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The History of EOS

If there is something that you will not miss in any lady’s handbag, it is a lip balm. For so long women were subjected to carrying and wearing chap sticks. However, since the Evolution of Smooth came into the market, things haven’t been the same again. You have probably noticed that the lip balms are everywhere. Well, it is not without a reason.

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The EOS lip balms came at a time when women were just getting feed up with the basicness of the lip balms available in the market, referring to To women and many men, a lip balm should be fun to wear. So, the clinical chap sticks that were available some few years back did not just cut it for them. Luckily, some three gentlemen had been researching on what women were looking for in an ideal lip balm and were ready to deliver exactly that.

When the founders of EOS set out to start a lip balm company, they wanted to do more than just be another company that makes profits by cutting cost. They wanted their product to be a necessity. And, how would they achieve that? They decided to consider the five senses when it came to developing the EOS lip balms. Hurry and shop here!

First, they ensured that the lip balms were made with organic products and that they had flavors which were appealing to the taste buds. Also, they looked at the smell. If you get any EOS lip balm, you will tell that they are lip balms with a difference, given their fresh smell. Another area where the EOS lip balms excel is the variety of colors available. Additionally, there is the way that the orbs feel in your hands and lastly is the click sound that is produced every time you close the EOS lip balm.

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