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EOS Crystal PODS

You may be a beauty enthusiast or a vegan in search of professional quality beauty products that are safe to use. If you’re health conscious and concerned with what ingredients products contain, then EOS, or Evolution of Smooth has just released an upgraded line of products that are part of their lip balm line and they are sure to impress. According to, the newly released EOS Crystal pods are free of wax, making them vegan safe and they do not contain any harmful or dangerous chemicals that are found in many other beauty products on the market. Essential oils provide lasting moisture with beneficial qualities that leave your lips feeling smooth and luscious.

Hydrating all day long, the new Crystal EOS pods are see through and slightly less round than the previous pods have been. You will still notice these products though as they definitely stand out from their competitors. Lovely and clear, these pods belong in purses and make up bags all over the world. Two luscious flavors can be chosen from including Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Still affordably priced at $4.99, you’ll enjoy the subtle, natural scents. These Pods can be found online but also in a wide variety of retail stores all across the country.

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Safe to use and easy to trust, stock up on EOS Crystal pods today for yourself, your loved ones and anyone that you need to purchase a gift for this holiday season, see here at They’ll all thank you when they experience hydrated and healthy lips even in the dead of winter with bitter cold temperatures. Not only are these products designed to look cute and smell great, but their ingredients make them healthy and safe to use on yourself and your entire family. People rave about EOS Pods and how wonderful they make their lips feel.