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EOS: A Review of an Innovative Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm company released a vegan line of lip balm this year. This new product line aims to attract customers that can’t tolerate the popular regular lip balms made by EOS. The new lip balms were an instant hit and customers are buying the lip balms faster than they can be produced says EOS has customers for its product across the globe. The lip balms are also priced under six dollars which is satisfying to customers. The lip balms can be found at major retailers to include: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target. Once celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus started using the products, the sales began to soar globally. What really distinguishes EOS from other lip balms is their committment to organic ingredients. Customers also like the unique containers.

EOS specializes in lip balm, body lotions and shaving creams. They have a wide variety of all natural flavors and scents. Unlike other brands, EOS products are all natural. The products are free of mineral oil, petrolatum, paraben and paraffin. They also don’t test their products on animals. Innovation to break away from the norm is what made the brand a success. It was a challenge for EOS to convince retail giants to carry their products.

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The company has only been around for seven years, but has become the second largest producer of lip balm. The company is worth over $250 million dollars and is on an upward path. It is expected to become the leader in this market soon. Awesome review here. Sales are projected to exceed $2 billion dollars by the year 2020. This is primarily because the demand for organic products continues to grow. A big advantage for EOS is the decision to build their own manufacturing facility. The facility is almost fully automated which increases speed and reduces overhead.

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Successful​ ​Innovation​ ​at​ ​Evolution​ ​of​ ​Smooth

Evolution of Smooth better known as EOS, is a cosmetics company that started nearly a decade ago as the brainchild of Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. They joined forces with Craig Dubitsky, who later left before EOS launched. The new company focused all its attention on creating cosmetic/beauty products and distributing them. Their prosperity stemmed from the steadily increasing demand for natural products. By using only all natural ingredients they saw sales rise just from this particular niche market.

Innovation was key to the company’s early success. For instance in the lip balm category, EOS decided to create a product tailor-made for women, you can see more here on  They worked with a clay artist to model different shapes in the quest to find the most original casing for their lip balm aside from the usual generic tubing. The lip balm had to be pleasurable to use and consistently effective. As a result they came up with small colored orbs that had soft round packaging which made a small click sound when closed. Inside, the lip balm itself had fruity scents and sweet flavors. This combination was effective as it appealed to all the five senses. More resources here.

Using their own funds as start up capital they sought out to create a buzz around the new product. They worked with celebrities and fashion bloggers and soon the colorful orbs with the EOS logo emblazoned on it began to pop up everywhere. They filled shelf spaces at major retail outlets and featured in many beauty magazines. The flavors, such as grapefruit and honeydew, as well as the packaging have received rave reviews from beauty editors at Allure and Cosmopolitan Magazines. Buy EOS products here on

Pricing the lip balm at about $3 was ingenious as it helped EOS compete with the other lip balms in the market. Also, having decided to use organic ingredients, the company has driven growth in the oral care market single-handed. Now the company is valued at $250 million and has become the second best-selling lip balm in America. According to Kline research, EOS sells over one million units a week with sales projected to rise as the global lip care market is projected to appreciate to over $2 billion by 2020.

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