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Venture Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Adventurer, and Author: The Amazing Tale of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a true American original. Right after he graduated from high school in 1975, he immediately went out into the world of entrepreneurship.

After years of trial and error, Marc Sparks has made himself into one of the most charismatic entrepreneurs in the country. He is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital, a company which helps start-up companies with capital and strategy.

Some of Timber Creek Capital’s greatest success stories include the companies Cardinal Telecom LLC and Blue Jay Wireless. Both of these are cell phone companies, and they were some of the most daring investments Timber Creek Capital made.

Timber Creek Capital is responsible for helping both of these highly successful companies start their journeys into the competitive world of cell phone sales.

Although it might seem like Mr. Sparks is all business, that sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Mr. Sparks is actually one of the most spiritual venture entrepreneurs out there. He constantly talks about how all of his failures in the business world only remind him to keep a humble attitude and enjoy the blessings God has bestowed upon him.

Mr. Sparks has told reporter that there is simply no way he could have gotten the degree of success he has today without the help of a higher power. Sparks humbly admits that he only had a C+ average when he left high school, and he has absolutely no formal business training.

Sparks also works with the community to help young people achieve great success in their lives. He is an active supporter of American Can! Academy, which is a body of magnet high schools. Sparks has also donated a great deal of his own money to provide students at or below the poverty line with computers.

Sparks helps the community in various other ways, including donating his time to construct houses for Habitat for Humanity, and developing The Samaritan Inn. The Samaritan Inn is a homeless shelter in Texas that not only gives the homeless a place to stay, but also provides them with career training opportunities and plenty of food.

Many people may know Marc Sparks for his work as an author. His most famous book is called “They Can’t Eat You,” which tells the story of his own life, interspersed with tips and strategies for the budding entrepreneur.

In order to deal with the high stress lifestyle Sparks is involved in, he can often be found doing various sports and outdoor activities. Some of his favorite sports include hiking, fishing, and biking. Sparks also loves to travel to some of the most exotic places around the world. He has been to various countries, including China, India, and Morocco.