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Vinod Gupta Shares Tips On How To Be Successful In Today’s World


Businessman Vinod Gupta, just last month, wrote an article on Medium about how to succeed in today’s society. Gupta mentions the stories of people rising to power and having success out of nowhere, but he does not believe that.

Instead, he believes that hard work over a period of time is the key to being successful. Gupta relates to his own story and how he had to work hard for years and stay true to his vision to achieve success. His first tip is to take risks in life and not let excuses get the best of an individual.

Vinod Gupta relates it to his own story coming from an Indian village with no resources and no money. He attended college with a belief that he would make it out on the other side and that if he didn’t make the decision to leave his village, he surely could be there now. The businessman understands how we can get overwhelmed in our lives, but that the best thing to do is to do the work and add more to it.

He believes that sometimes we can be our worst enemy and can let ourselves down with having doubts about ourselves. His other tip is to not take the pedal off the metal. What that means is not being satisfied with doing the bare minimum or laying off after achieving some success.

Vinod Gupta also shares his Business Lessons and for others to get involved in philanthropic work, specifically investing in education, as he believes it is the light of the future for many. He also believes it is necessary to not forget about family and in spending time with them. Gupta ends the article noting that finding happiness is the key to being successful too and in finding out a specific passion for something.

Vinod Gupta is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation.


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Dick Devos and the FAA

Dick Devos was appointed to the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration in September 2017. He has been working with other business executives as well as transportation authorities and airline executives to advise the FAA on its next phase of policies and regulations. The FAA has come under criticism in the past for not helping the aviation do more to be competitive and advanced in the digital age. There have been increased security problems, as well as an unstable airline market that have created many issues in the past five years.


Devos was one of the 13 new members to join the civilian council. While the idea is to just advise, the FAA is looking for help on a number of new policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth ideas. Devos has plenty of ideas being that he has been working with the airline industry for many years, and he is an avid pilot himself.


Devos’ relationship with aviation started when he was younger. Now as a successful business leader and entrepreneur, he has also co-founded an aviation academy on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds. The new school is right next to his hometown of Grand Rapids, where he has been contributing as a business leader and philanthropist for many years.


Many people don’t realize that Devos has been heavily involved in the expansion of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. While it used to be a small landing strip back in the early 1900s, the airport has grown considerably and will be undergoing a renovation throughout 2018. The new airport will be unveiled later in the year. Renovations cost around $45 million for the new business traveler center, food court upgrades, and additional technology in terminals for passengers.


Most people praised the appointment, including the CEO of Southwest and CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Devos’ business acumen can help the FAA make better decisions when it comes to airlines and airport security as well. However, it may be his affiliation with a school that drives home how much of a versatile member he is to have in the council.


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Tony Petrello’s Philanthropic Dive

Philanthropy could not wait to attack Tony Petrello, the CEO of Nabor’s Exchange since October 2011. Having been the company’s COO since 1991, being also a director at the Texas Children Hospital and Stewart and Stevenson LLC

Tony Petrello having gone through Yale University for both Bachelors and Masters and Harvard University Law for a JD, Tony Petrello has earned skills that have driven him to riches and the heart to do good.

Tony and his wife Cynthia, donated 5million USD and pledged an additional 2 million USD to research in Fruition. The art to help was catalyzed further when his daughter was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that affects coordination in eating speaking and walking. Having been born prematurely at six months, the disorder turned into Cerebral Palsy that affected brain and body structure development. Tony Petrello has dedicated himself to funding researchers and doctors with regards to the treatment and cure of his daughter’s condition. He has further motivated more people to donate to the Jan and Dan Duncan neurological research institute at Texas Children’s Hospital.

During Professor Lang’s memorial service, a mentor and a college professor to Tony Petrello, he announced he would donate at least 150,000 USD to establish an endowment fund in memory of Professor Lang to match any additional donations from Yale’s alumni, which funds an annual prize. In November 2017, Tommy Tune, a multitalented Broadway legend was privileged and honored with a cocktail reception hosted by Tony and Cynthia Petrello at their home in Houston.

After Hurricane Harvey in 2017 destroyed homes, streets and caused a scarce supply of commodities in Texas, and with 10% of Nabor’s Exchange employees affected, Tony Petrello acted fast by supporting his employees to daily meals within Naborhood café. The employees were further paid time off to go help in various locations and participate in projects, fundraisers, and events that were dedicated to easing the effects of the hurricane. He further donated an equal amount to what the employees spent; a fund referred to as the Nabors disaster relief.

The couple has established the Petrello Family Foundation which supports research in health, education and performing arts throughout Houston.

Adam Milstein’s Advice to Future Jewish Generation

Adam Milstein is a co-founder of Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation that supports Pro-Israel organizations. Adam is also the national chairman of Israel-American Council. He was born in Haifa, Israel to Eva Milstein and Hillel Milstein. He served in Israel Defense Forces in the year 1978. Adam is an active real estate investor, a philanthropist, and a community leader. He began his career in real estate in 1983, Southern California. Adam Milstein has an MBA from USC. Mr. Milstein is currently the partner at the renowned Hager Pacific properties. This is a company that handles investments regarding real estate. He is also a member of Board in various organizations like Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, and Jewish Funders Network among others.

