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The Ethics of Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah International Centre is a non-profit organization that was co- founded by Philip Berg in 1984. The headquarters of Kabbalah Centre are in Los Angeles, California in The United States. Kabbalah Centre offers Zohar lessons and Kabbalistic teachings in local and online classes. The classes contain study worldwide study groups for discussion. The Kabbalah International Centre was established to reinforce traditional kabbalistic teachings which contradict Judaism and other religions. According to its training and teachings, Kabbalah mysteries are complex and challenging to comprehend. The Kabbalah Centre has foreign teachers who offer professional education and guidance to the whole community of Kabbalah globally.

Kabbalah versus Judaism
The traditions and teachings of Kabbalah are complicated hence; Judaism discouraged students from learning because most individuals misunderstood the instructions. Most Jewish men were allowed to learn Kabbalistic teachings after turning 40 because, at that age, people were considered mature and wise according to Mishnah. Some natives considered Kabbalah Centre an obsessive cult composed of traditional Judaism with secretive myths. Kabbalah being a non-profit religious organization, it is exempted from taxes under the Internal Code of Revenue.

Kabbalah Teachings
Kabbalah teachings provide startup lessons with practicality which reinforce the previous knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish lessons for clarity. According to Kabbalah, all religions are a series of worldly wisdom. From Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, Kabbalah is not part of the religion but just a supplement to it. Although most biblical passages like the Passing of the Red Sea reflect on Christianity, Kabbalah teachings including the Zohar refer to such passages as historical events with codes. To unlock the mystery behind the codes, Yehuda Berg has a series of books for guidance. According to Kabbalah and Zohar, what matters is the relationship between an individual with the essence of God and not God himself because he is beyond understanding. In this context, God’s nature represents his teachings.

About Kabbalah Centre
Kabbalah is a traditional school offering wisdom on how the universe works concerning life. Kabbalah means to receive; it refers to the study of receiving life’s fulfillment. Kabbalistic teachings provide an outlook on health, careers, religion and relationships. Kabbalah teaches universal ethics and principles of life.