from its customers.

When asked about the trend that excites him the most, Edwin Miranda revealed that he is head over heels with attribution and predictive marketing. The reason for this is because he always loves results. Miranda stated that the booming of machine learning technologies enables customer growth.

Because of predictive marketing, brands can target customers and deploy ads that are less irritating. In other words, predictive analytics is now enabling access to what is called “personalized marketing”. Edwin Miranda is happy that this technology is also becoming accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises, and not only limited to large organizations. He also advised that surrounding yourself with trustworthy people. Delegating tasks to good people is the key in growing business because nobody can do everything alone.

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Alex Hern In Technology World

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a great businessman that is well known for being able to get businesses off the ground and running. The businesses that he has helped in turn are continuing to thrive every day without seeming to be slowing down any time soon. The businessman though is now taking on a new project as he is also a virtual reality expert.

While most people don’t think of virtual reality as something that can help their company grow and give better customer service. But virtual reality has been used in many workplace fields for decades in the form of augmented virtual reality. Thanks to a greater technology evolution, this is the first time in history one can consider an immersive virtual reality to help their businesses.

The way that digital workplace strategy can help is by allowing the walls of where you are at to be knocked down fully. No longer would you be stuck to the computer screen and what that allows or travel but you would be able to truly work together from anywhere. This allows companies to decide if having some workers at home would be great allowing them to have a smaller home office and so much more.


The Power of a Local Bank

If you are tired of the typical banking experience, you are not alone. Studies show that many people want to get better customer service in their banking needs. A lot of people are working on ways to help others in this area. Nexbank is a local bank in the Dallas area that has worked hard to provide the products and services other people need. Not only that, but you have to start thinking about the long term trajectory of your finances. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are coming in this area of the business. Nexbank is a great bank that has a strong customer service team and is ready to take their business to a new level.




From the time the bank was started, many people thought that this was going to be a great change. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in their life and career. If you want to start investing or borrowing from your local bank, it pays to have people who are committed to quality customer service over time. This is exactly what Nexbank is working on with customers. They are ready and willing to help you on your journey over the long term in order to give you the best chance of success.


Final Thoughts


There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that have started to take place in this area of business. Not only that, but they are ready to start investing for the future as well. If you want to work with a great bank, Nexbank is the choice that a lot of people in the area are making because of the great service that is offered.

Vijay Eswaran’s Solid Background Allowed Him To Rise To The Top

Philanthropist, Arthur and Malaysian Entrepreneur are just a few descriptions of Vijay Eswaran. Vijay is the Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. The QI Group of Companies, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong and is a multinational conglomerate. Mr. Eswaran is the founder of Qi Group of Companies and their operations reach more than 30 countries on this planet.

Vijay is a product of a very well-educated Indian family and he was born in Penang, Malaysia. His modest beginnings started as him working as a Taxi Cab driver. He use the money from his Driver’s job to help finance his college education and management and accounting. He received his education in Illinois and London. Later, he transferred into the role of Information Systems Engineer for several companies such as IBM. As an Information Systems Engineer, he worked in Southeast Asia and North America for several years.

Vijay formulated a direct selling network in the Philippines as a result of the 1998 Financial Asian Crisis. His direct selling network is a revolutionary combination of e-commerce and direct selling, which later became QNET. In a short 12 months, QNET emerged as the leader in the Philippines and later in a few Southeast Asian markets. QNET served as a support system for a growing entrepreneurs network. QNET emerged as the direct selling network leader (mid-2000s) in the Middle East, which fostered their expansion to Africa.


Vijay Eswaran formulated the QI Group Of Companies to watch a myriad amount of Investments which include: hospitality, education, real estate in retail. Vijay diverse business interests has fostered a value based leadership and Vijay is more than happy to devote 10% of the profits to philanthropy. Vijay Eswaran, has 1500 employees working for the group. In addition, Mr. Eswaran has empowered and trained one million plus entrepreneurs. Further, these entrepreneurs came from some of the hardest and prominent emerging markets.

Ted Bauman Advises Investors to be Cautious about Investing in Apple

Ted Bauman is an experienced economist who uses his editorial platform at Banyan Hill to advise investors on lucrative investment deals. Bauman was born and raised in the United States but later immigrated to South Africa where he got his college degree and began a lucrative career in the world of economics. While at South Africa, Bauman worked as a consultant for big multinational companies and organizations including European and African government agencies. Bauman later in 2008 relocated back to the US and began his working career for an Atlanta based international organization. At the organization, Bauman was tasked with determining the sustainability and stability of the firm’s large programs.

Ted Bauman in one of his recent articles is cautioning investors against investing in Apple. According to Bauman, the once tech giant doesn’t seem to have a bright future as it had before the passing of the firm’s founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Although the firm’s past financial performance is looking good, investors are not interested in the previous financial performance but are rather more interested in the firms future and potential. Consumers have higher expectations from Apple since the company is known for great innovations and growth. However, the company has been faced by a myriad of challenges since the death of its founder and growth has stagnated for a while now. Ted Bauman says, this explains why the firm’s stock is dropping .

What is making Apple remain still profitable is its pricing power. Most of the firm’s profit comes from the iPhone product that enjoys a significant market share in countries such as the US, Japan, and the UK. However, the total world market share for iPhone is only 20 percent. This implies that it is not the market share that is making the brand profitable but the high price attached to the product something that is now making investors to get worried says, Ted Bauman. Apple market share according to Bauman is on the decline. The reason for the decrease is because the brand is slowly losing value. Customers tend to buy products whose brands are doing very well in the market. Companies with strong brand names are becoming more profitable and vice versa. Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon recorded high profits because of the growth in their high quality brand value.

