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The Ingredients in Evolution of Smooth’s Lip Balms Include Natural Plant Extracts

The team behind Evolution of Smooth put a lot of effort into designing their lip balm. Their goal was to create a product that would stand apart from all the other lip balms currently on the market. They accomplished this by using natural ingredients that not only helped keep lips soft, but in many instances even worked to help heal them. They also made their lip balms available in a variety of flavors to make them more appealing to the senses.


EOS’ zesty flavors of Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit contain ingredients that provide protection against the sun’s harsh rays. Their lemon version has an SPF of 15 while their grapefruit version has an SPF of 30. They both contain the soothing properties of Shea butter and vitamin E and they both have water resistant properties lasting up to 80 minutes. See more.


This company also has a line of Visibly Smooth balms, which includes their delectable Blackberry Nectar and refreshing Vanilla Mint. These balms are designed to help heal chapped lips by adding long-lasting moisture. They contain the healing properties of Vitamins C and E as well as the softening properties of natural Shea butter and coconut oil. See products on


EOS lip balm also has a line of Smooth Sphere lip balms that add just a hint of color to lips. Their Strawberry Sorbet version is classified as being 100 percent natural and 95 percent organic. This balm contains plant extracts from sunflowers, jojoba and strawberry. It also contains the soothing properties of natural olive oil and coconut oil.


Their Smooth Sphere line also offers a slightly sweet flavored balm in their Passion Fruit version, check for more. This balm helps soften lips by hydrating them with extra moisture. In addition to containing the softening properties of coconut oil and sunflower oil, this balm also contains extracts from the passion flower.


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