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David Giertz and the Importance of Investing

David Giertz is an expert in the field of progression finance. Currently, he works with Nationwide Financial in the capacity of president. David is an accomplished leader and has always left an impressive legacy in every company that he worked. Since joining Nationwide Financial, David has increased the yearly revenue of the company. David Giertz lives in Columbus, Ohio together with his family. He is known to be hardworking, disciplined, passionate and always committed to his work and career. David has been serving in the financial industry for over 30 years and therefore possesses the required expertise and experience to thrive in that field.

David joined Nationwide Financial in the year 2004 and has ever since been an integral part of the company. The specialty of David is in retirement plans, distribution, independent brokers, wholesale strategies, annuities, wirehouses, regional firms and many others. He has an extensive educational background which he attributes to the success that he currently enjoys. Giertz is an alumnus of the Millikin University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business management and administration. He also studied at the University of Miami, School of Business and received his master’s degree in business administration. David Giertz is involved with Millikin University and serves on the board of trustees.

David Giertz also works with FINRA in the capacity of industry arbitrator. He shares the knowledge that he has acquired over the years in the investment world with other individuals. According to David, there is the need for proper communication between financial advisors and investors. He advocates for the talk on the subject of social security between clients and their advisors. David advises people on the importance of investing in retirement plans. He says that everybody who is earning an income should look for the right financial advisor and q

Some people spend so much money each month that they have no money to invest. Other people have minimal income and struggle to survive. When working with clients, David focuses on both sides of the financial spectrum. He wants people to increase their income and reduce their expenses. There are more opportunities than ever before for people to work an additional job to supplement their income.

Business Plans

David has multiple plans for his company in 2018. Not only does he want to increase sales and profits, but he also wants to write a book about financial planning. Many people are excited about reading his book on retirement planning.

Although David Giertz could retire, he loves helping people with retirement planning. He has no plans to quit working in the coming years. Instead, he wants to focus on improving his company each day. He knows that he can positively impact the world through his work.

Anyone who wants to learn about retirement planning should consider working with David He has a track record of success with helping clients through the retirement process.