EOS Active Lip Balm Has SPF In It

People who live active lifestyles tend to use lip balm frequently, but they need lip balm that has spf in it to keep their lips healthy due to how much time they spend outside. If you spend a lot of time outside in the sun being active and you don’t wear lip balm with spf in it, you can end up with sunburned lips that are extremely dry. No one wants to have dry and painful lips which is why active people use lip balm with spf. One of the most popular lip balm brands out there for people who are active is EOS because they have a whole line of lip balms with spf in them to provide athletes with something to prevent their lips from receiving too much sun exposure. The most popular active lip balm flavor is lemon drop, see it here at dm.de. Lemon drop is a lemon induced lip balm that tastes like a fresh glass of lemonade to provide customers with a lip balm that goes along good with being in the sun all day. The second flavor available in EOS active lip balm is grapefruit which is for those who would prefer a sweeter lip balm vs the sour flavor of lemon, available here on amazon.de.

EOS also sells shave creams and lotions for those who see their skin as something that is very important to take care of, read more info. Without EOS shave cream and lotions people would not be able to nurture their skin for a reasonable price. EOS Shave Cream works on both wet and dry skin to provide customers with the satisfaction of not having to worry about razor burn when dry shaving. EOS lotions however provide customers with a moisturizing product that can keep their skin smooth and soft. EOS lotions also help protect against unwanted dry skin that happens to those not using lotion.


Nashville Parents Are Proud To Have Children In Rocketship Education And Want The Boards Attacks On The School To Stop

In an impressive response to an op-ed about the unraveling of the charter schools in Nashville, 374 parents with children attending charter schools wrote a letter. The letter was sent to the Director of the school board in Nashville, Shawn Joseph. The parents opened the letter by stating they were proud their kids attended charter schools. The schools attended by the children included Valor Voyager Academy, Rocketship United, Rocketship Northeast, Nashville Academy of Computer Science, KIPP Nashville, East End Prep, Nashville Prep, Liberty Collegiate Academy, Purpose Prep, Nashville Classical, Valor Flagship Academy, Intrepid College Prep, and Smithson-Craighead.

The parents want the attacks directed at these schools to stop. Their children are attending charter schools because the zones schools were unacceptable, and did not meet the children’s needs. Although the charter schools are meeting their needs, they are constantly on the receiving end of attacks, and accusations. The parents then inquired if the board wants to see their schools, and their children fail. The parents believe they deserve the answer to this question, and they hope the response is no. The parents feel many of the elected officials are delighted by drawing divisions, instead of working to solve the problems. The parents want them to focus on the challenges, and opportunities in public schools all over Nashville.

The parents are urging an end to the charter school attacks, and an effort to show Nashville the focus of the board is to improve the quality of public schools. These parents are smart, determined, and only want the very best for their children. Their children are thriving in charter schools, learning daily through hard work, receiving the encouragement necessary for big dreams, and obtaining the education required to achieve their dreams. Every parent chose a charter school due to a different story. Although they did not choose zoned schools, they thanked the board for their hard work, and the last years progress. They additionally stated the board should be focusing on the public schools. And continue with the duties they attained through election. The letter was signed by all 374 parents, and they reiterated they were proud to have children in charter schools.

Todd Lubar Understands Real Estate Trends

There are some people who know a lot about a specific area or issue, and Todd Lubar is someone who knows a lot about the world of real estate and the trends that come up in that area. Todd Lubar has shared what he feels are some of the trends that are taking place in Baltimore right now. Todd Lubar talked about how there are a lot of young professionals in Baltimore today, and how those people are looking for a specific type of housing. He can see the real estate trends that are taking place in the city because he understands the area and those who are looking to live in it. Todd Lubar has shared that he believes that there is a demand for apartment housing in Baltimore right now. He sees companies coming in and turning older buildings into new and perfect apartment housing for the young professionals in the city. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Todd Lubar is someone who cares about more than just the real estate and investments worlds. He is someone who lives a normal life and who focuses on his family and his health. When he was asked what a typical day looks like for him, he shared that he has breakfast with his children each day. He spends time with those children in the morning. He shared that after breakfast, he spends time working out and that helps to clear his head and allow him to be focused as he starts to work.

There are times when a person will work a certain job and find that such a job is not for them. Todd Lubar shared that he once worked at a grocery store. He quickly learned that he did not want to do that for the rest of his life. He is someone who is a part of the investment world, and that is where he wants to spend his time.

Click here: https://twitter.com/todd_lubar?lang=en

A New Exciting Vegan Lip Balm

Many people have been requesting vegan lip balms that don’t contain any animal by-products in them. While EOS has historically not included any artificial ingredients in their lip balm, which is part of what has contributed to their high quality, they did include Beeswax in their lip balms which has led to EOS being unable to indicate that their lip balm is vegan.

That has now changed with a new product from EOS known as EOS Crystal lip balm that was released in August 2017, see makeupalley.com. EOS Crystal comes in a clear cannister to emphasize the see-through nature of this product and to highlight that it does not have the artificial ingredients that other lip balms have.

