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End Citizens United Prepares For 2018 Elections, Backs Doug Jones

Americans have been watching in a kind of shocked silence over the years as the United States government falls deeper deeper into the sway of dark money in politics. Dark money refers to all of the money coming into the government by way of special interests, mega-donors, and lobbyists. These funds are given to politicians through campaign financing loopholes and they come with the implicit promise of a gift in return. When dark money rules politics it means that the voice of the American people is being overwhelmed by those in the millionaire and billionaire class. There is a political action committee named End Citizens United that has dedicated themselves to fighting back against this corruption. Though the battle is an uphill one, End Citizens United has made some very real and tangible steps of progress in the past six months or so.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that operates like a grassroots foundation. Their goal is to connect with American voters directly, opting to go around the millionaires and the billionaires. End Citizens United is focused on raising money and supporting legislators who are willing to go to battle for campaign finance reform with the targeted goal of introducing a constitutional amendment that repeals the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding the conservative group, Citizens United. Citizens United, which was led by James Bopp during the proceedings, argued that corporations should be considered people and that their donations should simply be an extension of their freedom of speech. Though the words pass the sniff test, the goal of their argument was clear: to allow lobbyists to pay their way into access to the highest legs of the government. Now, seven years later, we are reeling from the effects of this monumental decision and it can be directly linked to the election of Donald Trump.

End Citizens United decided early on in the Presidency of Donald Trump that they would be fighting against him every step of the way. End Citizens United knows that their mission is in jeopardy with someone as hostile and brash as Donald Trump in the White House. This has led to a proliferation of donations from thousands of people around the country to End Citizens United. End Citizens United raised more than $4 million through their first quarter of outreach and their goal is to raise a total of $35 million in preparation of the 2018 Congressional Elections.

End Citizens United recently opted to back Doug Jones in his run for a Senate Chair in Alabama. Doug Jones is a former United States Attorney who has made campaign finance reform a pivotal part of his platform. Jones and End Citizens United linked together and their work should pay off on December 12th during the Special Election.

End Citizens United And The Power Of Grassroots Activities

As a political action committee, End Citizens United was founded in 2015, and it receives funds from grassroots supporters. The team is dedicated to solving disastrous effects caused by Citizens United. Furthermore, the organization was established with the mission of ending the issue of big money in politics and at the same time fix the political system that is already rigged.

Members of End Citizens United can achieve their mission by including champions of campaign-finance reform in their team, elevating the issue to the national conversation level, and passing measures that govern state ballot. As an organization, End Citizens United will have to work in close partnership with reform champions to end the issue of undisclosed and unlimited politics money.


Moreover, End Citizen United can achieve its objective by supporting Democrats in the key political races. The network is of the opinion that Democrats are in favor of reform campaigns. In that case, members of End Citizen United stand up for political candidates who are under the attack by mega-donors and corporate institutions who have special interests. According to End Citizen United, Democrats are the ones who believe in the leadership that can result in meaningful change. End Citizen United believes in the strength of the grassroots supporters and activists as well. These are the people who understand the strength of transparency regarding political spending. Also, grassroots supporters typically practice what they preach. For that reason, donors to End Citizens United are investors involved in a movement that will bring democracy to the next level.

According to the news release on, End Citizens United collected over $4 million within the first three months of 2017. They are planning to raise up to $35 million come the midterm of 2018 election. This will be an increase from the $25 million that was managed by PAC during the 2016 election. In the first quarter of 2017, more than 100000 people have made their contributions to PAC. Also, 40000 people have made their first-time contributions. As mentioned before, the primary goal of the group is to have more Democrats to be elected to the Congress. By raising its money as a political group, End Citizens United is focused on driving away the issue of big money in politics.

According to the executive director of PAC, Tiffany Muller, the average contribution received by the organization in 2017 is equivalent to $12. Encouraging more donations to the 2018 midterm election is one of the ways, in which the group can fight back against financially rigged systems. After all, the goal of the group is to pick champions of campaign-finance reform. It is an essential method of doing away with the systems where people who have huge checks have a bigger say.