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Brown Modelling Agency: Leveraging on the Strengths of Two Entities

Mergers and acquisitions offer important lee ways to gain the much-needed competitive advantage by leveraging the strengths of the parties. The entity emerging from any merger or acquisition usually enjoys operational versatility, increased market base and talents capable of driving it forward successfully. One such entity is Brown Modelling Agency headquartered in Austin, Texas but with offices across various major cities in the United States including Los Angeles and New York. The agency was born out of the merger of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin. The acquisition, which took place in 2015, has allowed the resulting agency to bring in highly experienced executive managers while also gaining from the already good reputation of the two merging modeling companies.

Profile of the Merging Companies

The merger between Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin to form Brown Modelling Agency brings on board an experienced team of executive managers who have already made a name for themselves in the modeling industry in Austin, Texas and across the United States. Wilhelmina Austin, also known as Wilhelmina Brown, was founded in 2010 following a partnership between the Justin Brown-owned JB Models and Talent Austin and the international fashion agency, Wilhelmina. An experienced model, Justin Brown founded his company in 2008. While Wilhelmina Brown primarily focused on mainstream modeling, Heyman Talent-South had specialized in other disciplines of modeling including acting. Following the merger, Jsutin Brown was appointed to serve as the president and chief executive officer of Brown Modelling Agency while Michael B. Bonnée, who was the owner of Heyman Talent-South took over the new agency’s theatrical docket.

Company Profile: Comprehensive Modeling Services

Modeling is a very competitive industry with numerous players due to the lack of barriers to entry and the popularity of the industry. However, not all modeling agencies go the extra mile to ensure that the models working within their stables are well taken care. Brown Modelling Agency has adopted an innovative approach to their employee-employer relationship. Their models benefit from their comprehensive approach that ensures that they actively seek for agencies where they can place their burgeoning talent base. Job placement for their models after training ensures that their talents have a significant probability of being guaranteed a modeling job even in big cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

 Brown Agency has high end clients, which ranges from large fashion empires such as Loreal and Louis Vuitton to large corporations in other industries such as Toyota. They offer models for various purposes including runaways, commercials, acting and doing voiceovers as well as promotional events. Their models and actors have also graced many print product awareness campaigns and fashion shows such as the New York Fashion Week and several other fashion events in Miami and Texan cities such as Dallas and Austin. For more info, visit