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Jason Hope: Philanthropy and How He’s Helping Change the World

The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that is strongly focused on creating an industry of biotechnology medicine and be of help to the future and to the world. The SENS Research Foundation provide financial support to universities or individuals that have researches that are aligned to theirs as well to be able to propel their research.

One of SENS Research Foundation’s main supporters in Jason Hope. Jason Hope has always been a fan of the work of Dr. Aubrey De Grey which is one of the main reasons on thy Jason Hope has pledged his support to the organization.

Jason Hope has pledged his support for SENS Foundation and has made a huge donation of $500,000 to support the cause of SENS Foundation. His generous donation will be used to create new biotech facilities and to develop more specific studies that are related to age related diseases. The money of Jason Hope will particularly go to the study that is focused on Areterioclerosis – a sickness of the heart that concerns the stiffening and hardening of the arteries and they are one of the main reasons for hypertension.

Jason Hope is a believer in the potential of regenerative biotechnology and its overall effect on the future of younger generations and the future of our world. Jason believes that developments in regenerative biotechnology will change the course of the medical industry. Jason believes in the approach of SENS Research Foundation towards anti-aging medicine, treatments and regenerative medicine and their potential to change the course of health care, biotechnology industry and pharmaceuticals.

Jason is a proud supporter of the SENS Research Foundation and the work the organization does. Among all the organizations that is covered by Jason’s philanthropy, Jason holds the SENS Research Foundation on the top of his list.

Jason is a very well established business man who holds a lot of philanthropies in his life – he mainly focuses on helping organizations that forward efforts in education, disease cure and scientific research. Jason has worked with a lot of organizations that are proof to his philanthropy like the Andre Agassi Foundation and the True Colors Fund.

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Alex Hern In Technology World

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a great businessman that is well known for being able to get businesses off the ground and running. The businesses that he has helped in turn are continuing to thrive every day without seeming to be slowing down any time soon. The businessman though is now taking on a new project as he is also a virtual reality expert.

While most people don’t think of virtual reality as something that can help their company grow and give better customer service. But virtual reality has been used in many workplace fields for decades in the form of augmented virtual reality. Thanks to a greater technology evolution, this is the first time in history one can consider an immersive virtual reality to help their businesses.

The way that digital workplace strategy can help is by allowing the walls of where you are at to be knocked down fully. No longer would you be stuck to the computer screen and what that allows or travel but you would be able to truly work together from anywhere. This allows companies to decide if having some workers at home would be great allowing them to have a smaller home office and so much more.


Shervin Pishevar: Predictions Of Tough Economic Times Ahead

As anyone knows, the nation’s economic picture is subject to sudden changes. Whether it is a drop in the stock market, companies reporting less earnings than expected, or other developments, even the slightest hint of trouble can send investors and executives scrambling. Thus, when well-known venture capitalist and Uber investor Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter for a 21-hour tweet storm, the predictions he made concerning the United States economy took everyone by surprise.

As he started his tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar predicted tough times ahead for the U.S. stock market, with a decline of as much as 6,000 points being possible in the months to come. Knowing this would leave investors very nervous, he offered another prediction as to how they could salvage their investments. Citing bond market volatility, he stated his thoughts that by investing in gold and other precious metals during this time, investors could come through the crisis unscathed.

Next, Shervin Pishevar moved on to make several predictions about Silicon Valley companies, which he sees as being in decline. Predicting these companies would continue to struggle in the coming years due to increased foreign competition from such nations as China, he stated that unless Silicon Valley companies made a renewed investment in strategic planning, marketing, and recruitment of top-level talent, they had little if any chance of regaining their position as the world leader in technology.

After painting a dark future for Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar turned his tweet storm toward virtual currency Bitcoin. Although currently enjoying great success worldwide, Shervin Pishevar predicts Bitcoin will tumble much like many traditional stocks. Predicting a $5,000 decline in value, he does believe that due to their current strength within the world economy, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies will be able to rebound quite well. In fact, he predicted in his tweet storm that although an initial drop in value will occur, investors who choose to remain loyal to Bitcoin will not just recoup their losses, but actually see their investments turn into huge profits. In doing so, he expects the market for virtual currencies to expand in the future.

Using VR To Assist In Real Time Issues

Alex HernIn mid-November of this year, a wildfire burnt through age the central area of California leaving nothing but burnt and scorched earth beneath it. The fire was responsible for deaths of 77 people and has the burning of more than 8,000 households.

Some people say that the weather in Cali has been as a result of the growing population that has been taking over the state while some believe that it is the effect of global warming that could be causing these fires to peak at this time, especially in the dry months.

