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EOS Vegan Crystal Review

Even now, as I write this review, I have just placed my own EOS back in my purse after applying the diminishing lip balm to my pout. I love my EOS with its organic ingredients, great flavors, and fun shape; and there is not a place I go without my EOS sitting snuggly at the bottom of my purse.

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But the chapstick company has outdone itself this time. They have just released Vegan Crystal EOS. The product is free of beeswax making it animal friendly and 100% vegan. The lip balm is also completely clear so you can see down to the bottom of the EOS sphere and leave your lips with a nice glossy shine. Vegan Crystal comes in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. EOS Vegan Crystal sold so well that their website’s inventory was completely cleared after the first day.

Based on, in the last seven years, EOS has become the leading company in chapstick and lip balm. They have achieved this by marketing to millennial women with their fun pastel colors and comfy spherical shape. And by ending up in the purses of fashion icons like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, as well as between the pages of Cosmo and Allure.

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EOS lip balm comes in multiple fun flavors, lovely shades, and is easy to find in your purse. They can be found on any shelf in all the top drug stores or at the counter of retail shops. EOS continues to expand and conquer the market.