Sandy Chin Reading Program

Sandy Chin works at Tidal Bore Capital as the Chief Investment Officer. Sandy Chin is also the Portfolio Manager at the company. The company’s headquarters are in New York. Before joining Tidal Bore Capital, she used to work for Visium Asset Management, LLC. She was also a Portfolio Manager there who majored in pharmaceutical stocks. She has had different positions in various companies and firms. These include Neuberger Berman LLC where she was the Vice President, S.A.C Capital Management where she was the Senior Analyst, and the Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette International where she was also an Analyst. These positions have helped her widen her experience and knowledge. She has slowly become successful through hard work and determination. She is also very passionate about what she does and never fails to impress.


Sandy Chin recently came across PS11 which was experiencing problems providing learning equipment to its students. Located in the city of New York, PS11 is an elementary school that is public. The school is known for its service to the different groups of students including those from families that are not very stable. Summer was approaching, and the students needed studying materials to use over the holidays, but not all the families were able to provide these. Sandy Chin came aboard and found a solution. She arranged a brook drive together with some volunteers. The drive took place at PS11, and the aim was to gather books that were no longer being used by their owners and give them to the kids at the elementary school. The drive was named Books, Boxes & Bodies and took place between the 19th and 20th of June.


The response was overwhelming. Many people turned up to donate books, and Sandy ended up collecting over three thousand books. Many people were eager to donate their books to help the kids. In the end, each kindergarten kid was able to take home a couple of books with them. Students from other grades also accessed the books. Most students end up forgetting what they were taught during long holidays such as the summer. This is because some don’t have access to reading materials while others just don’t have anyone to encourage them. Chin was trying to avoid this, and the drive was very successful in the end.





L’oreal Global Business Developer Vp Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is the current VP for Global Business Development in L’Oreal, Chez USA. Nicolas went to University of St. Gallen and pursued a degree in Business Management from 1990 to 1995. Nicolas was a member of ESPRIT Junior Enterprise while he was in the University. In 2006, at INSTEAD, CEDEP, he enrolled in a Corporate General Management Programme.

Nicolas Krafft has a whopping 14 years’ experience in good leadership, sales and marketing skills. He has great expertise in international brand management at both strategic level and operational level. He also boast of extensive sales working with agents, direct clients and distributors. Nicolas Krafft saw the launching of US brand cosmetics in 7 different countries across Asia leading to birth of a multi-million business.

Nicolas Kraft’s has all through his career worked at L’Oreal. He started off at Kerastase in 2002 August where he worked as the Marketing Director until August 2004. From August 2004 to December 2008, Krafft was the Marketing Director in Asia. In January 2009 to October 2011 he was the General Manager. After, he works as the Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe from June 2011 to December 2013.

L’Oreal, where Nicolas Kraft is part and person of the team held its 2nd annual fashion and beauty catwalk. This was on 30th of September 2018 with the star of the show being to showcase the diversity in women’s beauty. The show was spectacular, and unique as there was a 60-meter floating runway on river Siene, right at the heart of French capital. The new look summer fashion show was for L’Oreal to do more marketing and re assure clients. They showcased their on-going creativity and dedication towards making product more accessible.

The event was glazed by top celebrities as it shone spotlight on traits linked to French capital, diversity and creativity. The event was aired in over 30 countries live, as drones were filming throughout. Locals, tourists and passers-by enjoyed the show since there were big screens set up on the riverbank. This event presented a lifetime opportunity for L’Oreal to showcase their products to the entire world.

Shervin Pishevar: Predictions Of Tough Economic Times Ahead

As anyone knows, the nation’s economic picture is subject to sudden changes. Whether it is a drop in the stock market, companies reporting less earnings than expected, or other developments, even the slightest hint of trouble can send investors and executives scrambling. Thus, when well-known venture capitalist and Uber investor Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter for a 21-hour tweet storm, the predictions he made concerning the United States economy took everyone by surprise.

As he started his tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar predicted tough times ahead for the U.S. stock market, with a decline of as much as 6,000 points being possible in the months to come. Knowing this would leave investors very nervous, he offered another prediction as to how they could salvage their investments. Citing bond market volatility, he stated his thoughts that by investing in gold and other precious metals during this time, investors could come through the crisis unscathed.

Next, Shervin Pishevar moved on to make several predictions about Silicon Valley companies, which he sees as being in decline. Predicting these companies would continue to struggle in the coming years due to increased foreign competition from such nations as China, he stated that unless Silicon Valley companies made a renewed investment in strategic planning, marketing, and recruitment of top-level talent, they had little if any chance of regaining their position as the world leader in technology.

After painting a dark future for Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar turned his tweet storm toward virtual currency Bitcoin. Although currently enjoying great success worldwide, Shervin Pishevar predicts Bitcoin will tumble much like many traditional stocks. Predicting a $5,000 decline in value, he does believe that due to their current strength within the world economy, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies will be able to rebound quite well. In fact, he predicted in his tweet storm that although an initial drop in value will occur, investors who choose to remain loyal to Bitcoin will not just recoup their losses, but actually see their investments turn into huge profits. In doing so, he expects the market for virtual currencies to expand in the future.


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