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Brazilian Neurobiology Work by Jorge Moll Leads Neurophilosophers Worldwide in Centuries-Old Debates on Human Morality

Things are not often what they seem at face value. Ironically, after an age-old reputation of being touted by the masses as some pleasure-seekers vacation spot, a closer inspection will yield that many South Americans describe Brazilians as “muy amable,” but cognitive scientist and neuroresearcher Jorge Moll found an empirical perplexity to find a scientific explanation for the basis of voluntary human behavior that is not extrinsically rewarding.

All ground-breaking science seems to be precluded by passionate philosophical stirrings and Dr. Jorge Moll has built off of the scientific advances set before him in ways that bring pride to several academic fields and many more that intertwine. He shines as a creative business genius; a requirement if one is to get their technological pursuits funded and thus bring light on our knowledge of the human spirit of altruism as Dr. Jorge Moll is doing.

Racking up such accomplishments scientific, practical, family and business to date, one might wonder why Dr. Jorge Moll is not content to coast by on the fruits of his labor. Perhaps Dr. Jorge Moll is too driven by his strong inner drive from altruism and his potential for intrinsic value, the very intellectual, philosophical and as we are finding out deeply and complexly neurological, phenomena that drives him and others around him. He seems to be drawn to altruistic behaviors not only through immersing himself of studies divulging everything up to their physio metric properties, but Dr. Jorge Moll also contains a plethora of altruistic behaviors and gestures he role models and has a keen eye for witnessing and analyzing what most people would refer to as “muy amable” or a “friendly action.”

In his interview at he freely gives away gems of wisdom that have helped fuel his scientific, family, productivity and business accomplishments. Stayed tuned to the work of Dr. Jorge Moll and his teams of researchers as this remains an exciting time for neurology, neuroscience and the humanitarian nature of altruism. He continues to travel and give speeches to universities worldwide when not spending time with his family.