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Pumpkin Spice EOS Lip balm

EOS lip balm is a product that is sold by the company Evolution of Smooth. The company has done something special with this balm by essentially changing the way that consumers view lip care products. The EOS lip balm is totally different from any other lip balm on the market says The intention of the company was to change ‘status quo’ of the plain old chap stick. They wanted to make lip care products not so boring anymore. The EOS lip balm has done just that- making lip care products fun to use. Unlike the traditional tube style or stick of lip balm, EOS has changed it up. EOS lip balm features a spherical pod that encases the balm within it. The pods are colorful and smooth, making them appealing to look at. The top of the pod unscrews, revealing the balm inside. The balm itself is a spherical shape as well. The balm has an amazing taste and smell. Overall, the product is very sleek and has caught the attention of many consumers. It has become the new way to use lip care products. It is widely available at major retailers, going for around $4 or $5 bucks each.

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Recently, EOS has released a new flavor of lip balm. Pumpkin-Spiced EOS Lip Balm is the new thing everyone is talking about. Although Pumpkin flavored lip balm may not be new, this is the first of its kind from EOS. To find this product, you will have to purchase the Holiday Lip Balm Duo. This package comes with two EOS lip balm pods including the Pumpkin flavor as well as an organic vanilla bean flavor. This limited edition bundle is going quick, so you will need to get one soon. The bundle is going for $6- a great deal from EOS.

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