Mr. Milstein posted a recent article on Times of Israel on pride and courage, gifts for children in 2018. In the article, Mr. Milstein responded to the question on the gifts that individuals could give to the children to improve their creativity, prosperity, and freedom in years to come. He pointed out some eight gifts and addressed them precisely. The first gift that Adam talks about is pride. He says that the next generation should be instilled with the need to take pride in where they come from. Adam Milstein points out that if the generation lacks pride in their Jewish culture, no one would carry out the traditions and face the challenges in future. Adam Milstein is a fortunate Jew and he takes pride in that. He points out that Israel, the Jewish homeland for Adam, is a source of various innovations enabled by education, family heritage, and community development.

The second gift that Adam pointed out is the courage. It is the courage and resilience in fighting for what they believed in, the State of Israel, Jewish People, that they have made progress. They are willing and ready to stand up and defend their traditions and values. Adam Milstein says that it takes great courage to overcome all obstacles that hinder their faith and beliefs. Adam Milstein elaborated on several other gifts that the future generation should be instilled with such as knowledge, persistence, innovation, faith, confidence in overcoming impossibilities, unity, and passion. These were the remarks at the beginning of the year 2018, which would inspire young generations and strengthen families.

How Betsy DeVos has pushed for Reform in the Education Sector

Betsy Devos is an accomplished business woman who has been very vocal about the United States’ education system. She currently serves as the U.S secretary of education in the Trump admiration. Mr. DeVos is a charitable individual and has donated millions of dollars to support different programs. She is supported by her husband, Dick DeVos, and they run the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation together. Their organization is committed to supporting education, medical research, Christian missions, and political activities. Betsy has been in active politics since the 1970s when she was schooling at the Calvin College. She has been serving the Michigan Republican Party for more than three decades and has held different offices.

Mrs. Devos’ passion for transforming the U.S education system started when she served as a volunteer at the the Potter’s House Christian School. The school is committed to assisting children from disadvantaged backgrounds by enabling them to have a decent education. Betsy is currently a benefactor of the learning institution. She believes that all parents should have a chance to decide the schools that their children should attend. She has been working with various organizations to make sure that people have the freedom to select schools that are best for them.The businesswoman has built an excellent reputation for herself, and this enabled her to be part of the American Education Reform Council. She was also a senior official of Children First America, which is a nonprofit organization that was created to facilitate education reforms.

Mrs. DeVos later co-founded the Great Lakes Education Project, which is currently pushing for changes in 17 states. The activities of the organization have enabled over 250,000 to be admitted to 33 public-sponsored private-choice schools. Her efforts have benefited more than 50,000 children who are offered scholarships and bursaries by the state’s tax-credit in Florida. Indiana and Louisiana are also supporting the use of private school vouchers.Betsy has been campaigning for schools of choice for more than three decades. She has been encouraging the use of alternatives such as school vouchers, digital learning, tax credits, magnet schools, virtual schools, and home schooling. Mr. DeVos is striving to ensure that parents play a major role in making decisions about their children’s education. The current U.S school system admits children to learning institutions depending on their neighborhoods, and this has been denying individuals from low come areas from attending better schools across the country.Foundations such as the American Federation for Children, All Children Matter, and the Alliance for School Choice have significantly supported Betsy’s campaigns. Betsy and her husband funded the development the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which one of the states’ leading charter schools. She sits on the Windquest Group’s board.

Dick DeVos Hires New CEO for Holland Based Manufacturing Company

The Stow Company Inc. is undergoing a change in leadership. Phil Dolci, who has displayed his ability as CEO of Crossman Corporation for the past 4 years, has been hired by Dick DeVos to lead the Holland based Manufacturing company. Specializing in custom home storage and organizational products, The Stow Company is expected to experience continued growth under Dolci’s leadership.

Dick DeVos, married to Betsy Prince for the past 35 years, is the former CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002, and of the Orlando Magic basketball team for 3 years when the DeVos family acquired them in 1991. He is currently the CEO of the Windquest group, a privately owned investment management firm.

Dick DeVos is also active with several community projects in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, which include the Education Freedom Fund and the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The Education Freedom Fund is responsible for generating more than 4000 scholarships to underprivileged students in West Michigan. He co-chairs the Grand Action which has a large role in upgrading downtown Grand Rapids with various projects including a convention center, a downtown arena, and greatly improving healthcare. He also served on the state Board of Education and ran for the Republican candidacy of Governor in 2006 against Jennifer Granholm. He is also a New York Times best-selling author of “Rediscovering American Values”, which was published in 1997. A two-time National Champion sailor, helicopter and jet pilot, Dick DeVos has a total of 7 children and 5 grandchildren.