However, according to Alex Hern, he thinks that if we have been able to navigate ourselves into a storm then we could just as easily be able to get to the eye and protect ourselves as we try to come up with a way to eradicate these wildfires as a whole in the State. How? By using Virtual Reality.

As a way of training chief firefighters and leaders, Alex Hern believes that it is possible to use VR simulation to bring to life a disaster such as a plane crash or even a burning building in order to make the training as real as possible in the face of the service men and women. A VR simulation is all the closer to a real-life issue and in such cases, the simulation is supposed to help you identify the correct protocols to take in the event of such an occurrence or disaster.

With the help of Alex Hern and Tsunami XR, is devoted to making a workspace that fits the needs of the 21st century. The VR material they produce is even able to provide 3D experience for you to be able to feel it firsthand like the real thing.

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The journey of Jason Hope in the medical world

Technological advancement has led to the introduction of new business fronts that have impacted positively to the public. It has also led to the emergence of professionals that have led to the introduction of new skills and ideas for doing business. Jason Hope is an expert in technology, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and investment. He was born and raised in Arizona where he attended the Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in finance. He later attended college’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he graduated with an MBA. The educational process has been instrumental in shaping the future life of Jason Hope. He started his career by establishing mobile communication company that has been instrumental in the success story of his career.

Jason Hope has been instrumental in the development of some famous mobile phone applications, desktop computer software, and gaming software. He focuses on avenues that contribute towards technological development by conducting research. Jason focuses mainly on new and developing trends where technology is applicable and takes advantage of the existing opportunities. As such, he has been instrumental in the development of solutions that are geared towards making our life easy through the use of technology.

Jason Hope has contributed immensely to the medical field. For instance, he has been instrumental in coming up with ways to fight the aging process. There are different medical challenges and diseases that have affected people but whose medicine has been discovered as compared to aging which has no medicine. As a result, it is important to develop ways that can be used to help mitigate the aging process. As people grow old, there are many diseases and complications that come into play thus making people find it difficult to live a normal life. Jason has contributed funds towards the establishment of a scientific organization that addresses the aging process. Through his initiative, organizations have developed and are using technology to address and reduce the process of aging among people. He contributed over $500,000 to SENS Foundation that uses biotechnology to develop approaches to deal with disease affecting human beings.

Jason Hope is a renowned philanthropist that continues to help many organizations in his hometown of Scottsdale. He is very passionate about giving back to the community with the aim of uplifting the living standards of the community. His philanthropic nature focuses on scientific research where he has donated a lot of money towards aiding medical research.

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Technological Advancements; A look at things according to Jason Hope

Mr. Jason Hope is a staunch and a huge believer on matters about the internet. He has been able to establish his name in the entrepreneur world and the writing sector. Mr. Jason is also a commentator on the emerging trends in the technology world. Mr. Hope called Internet of Things the utmost huge wave of technological advancement to rise in the industry. This was from his writings in the detailed article at Tech.Co. Mr. Jason Hope’s articles are highly accredited among several preeminent authorities. This is because they provide the direction on the uprising technological advancements.

The Internet of Things simply refers to technology connected which gives access to a variety of gadgets to sync easily with each other. This is inclusive of gadgets that are used on a daily basis. These gadgets include kitchen appliances, electronic devices, cars and street lights. This trend can encapsulate devices able to connect while using the same network and also share data. These capabilities help raise the efficiency of the gadget thus reducing wastage. Mr. Hope is very certain that Internet of Things will be able to transform the world of business. He added that it would rice to become a reputable technological advancement in several years to come.

Mr. Jason explained that smart technology is a very favorable option for most of the many of consumers currently. Jason Hope also believes that this is the only way forward to achieve the dreams of the future in few years to come. The program will expand its roots to customers’ life; this is despite most associating with going online with their smart phones or computers. Such of the customers’ life routine that will be touched includes coffee making or the turning of light of when they leave home for work during the day. This will enhance competition among various companies to produce more useful products in the market. More useful applications will also be developed to help clients in their daily lifestyles.

The smart technology has several advantages if it will be holistically embraced together with Internet of Things. The program will be able to eliminate wastage and also make life safe. Hope goes ahead to explaining that examples of public transportation have been impacted hugely by the technological advancements, this is courtesy of Technology of Things. Some of the improvements enjoyed in the public transportation include monitoring of the trains maintenance issues in due time. Also, accurate time mapping of routes is used by public buses to avoid congestion and other traffic tragedies. The public will continue to be satisfied if the public transport sector embraces much of these ventures. The program will also reduce pollution in due time and also improve driving conditions.

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