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Nashville Parents Are Proud To Have Children In Rocketship Education And Want The Boards Attacks On The School To Stop

In an impressive response to an op-ed about the unraveling of the charter schools in Nashville, 374 parents with children attending charter schools wrote a letter. The letter was sent to the Director of the school board in Nashville, Shawn Joseph. The parents opened the letter by stating they were proud their kids attended charter schools. The schools attended by the children included Valor Voyager Academy, Rocketship United, Rocketship Northeast, Nashville Academy of Computer Science, KIPP Nashville, East End Prep, Nashville Prep, Liberty Collegiate Academy, Purpose Prep, Nashville Classical, Valor Flagship Academy, Intrepid College Prep, and Smithson-Craighead.

The parents want the attacks directed at these schools to stop. Their children are attending charter schools because the zones schools were unacceptable, and did not meet the children’s needs. Although the charter schools are meeting their needs, they are constantly on the receiving end of attacks, and accusations. The parents then inquired if the board wants to see their schools, and their children fail. The parents believe they deserve the answer to this question, and they hope the response is no. The parents feel many of the elected officials are delighted by drawing divisions, instead of working to solve the problems. The parents want them to focus on the challenges, and opportunities in public schools all over Nashville.

The parents are urging an end to the charter school attacks, and an effort to show Nashville the focus of the board is to improve the quality of public schools. These parents are smart, determined, and only want the very best for their children. Their children are thriving in charter schools, learning daily through hard work, receiving the encouragement necessary for big dreams, and obtaining the education required to achieve their dreams. Every parent chose a charter school due to a different story. Although they did not choose zoned schools, they thanked the board for their hard work, and the last years progress. They additionally stated the board should be focusing on the public schools. And continue with the duties they attained through election. The letter was signed by all 374 parents, and they reiterated they were proud to have children in charter schools.