Despite the lack of beeswax, EOS crystal lives up to the high quality of the standard EOS lip balm. It goes on smooth and provides a thick and luscious application that feels good upon application and provides lasting lip protection.

EOS Crystal currently on comes in two flavors; peach hibiscus and vanilla orchid and these flavors are delicious, provide a great window into the creative flavors that EOS loves to pump out, and contains no hint of any artificial flavorings, order here. In other words, they taste just like they promise to be without any hint of the processing

In trying this product, the newly redesigned orb by EOS is much less round than their standard canister. This is a marked improvement over the old container which would always tip over on my end table onto the floor.

Check out this review here on thedermreview.com.

While all signs of the n EOS Crystal lip balm are positive, would love to see more of the great and diverse flavors that EOS is well known for. Still, E Crystal is a great lip balm to pick up and will likely be a real winner with the vegans out there.

More cool information here on http://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/eos-updated-its-classic-lip-balm-photos-w496434.


An opinion about EOS lip balm, a review

Evoulution of Smooth’s new lip balm has become a trend for returning customers and new ones alike. The new balm is vegan-flavored and is for those who can’t enjoy other lip balms because of the ingredients that they use. With this new product, consumers can see through the balm. The balm is clear, organic and and animal free. With previous products EOS has put beeswax in their products, and now with the new vegan lip balm, the beeswax has been taken out. EOS sell high-quality products at a low price, at $5.49 a package many of their stock will sell out on the first day. It is available on their website as well as CVS, Walmart, CVS and Target. They have a variety of flavors, from Vanilla to Hibiscus Peach. The lip balms also use jojoba oil and antioxidant-rich vitamin E, which is dermatologist tested, and created to be hypoallergenic and petrolatum free which can help provide, smother and softer lips.

EOS is a company dedicated to creating beauty and care products, see usmagazine.com. They use premium ingredients with aesthetically pleasing colors, attractive scents and delicious flavors, click here. They create lip balms, hand lotions and shaving cream products that are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, gluten-free, and use nourishing vitamins and skin-conditioning oils.

They have had a long competition with Chapstick for being more established and cheaper because it only used one stick that was tasteless, or you could have flavors of cherry and mint, more information here on blogwebpedia.com. EOS had outsold chapstick and Blistex and has become the second highest selling lip balm in the country. Chapstick is unisex but it has marketed their products towards women having Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian use it as their makeup.

Click this cool video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc!


End Citizens United Prepares For 2018 Elections, Backs Doug Jones

Americans have been watching in a kind of shocked silence over the years as the United States government falls deeper deeper into the sway of dark money in politics. Dark money refers to all of the money coming into the government by way of special interests, mega-donors, and lobbyists. These funds are given to politicians through campaign financing loopholes and they come with the implicit promise of a gift in return. When dark money rules politics it means that the voice of the American people is being overwhelmed by those in the millionaire and billionaire class. There is a political action committee named End Citizens United that has dedicated themselves to fighting back against this corruption. Though the battle is an uphill one, End Citizens United has made some very real and tangible steps of progress in the past six months or so.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that operates like a grassroots foundation. Their goal is to connect with American voters directly, opting to go around the millionaires and the billionaires. End Citizens United is focused on raising money and supporting legislators who are willing to go to battle for campaign finance reform with the targeted goal of introducing a constitutional amendment that repeals the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding the conservative group, Citizens United. Citizens United, which was led by James Bopp during the proceedings, argued that corporations should be considered people and that their donations should simply be an extension of their freedom of speech. Though the words pass the sniff test, the goal of their argument was clear: to allow lobbyists to pay their way into access to the highest legs of the government. Now, seven years later, we are reeling from the effects of this monumental decision and it can be directly linked to the election of Donald Trump.

End Citizens United decided early on in the Presidency of Donald Trump that they would be fighting against him every step of the way. End Citizens United knows that their mission is in jeopardy with someone as hostile and brash as Donald Trump in the White House. This has led to a proliferation of donations from thousands of people around the country to End Citizens United. End Citizens United raised more than $4 million through their first quarter of outreach and their goal is to raise a total of $35 million in preparation of the 2018 Congressional Elections.

End Citizens United recently opted to back Doug Jones in his run for a Senate Chair in Alabama. Doug Jones is a former United States Attorney who has made campaign finance reform a pivotal part of his platform. Jones and End Citizens United linked together and their work should pay off on December 12th during the Special Election.

Philanthropist, Real-Estate Investor, and Community Leader, Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is renowned for his philanthropy work, community leadership, and real estate investment. He is an Israeli Native and served in Israeli Defense Forces in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. In 1981, Adam and his family moved to America where he received his MBA in 1983 from the Southern Carolina University. He had obtained his business and economics undergraduate degree back in Israel. Immediately after moving to America, Adam joined the business of commercial real estate. He started his career from the bottom and rose through the ranks. His efforts paid off when he became Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner. Hager Pacific is a privately owned real estate firm that manages a wide range of commercial and industrial real estate properties in South Carolina. Hager Pacific acquires and re-positions industrial and commercial properties.

