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Innovative Bio-Tech Executive Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences bring new hope to those suffering from complex medical conditions. He takes pride in bringing innovative products into the healthcare field, for patients who suffer from debilitating medical conditions. Committed to making a difference in healthcare, Paragon Biosciences partners with experts in medicine to bring innovative healthcare to patients, who may have very few available treatment options ( Thirteen products made exclusively by companies owned by Paragon Biosciences, received FDA approval over the last decade. Paragon Biosciences provides financial support to smaller, less well-known bio-tech and medical companies. Without the support of Paragon Biosciences, many new products would never make it into the healthcare market.

Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals is one of the companies working in cooperation with Paragon Biosciences. This high-tech pharmaceutical company develops products to treat complex, devastating dermatological conditions. Diacerein, created by Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals treats a medical condition called epidermolysis bullosa. This medical condition affects the integrity of the epidermis, (skin). The drug is a life-saving medical treatment for those suffering from this uncommon medical condition.

Jeff Aronin is the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Prior to Paragon Biosciences, he served as chairman and CEO of several companies including; Ovation Pharmaceuticals and MedCare Technologies. With over twenty years of experience in the bio-medical field, he is the driving force that provides new innovative medicines for those suffering from rare medical conditions. Jeff brings together executives, entrepreneurs, and scientists; developing new drugs to treat rare and unusual medical conditions.

Jeff Aronin has received many awards for the innovative products brought to the market through Paragon Biosciences. In 2017 Jeff received the prestigious Weizmann Leadership Award, The Brain Research Foundation Award, and the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award. In 2008 he received the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago, Rovner Award. However, it’s not the awards that motivate Jeff Aronin. It is the ability to change lives, motivating Jeff to achieve outstanding results in the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry.