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Madonna and Kabbalah

Madonna led many of the Hollywood stars to choose Kabbalah after she became interested. Many people have over the few past years wondered why celebrities show much interest in the Jewish mysticism. Madonna not only studied Kabbalah, but she also opened several Kabbalah Learning Centers to enroll others to the knowledge. Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, the late Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bernhard, and Sammy Davis expressed interest in joining the classes.

Asked why they chose kabbalah, some like Paris Hilton claim that it relieved them of their daily problems and helped them cope with breakups. Paris claims that the day she broke up with her fiancé, Nick Carter, she went to the Kabbalah Center IN LA and told the class. She was then given a coping red string kabbalah bracelet and was able to cope with the problem without much stress. On the other hand, Sandra Bernhard said that Kabbalah removed 80% of the life problems that she faced before enrolling in the class.

Some other celebrities like Sammy Davis claim they joined the religion to be part of the 5000-year old history of the Jews as it would give him an inner strength in the times of challenges. Sammy, being an African American, has faced many challenges growing up and he closely identifies with the Jews who too suffered oppression for 5000 years. Sammy felt that Judaism holds inner peace honesty that he could not find in his religion. Many of the students of Kabbalah also claim that Kabbalah wisdom helps them change their perspective on life. They are taught deep insight into the essence of God, the nature of his creation and how he interacts with the world.

Kabbalah Center

The original Kabbalah Center is located in LA. It is run by the CEOs Philip and Karen Berg that have hired numerous teachers in the institution. The curriculum is offered onsite as well as online in regions all over the world. The emphasis of kabbalah is for people to discover what they can do for other people and spend their lives doing it. Kabbalah insists that no one was born to serve their own selfish needs.

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