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EOS’s New Crystal Lip Balm Madness

The oral care industry is in an uproar. One of the most distinctive lip balm products have just hit the market, and it’s making a name for itself. This new product has a see-through appearance and an aromatic smell. Another great benefit of it is that it’s a vegan product. Evolution of Smooth has released its all-new Crystal Lip Balms, and it’s doing things that no other oral care brand has done in history. Within just the very first day, the product completely sold out on the company’s website. You can only imagine just how many lip balms were in stock at the time. These innovative items are also selling at $5.49 each.

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Evolution of Smooth has the game on lock. Crystal Lip Balms give tremendous health benefits for the dry, chapped lips. People who suffer from cold sores can also benefit from this advanced product. What are in the products that makes them so healthy? This is rather simple. Crystal Lip Balms have coconut, aloe vera, jojoba oil, antioxidants, shea butter and other beneficial ingredients. On top of the that, the products are wax-free. There aren’t any chemical additives or harsh fillers. This is a win-win situation and by the looks of the company’s social media accounts, these advanced products might set some all-new records. Evolution of Smooth is the king of the industry, and it already sells over $1 million units per week. Find out more info here on

The new lip balms have the same great, rounded shape of packaging. Another reason for such progress in popularity is that it’s a unisex product. Males and females buy the products pretty equally. What more can be said about this wonderful new product? Burt’s Bees and Chapstick may have to rethink their marketing strategies after this. All in all, Evolution of Smooth is at the pinnacle of the industry and the Crystal Lip Balms are solidifying its place at the top.