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Alex Hern In Technology World

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a great businessman that is well known for being able to get businesses off the ground and running. The businesses that he has helped in turn are continuing to thrive every day without seeming to be slowing down any time soon. The businessman though is now taking on a new project as he is also a virtual reality expert.

While most people don’t think of virtual reality as something that can help their company grow and give better customer service. But virtual reality has been used in many workplace fields for decades in the form of augmented virtual reality. Thanks to a greater technology evolution, this is the first time in history one can consider an immersive virtual reality to help their businesses.

The way that digital workplace strategy can help is by allowing the walls of where you are at to be knocked down fully. No longer would you be stuck to the computer screen and what that allows or travel but you would be able to truly work together from anywhere. This allows companies to decide if having some workers at home would be great allowing them to have a smaller home office and so much more.


Jason Hope On The Implementation Of The IoT In The Airline Industry

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and a tech enthusiast who spends most of his time searching for the next big trend in technology. He is a holder of MBA from Arizona State University W.P Carey School of business. He has been a technology entrepreneur with a company which he later sold at a very high profit.

Now, Jason Hope is mainly about advising businesses about the technological trends they should be aware of. Technology is a factor which plays a huge role in determining the success of a business. A business that will apply the wrong technology will be in huge problem going forward. So, to make sure that the objectives and goals of a business are in line with the expectations of technological growth, the role of advisers such as Jason Hope is paramount. Jason Hope is a futurist.

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Jason Hope supports the development of the Internet of Things going forward. One thing about this technology is that no one is speculating about its possibility, it is now a reality that we must all live with. In the past few years, many people doubted whether this would be a reality, but this is no longer the case. Companies have already wakened up and realized that they have to deal with this reality. It is for this reason that you will find too many companies which are now pumping money into research work as they try to figure out how they can take advantage of this technology to boost their business.

The airline industry has already seen many companies take up the cue early and started investing in IoT. A third of the airlines today are manufacturing aircraft that come with IoT technology according to For instance, the Boeing 787 has all parts connected to the internet such that the status of every part of the plane can be tracked. If there is a need for maintenance, it is done depending on the alerts that come from the control system. These airlines are now in a position to create confidence in the passengers that they are safe. There are other applications of IoT in the industry which will make the industry even better especially on interactions with passengers.

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The Clash Between CVS And Amazon

It is not every day that you see a couple of titans of industry clash with one another. This is exactly what has been going on between CVS and Amazon though. Both have butted heads with one another as Amazon seeks to creep into CVS territory and marketshare while CVS tries to shore up their defenses against such invasion.

Healthcare information technology entrepreneur Drew Madden has been watching this all unfold very careful. He is trying to work out what the implications of these moves are going to be for all of the rest of us. The good news is that he largely sees this working out well for the consumer in the long run. He believes that it is entirely possible that both companies could find a good spot in the market and serve different customer needs.

Amazon is seeking to obtain licenses to sell pharmaceuticals over the Internet in a number of different states. Meanwhile, CVS has purchased the healthcare insurance giant Aetna. They hope to use this acquisition to have a stake in the healthcare process of a new patient from the point when they purchase insurance all the way up until they get the prescription filled (hopefully at CVS).

As another goodie for their customers, CVS is offering guaranteed next-day delivery at all of their MinuteClinic locations nationwide. That means that they can try to stay on par with one of the nicest features that Amazon has going for it. That being the fact that they can deliver so many items in just one day. CVS is trying to stay on level with that by making this own offerings via the MinuteClinic. It does seem to appeal to at least some of their customers in a lot of ways.

We are still in the early stages of this particular corporate conflict. There is no telling how it will all play out in the end. For now though, Drew Madden believes that we have all the reasons in the world to remain hopeful and optimistic that things are going to go just fine. He has followed these types of stories before, so we should trust his judgement on this one too.