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Securus Technologies Works with Paid Consultants to Improve Its Wireless Containment System

Nearly eight years ago, Robert Johnson almost lost his life to a hit-man due to the nature of his job. Johnson was working as a corrections officer responsible for confiscating contraband so that it does not make its way into prison facilities. A week before the fateful day, Johnson had intercepted contraband worth $50,000 and the gang affected was not happy with him. It, therefore, reached out to an ex-convict who attacked Johnson at his home at around 5:30 in the morning. Upon hearing a boom sound distinctive of his house door being kicked, Johnson immediately knew he had been marked for a hit. The assailant shot him six times in the stomach and chest, almost ending his life. Doctors did not expect him to survive and informed his wife to prepare for the worst. Miraculously, Johnson pulled through and has since then undergone 23 surgeries. He, however, still grapples with physical pain associated with the trauma he went through. Upon recovery, Johnson took it upon himself to stop inmates’ access to illegal cell phone connections. Johnson works with Securus Technologies as a paid consultant.


More Victims


Another victim of hits placed by convicts is a six-month old baby boy who was killed in his mother’s arms. Those who ordered the hit were convicts who were not happy with the boy’s uncle for certain things he had done. They, therefore, ordered for the boy to be killed so as to teach his uncle a lesson. To Johnson and many others, this was a senseless killing made possible by prisoners’ access to cell phone services. Whenever Johnson hears of such incidents, he realizes that his efforts in stopping inmates from accessing illegal cell phone connections are not in vain. In the long run, his work is critical in ensuring others do not fall victim to such senseless acts by prisoners.


Wireless Containment System


Securus Technologies, which works in the corrections industry, owns a Wireless Containment System. The system is a managed access cell phone detection system which stops inmates’ cell phone calls once they attach to the network. This gives the company the freedom to do whatever it wants with calls. Consequently, if the call is through an authorized number, it is able to connect. However, if it is from an unauthorized number, it is dropped and does not go through. So far, the company has stopped 1.7 million inmate calls. This has greatly contributed to upholding public safety and ensuring other people do not go through ordeals such as the one Johnson went through.


Updates to the System


In 2017, a PRNewswire article indicated that Securus Technologies was making updates and developments to the Wireless Containment System to improve the system. These changes made the system a better solution for ensuring illegal networks are not able to intercept prison facilities. Consequently, prison facilities using the company’s containment service are now better placed to control contraband in their facilities.


Securus Technologies – Quite A Company

With Securus Technologies in charge, people can feel assured that their safety is being protected. They are the leader in the competitive field of public safety. Their clients are happy with what they do, and their biggest one is the US government. They are contracted by the government to assist in their correction facilities. The company is in contact with over a million different prisoners in the time frame of a year. They utilize a number of techniques when dealing with them, like videos, investigations and interviews.


Their other clients consist of more correction facilities, as well as other companies that need assistance with safety measures. They have written to the company telling them how well their technologies have worked for them. Securus Technologies published them so that other people could see the importance of their work.


As a company, Securus Technologies wanted the public to understand the extent of their work and why it is so important. They had an open house at their TX location where people could see what they were working on. The visiting people were also permitted to ask questions, and the even was a success.


The company is moving into the future at a fast pace. They are creating new and better technologies regularly. With their dedication, mission and foresight, they are prepared for the toughest jobs that come their way. They are after a completely safe environment for all people.