Adam Milstein Philanthropy Work

A colleague’s charitable actions inspired Adam Milstein to become a philanthropist. He was introduced to “ma’aser rishon” by his business partner. “Ma’aser rishon” is a practice where people give 10% of their incomes to charity. It is mostly practiced by the Jews. Following his introduction to this Jewish practice, he founded Gila and Adam Milstein Foundation. He also founded another organization called Sifriyat Pijama B’ America. Both foundations were founded in 2000.

Adam Milstein’s Sifriyat Pijama B’ America provides free Hebrew books each month to Jewish and Israeli American families. Families use these books to teach the traditional Jewish people language and Jewish values to their children. The noble program has reached over 15,000 families.

In 2007, Adam Milstein decided to focus on giving back to his Israeli-American community. Through his efforts, the Israeli-American Council was founded. The IAC is dedicated to strengthening ties between Israeli and Jewish Americans as well as Israel and U.S. ties. By 2014, the IAC had managed to reach over 100,000 Israeli Americans. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adam-milstein#/entity click here.

Adam Milstein is a board member of various charitable organizations, such as the Israel on Campus Coalition, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, and the Jewish Funders Network, among others. His philanthropic services are aimed at strengthening relationships between the State of Israel, the Jewish people, and Israel-U.S.

Discover The Beauty Of EOS LIp Balm Brands Today

Beauty is more than skin deep with EOS lip balm products; it’s a commitment to softer, and more vibrant skin. Thousands of women around the world made the call for organic products that are easier on the skin, and clinically tested to last longer. That’s right; EOS lip balm products last up to 12 hours, and eliminate the need for multiple applications, and unsightly buildups on your lips. Their popular brand leaving shelves is highly preferred for shea butter, and body butter extracts. Take advantage of a quality, and affordable product with the use of the amazing EOS lip balm brand.

Go to usmagazine.com to find out more details.

They were one of the first of their kind to experiment with the unique aromatherapy formula for your lips, and it was a success among busy professionals, and adults. Their wearers say scents like Mint Kisser, and Lemon Drop heighten their senses while taking a test, or from a busy day at the office, hit makeupalley.com and shop here. Popular brands like Evolution of Smooth are easy to find at the bottom of your purse with a cute new Crystal brand. Millions of EOS lip balm products have been sold without a logo as worldwide trusted brand, see more amazing products. Join the revolution for soft skin, and superior protection with EOS today.


EOS: A Review of an Innovative Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm company released a vegan line of lip balm this year. This new product line aims to attract customers that can’t tolerate the popular regular lip balms made by EOS. The new lip balms were an instant hit and customers are buying the lip balms faster than they can be produced says usmagazine.com. EOS has customers for its product across the globe. The lip balms are also priced under six dollars which is satisfying to customers. The lip balms can be found at major retailers to include: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target. Once celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus started using the products, the sales began to soar globally. What really distinguishes EOS from other lip balms is their committment to organic ingredients. Customers also like the unique containers.

EOS specializes in lip balm, body lotions and shaving creams. They have a wide variety of all natural flavors and scents. Unlike other brands, EOS products are all natural. The products are free of mineral oil, petrolatum, paraben and paraffin. They also don’t test their products on animals. Innovation to break away from the norm is what made the brand a success. It was a challenge for EOS to convince retail giants to carry their products.

Great site to shop, visit makeupalley.com.

The company has only been around for seven years, but has become the second largest producer of lip balm. The company is worth over $250 million dollars and is on an upward path. It is expected to become the leader in this market soon. Awesome review here. Sales are projected to exceed $2 billion dollars by the year 2020. This is primarily because the demand for organic products continues to grow. A big advantage for EOS is the decision to build their own manufacturing facility. The facility is almost fully automated which increases speed and reduces overhead.

Trending view here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


Review for the vegan Crystal line by EOS

As a fan of EOS-the beauty brand that brought us organic lip balm in the iconic sphere container-I believed their products could not possibly get any better. I was wrong. Recently, EOS started selling a new line of lip balm called Crystal, refer also to usmagazine.com. It is a beeswax free lip smoother, that has all of your favorite benefits of traditional EOS lip balm, except now it’s vegan!

The Crystal line is available in two flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. I was lucky enough to buy both before they sold out on EOS’s online store, evolutionofsmooth.com or see more info here. So far, Vanilla Orchard is my favorite, but they both smell and taste delicious on the lips. After I became vegan, one of the hardest things I had to let go of was using my EOS lip balm everyday because I have sensitive lips, and it was hard to find a good vegan replacement lip balm that gave me the moisture and care my lips needed. Thanks to the vegan Crystal lip balm line, all peace in my lip care routine has been restored!

View fabulous review here!

When I first started using EOS lip balm, the brand did not make other products, such as shaving cream, hand lotion, or lip balm with SPF yet. So, it’s great to see the brand grow and innovate! With each new lip and body care product they make, EOS proves that they are dedicated to evolving, making this one beauty brand that definitely lives up to it’s name.

Find out more exclusive info here on http://blogwebpedia.com/beyond-lip-balm-eos-hacks-need-know.html/





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