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Securus Aims to Raise Industry Bar

Dallas-based Securus Technologies is undertaking a campaign to expose wrongdoings by Global Tel Link (GTL) in an attempt to force GTL to act in accordance with the high standards Securus sets for itself. Securus, which provides technology solutions for the criminal justice community and more than 1,200,000 inmates, is a Better Business Bureau-accredited company. They will be disclosing GTL’s wrongdoings in order to protect customers and the integrity of their industry. “Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money,” said Securus CEO Richard A. Smith. “It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart – in the right way.”

The Louisiana Public Service Commission reported in 1998 that GTL consistently over-billed correctional facility customers for telephone calls by a variety of illicit means, including rigging their call clocks to rack up additional charges and charging calls more than once.

This longstanding issue has spurred Securus to action. “I will not allow such a pattern of these actions to go unnoticed,” he said, calling such fraud “a cancer on our industry.” To that end, Securus will be revealing details of GTL’s misdeeds in a series of press releases over the next six months, shedding light in the dark corners of the industry to force changes for the better. For Smith, it’s about the big picture. “I love our industry – serving law enforcement, corrections, inmates, friends/family members, and all of society,” he said. “I care deeply about the responsibilities that we carry, and we cannot allow such actions to tarnish our industry.”

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.