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Oren Frank’s Life Career and Talkspace

Oren Frank is a graduate from Leicester polytechnic who is very skilled in media, marketing, data, technology and strategy. He became a regional creative director EMEA at McCann Erikson from November 2001 to November 2003 based in London, UK, after which he was promoted to a CEO, world Group Israel at the same company based in Israel, telaviv from March 2003 to November 2007, simultaneously in the same company he was promoted to a Chairman position from November 2005 to November 2007.Oren Frank became a Global chief creative Officer at MRM worldwide from Jan 2008 to April 2011. Then worked as a writer, columnist, blogger at the markerAdge, Huffpo from march 2008 to February 2014. See more of Oren Frank at crunchbase

On April 2012 Oren Frank became the co-founder and CEO of TALKSPACE which is an online and mobile therapy company. The company has a number of independent consultable psychiatrists who give therapy lessons to company users online. The company hired a Chief Medical Officer, Neil Leibowitz. He is regarded as a major upgrade to TALKSPACE since the company is set to start prescribing medicines to its users when required. Oren Frank said that the company has hit one million users and is on the rise to increase more revenue.

The addition of Neil Leibowitz to the company makes Oren Frank hope for an approximate representation of a half of TALKSPACE revenues. This allows them to focus on mental health of employers and users since there is increased depression and anxiety which is a major hit among millennials.

A day ago TALKSPACE introduced itself to teens, where they use blogs and hashtags such as #talkspaceteens which gives a platform to parents and teens to ask fundamental questions about their health. Oren Frank is a skilled blogger reason why TALKSPACE is into blogging.

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Roseann Bennett Helps Couples Overcome Depression

A fact many do not know is that the month of May is Mental Health Month. Mental healthcare professionals and affiliates around the world have recognized the May as Mental Health Month for well over half a century. The occasion is especially important to marriage and family therapist Roseann Bennett. She has been a licensed therapist for 10 years, responsible for counseling a variety of clients over her career. Roseann Bennett knows better than most that mental health issues can be a cause for concern. Mental illness can have a huge effect on a romantic relationship. Many of the married couples she counsels are on the brink of divorce due to untreated depression.


Roseann Bennett became a therapist because she is extremely passionate about helping others. she wants to help people overcome internal and external struggles and live a happy life. She is especially interested in helping couples deal with depression in the context of marriage.

In almost all cases one person’s depression will at some point begin affect their partner’s mental wellbeing if the depression is not addressed. Sadly, much of the time it never is. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


Many people, even some professionals, fail to realize that mental health issues are often individualized. Depression is either transient or situational. Meaning that some individuals are only depressed because of their circumstances and others may not even know why they are perpetually sad. For instance, a person in jail may feel depressed but when they are released the depression goes away. People who have suffered from depression in the past are more likely do so in the future. Many individuals have recurring episodes of depression. Visit This Page for related information.


With that being said, couples who recognize depression as a problem and seek out help are likely to stay together. It’s not an easy path but one that will pay off in the end.