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Andy Wirth is Against Olympic Valley Incorporation

Things have been quite difficult in the north shore areas of Lake Tahoe for quite some time. The region has experienced a serious drought that has negatively impacted its winter resorts. This drought, in turn, has been highly detrimental to local businesses that relied on the successes of these resorts. An article about this topic was published in the acclaimed Reno-Gazette Journal.

Political issues have also been plentiful in the region. There has been an incorporation fight brewing that has centered around the majestic Olympic Valley. Squaw Valley Resort is in the Olympic Valley. This valley is known for its plentiful options in thrilling winter sports.

Andy Wirth serves as the Chief Executive Officer and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC. He indicated that the last four years have been extremely taxing on the people in the area. Brightness could be in the future, however. There were storms in the beginning of the season that allowed Squaw Valley Resort to open much more quickly than usual. Other nearby resorts had the opportunity to open ahead of schedule as well. People who supported the incorporation request recently made the decision to stop their attempt as well. Wirth believed that incorporation could be seriously problematic for civic and business happenings in the region. Wirth was worried that incorporation would bring on tax increases for businesses and locals. He was also worried that it would lead to reduced assistance with services that are so crucial to people in the area. Examples of these services are both snow plowing and road upkeep. Wirth was seriously concerned that incorporation would trigger a fiscal nightmare for the entire area. He thought that it would be hazardous for anyone who was interested in starting and running a business.

Andy Wirth is a busy executive who is based in the Olympic Valley Incorporation. His goal has been to maintain ski resorts that are popular among people all around the planet. He also cares deeply about community and environmental matters. He has donated a lot to community and environmental groups in his surroundings. Wirth almost passed away due to a skydiving accident. That prompted him to establish an Ironman division that’s known as “Wounded Warrior Support.” The organization acknowledges the people who make up the United States Navy SEALs. It gathers funds for them.

Wirth was born in the summer of 1963 in Germany. He went to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. That’s where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He also went to Edinburgh, Scotland’s University of Edinburgh. He landed his current positions with Squaw Valley in August of 2010. Nancy Cushing worked as the CEO of Squaw Valley before Wirth took the job.