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Did You Know That You Can Reset Your Body Metabolism?

Dr. Johanan Rand is a bio-identity hormone expert with a knack for research. In his latest projects, Dr. Johanan Rand has found a way to help people with weight problems especially the aging adults control their weight loss tendencies (Gazetteday). In what is widely viewed as a way of reversing the aging process, Dr. Johanan Rand offers nutritional tips at his Healthy Medical Center. Dr. Johanan Rand applies regenerative medicine techniques in helping patients to adopt his integrative therapy.


Dr. Johanan Rand’s Experience

Dr. Rand received his training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center based in New York. He has specialized in a unique area that could be regarded as extra-medical approaches to enhance conventional treatment. He uses what he calls the IV nutrient treatment and a host of alternative therapies for conditions that require antiaging interventions. Dr. Rand says he has always had a deep desire to help patients get a fast reprieve. He is excited at the event of patient recovery from treatment. Dr. Johanan Rand uses customized approaches for each patient. To him, no two patients are identical. Dr. Johanan Rand also helps patients trying to observe low-calorie diets for weight loss purposes.


Revolutionary Weight Management Techniques

Dr. Rand has developed the HCG, diet plan. This is a concept that involves infusing food with a hormone produced by pregnant women. His lab tests reveal that the hormone can help reduce aging signs especially in people who have to adopt specified diets for purposes of weight management. This therapy is a special one prepared for clients who wish to obtain fast results.

According to Dr. Johanan Rand, the HCG diet also helps to intervene in cases where people have been put on a low calories diet but can’t cope because of the hunger pangs that follow when observing such diet plans. He says that HCG helps them observe low-calorie diets without feeling overly hungry. He points out that these natural solutions help to speed up the results of any weight loss therapy. He further observes that his natural methods render his therapies safe and that they present few, if any, challenges to people intending to either reduce weight or reverse the weight loss in the aging process.