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Reviewing the EOS Lip Balm

Everyone has been talking about the EOS Lip Balm. They are the cutest lip balms you will see in your life. In this review, we will see how it feels to have the lip balm on. We will see the pros and cons, what is liked about the lip balm and what isn’t (

There is two lip balms, the passion fruit and strawberry sorbet. The EOS Lip Balm is described as a sphere balm with quite a bit of balm inside, therefore you will not run out very fast. They are similar to Easter eggs that you can put in the palm of your hand. Another interesting fact about this lip balm is that they have a flat bottom or surface to them. They can stand easily on your desk or hand. They come in a variety of flavors. The EOS lip balm smells good, but not great. It is similar to any other lip balm, with a light odor to them.

The strawberry sorbet smells like strawberry and cream. The passion fruit smells a little like passion fruit but smells like shea butter as well. The EOS Lip Balm is 97-100% organic, which is very good for your lips. Make sure to clean your lips before applying the lip balm. While applying the lip balm, it will feel “very smooth on the lips”. It is not heavy, not sticky or dry. It is really good for daily wear as the lip balm gives your lips a smooth feeling.

The packaging is nice as well as the EOS Lip Balm that is egg shaped. The EOS Lip Balm applies very nicely to the lips and is good for daily wear. It won’t give you any color or gloss but it will keep your lips smooth. If you apply your lipstick or lipgloss after applying the EOS Lip Balm, you can be sure to have comfortable lips all day.


EOS is Amazing – Review

EOS lip balm stands for Evolution of Smooth. The name fits the product perfectly. The honeysuckle honeydew flavor is in a lime green container. You can smell the melon before even opening the lip balm. It smells so fruity and fresh. Once the lip balm is open, it is like being in a melon paradise. The smell is amazing. The honeysuckle honey dew lip balm is a clear white color.

The next EOS lip balm is sweet mint. This lip balm smells a lot like chewing gum. It is fresh and clean smelling. It glides on very smooth. It makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth. The plus of this lip balm is that when talking to people, they can smell the mint. They will think you just brushed your teeth or you are chewing mint gum. It is very refreshing (

The last EOS lip balm was Blueberry Acai. The Blueberry Acai has a summery blue color container.You can smell the scent outside of the container before opening it. It smells a lot like blueberry bubble gum. The smell is very strong and sweet. The color of the lip balm its self is a clear white color.

It feels like satin being slid across your lips. It truly is the Evolution of Smooth. The softness of the lip balm slides into every nook and cranny of your lips. When this lip balm is on, your lips feel like they are covered in the smoothest silk. It is so hydrating on your lips.The smooth texture feels so good, check Amazon. When the lip balm starts to wear off, you just want to keep reapplying it all day. The fruity goodness, the sweet smell, the smooth feel. You could not imagine another lip balm feeling or smelling this good. It is incredible.


Review of EOS Lip Balm Best for Daily Use

There are several options for lip balm on the market, but lip balm is one of those items that require a lot of research and trial & error. Before shopping for lip balm, one may consider how it feels on the lips, color options, flavors, and ingredients. Once you find the perfect lip balm, it becomes one of those staple beauty items.

EOS Lip Balm meets the prerequisites for being the perfect beauty accessory. According to the Youtuber, Roseannetangrs she is an avid fan of EOS. The reviewer mentioned that there are several advantages and disadvantages of using the lip balm. Some of the pros include multiple flavor options, great packaging and it feels smooth on the lips ( It also glides on smoothly and is easy to use. In addition, the attractive packaging reminds her of an Easter Egg and is fun to use. It is also easy to find in a messy purse due to the shape and size. The shape of EOS is quite unique compared to other lip balms in that it does not feel heavy and is perfect for applying under lipstick or other lip gloss.

The reviewer bought two balms including strawberry sorbet and passion fruit. Overall the natural lip balm is perfect for daily use. The only con is that the smell was minimal for both flavors and did not hit the mark with matching the flavor profiles. The strawberry sorbet smelled more like strawberries and cream and the passionfruit was overwhelmed with a shea butter smell. Although this was the only disadvantage, the reviewer stated that the smell is not bad, but a minimal smell that can afford to be more fragrant.

EOS lip balm is reasonably priced and may appeal to all women as there are so many flavors to choose from, see Amazon. It’s perfect for all lip balm fans that crave alternative options to other brands that use toxic ingredients.