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Why Julie Zuckerberg’s Recruitment Expertise is Trusted

The talent recruitment sector is a highly complex field that requires professionals who are skilled and experienced. Individuals who are involved in the industry need to understand what it takes to source and hire excellent professionals who can offer outstanding services to the clients. Julie Zuckerberg is one of the few people who have good knowledge of the industry. She is passionate and determined to make significant accomplishments in her career. Julie has built an excellent reputation in the banking sector and has become among the most sought after recruitment professionals in New York.


The Deutsche Bank is the current employer of the recruitment guru. She has been serving as the firm’s talent acquisition lead and executive recruitment lead and has enabled the company in developing a competent workforce. Julie is experienced in the industry since she joined it about 15 years ago. Before starting her career, she completed her degree in philosophy from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College and also enrolled for a law degree at the New York Law School. The first move that she made in her career was joining Hudson and worked as the director of candidate placement at the company.


Julie was an employee of the Hudson for about five years, and she made significant contributions in the recruitment of case managers, paralegals, and attorneys that were needed by its clients. She also assisted the corporation in the recruitment of other temporary employees. The roles that Zuckerberg was offered at Hudson included guiding employees on their jobs, promotions, and benefits. Her law background made the firm to appoint her as an arbitrator who solved various work related problems that faced the professionals that she hired. She has excellent conflict resolution and counseling skills.


Zuckerberg left Hudson in 2007 and joined Citi Global Functions to hold the office of the executive recruiter. Her time at Citi Group enabled her to gain exposure and also improve recruitment skills. She assisted the corporation’s management in developing recruitment and compensations strategies that helped it beating its competitors. Julie also participated in complex recruitment and staffing matters such as immigration, relocation, equity buyouts, and clawbacks. All the international relocations of employees were also managed by her. Julie’s experience in the industry enabled her to be trusted by the company in hiring its top employees such as Managing Directors. She managed to empower herself with excellent knowledge in recruitment, management, law, and audit while serving the company.


After six years at Citi Group, Zuckerberg was offered a job at New York Life Insurance Company. The company gave her the responsibility of recruitment professionals of different levels. She worked closely with the senior management of the corporations in developing excellent business strategies and addressing issues that faced clients.


The knowledge that Julie has acquired throughout her career has enabled her to offer excellent services at Deutsche Bank. She leads the firm in sourcing and hiring employees who hold the MD level positions. Julie Zuckerberg has been working to ensure that the German banking institution has the best recruitment practices.


Deere Is Getting Things Poppin With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is truly a dynamic woman that has taken the world by storm. Deere is a woman that has a deep love for color and a passion for life. Deere has made it her goal to live life to the fullest and to follow her dreams. Deere is a woman that was born in Russia, and later she and her family moved to New York. Deere had an interest in fashion from a very young age. She knew that it was an industry that she was going to want to work in. After graduating from high school, Deere studied fashion. Deere wanted to be able to make her own line of clothing, and that is exactly what she did. In 2009 she launched her Lime Crime fashion line. She made clothing, and she used herself as the main model. Many individuals liked her style and they bough from her clothing line. Deere wanted to match her makeup to her clothing, and that was what she did. The only problem that she found was that she could not always get makeup that was as bright as she wanted it to be. To solve that problem, Deere decided that she was going to make her own makeup brand.

A few years after launching her clothing line, Deere started a makeup line. She called the makeup line by the same name as her clothing line. Lime Crime offers everything that makeup did not have before. It is made with rich and highly pigmented colors, and it is made with super great quality ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free. The Lime Crime cosmetic line is now a makeup line that is sold all around the world. Deere was able to make Lime Crime come about with just a few hundred dollars and a dream.

Deere could have never imagined the success that her brand is experiencing now. Deere not only is passionate about herself and her dreams, but she also wants to inspire others to find their passions and follow their hearts as well. Deere gives motivational speeches to Women; these speeches encourage them to break out on their own and to make their dreams a reality. Deere is a firm believer in finding true happiness, and she is her own best advocate.

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