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A New Exciting Vegan Lip Balm

Many people have been requesting vegan lip balms that don’t contain any animal by-products in them. While EOS has historically not included any artificial ingredients in their lip balm, which is part of what has contributed to their high quality, they did include Beeswax in their lip balms which has led to EOS being unable to indicate that their lip balm is vegan.

That has now changed with a new product from EOS known as EOS Crystal lip balm that was released in August 2017, see EOS Crystal comes in a clear cannister to emphasize the see-through nature of this product and to highlight that it does not have the artificial ingredients that other lip balms have.

Despite the lack of beeswax, EOS crystal lives up to the high quality of the standard EOS lip balm. It goes on smooth and provides a thick and luscious application that feels good upon application and provides lasting lip protection.

EOS Crystal currently on comes in two flavors; peach hibiscus and vanilla orchid and these flavors are delicious, provide a great window into the creative flavors that EOS loves to pump out, and contains no hint of any artificial flavorings, order here. In other words, they taste just like they promise to be without any hint of the processing

In trying this product, the newly redesigned orb by EOS is much less round than their standard canister. This is a marked improvement over the old container which would always tip over on my end table onto the floor.

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While all signs of the n EOS Crystal lip balm are positive, would love to see more of the great and diverse flavors that EOS is well known for. Still, E Crystal is a great lip balm to pick up and will likely be a real winner with the vegans out there.

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