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Learn What is so Fabulous the New Line of EOS Crystal

Want a taste of Peach Hibiscus of Vanilla Orchid? It’s not a gourmet sorbet flavor, it’s the latest releases of super delicious lip balms from EOS. The line will be called EOS Crystal due to the fact it is completely clear for the first time ever.

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EOS made a giant announcement when they stated that their latest line offered major upgrades to its popular lip balm product that hasn’t changed much since it launched years ago, see cool news here. EOS Crystal has several amazing new upgrades, including:

  • Two amazing new flavors: Peach Hibiscus and Vanilla Orchid
  • The addition of five essential oils to each EOS Crystal product, which will offer an all natural way to add even more smoothness to lips from EOS products, available here at
  • A completely clear balm
  • A new upgraded shape. For the first time, EOS won’t be completely round., it will be just a little bit curved which will help it go on just a tad sleeker and will allow for more angles.
  • EOS Crystal is a totally wax free product
  • Due to the fact that there is no wax it is 100% acceptable for vegans

EOS is known to appeal to all five senses and EOS Crystal will take that one step further with the updated design that is not fully smooth. The soft click of the ball opening and closing appeals to sound, the fun orb with an ergonomic thumb holder appeals to a delicate sense of touch. Next, and most obvious, the wonderful line of carefully chosen EOS flavors provide a delicious taste while also are perfectly perfumed to appeal to the sense of scent. And finally, the gorgeous little orbs are fun, incredibly bright and the unique shape sticks out wonderfully in a world full of tube shaped balms.

These are available worldwide and on shelves now.