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Matt Badiali Uses Expertise in Geology to Become Successful Analyst

Matt Badiali is a trusted financial analyst who writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He began his career as a environmental advisor for natural resource companies. A trained geologist, Badiali holds Bachelor’s degree from Penn State, and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Following the advice of a friend Matt Badiali began using his expertise in geology to create actionable investment advice for average investors. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. Real Wealth Strategist contains his investment projections while Front Line Profits has stock tips for fast-turnarounds. Both of these newsletters focus on the natural resource market.

What sets Matt Badiali apart is the way in which he gleans his information. Badiali goes directly to the source and uses his knowledge to garner first-hand information. He travels around the world and physically visits natural resource operations. He test each investment prospect to ensure their validity. He then prints his findings in Real Wealth Strategist. So far his up close and personal approach has taken him to places like Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Haiti, and Turkey. In addition to testing the soil, Badiali also interviews staff and CEOs. He vets the overall production of the facility and finds out what their future prospects are. If he believes the investment to be capable of a nice return he brings the information to his readers. He also provides such information on social media.

Matt Badiali has a very active Facebook page. He is constantly posting trends, events, and prospects within the natural resource market. He includes links to his articles, articles about the market itself, and news reports. Badiali is always well-informed when it comes to natural resources. He looks into precious metals, cannabis, natural oil and gas, as well as the companies themselves. There is no aspect of the market he does not pay attention to. This is what makes Badiali a good investor and a reliable source to take advice from.

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How Mark Holyoake Carries Himself Professionally

Too many people entering the workforce seem to have this predisposed notion that, because you are going to be working until retirement, your work experience has to be negative. Many people see work as a task that has to be done rather than as a process that one has the opportunity to partake in. The second view is more integral to Mark Holyoake’s line of thinking, the leader of the seafood business over in Iceland. If his years of experience have taught him anything, it is that nothing comes easily, but nothing that does not come easily needs to be feared.

That second part is an important addition to the adage we have heard since we were children, reminding us constantly that our lives were going to be bitter, hard, and unfair, and that we would just have to deal with that. Mark Holyoake takes a different approach to this perspective, however; instead of asserting that life is unfair, he asserts that life comes along with many difficulties, and so it is especially unlikely that you will make it to the end of yours without facing a few. However, these difficulties do not have to be the source of struggle for everyone. In fact, oftentimes, struggle can be the spark that begins the process of enlightenment, and life only goes up from there.

When Mark Holyoake realized his place in the universe, he was a bit blown away; all the millions of miles of empty space out there, and he happened to be born on a rock with thinking, living beings. This is the way he encourages his colleagues to view their lives, as it makes it quite a bit easier to deal with things in perspective.

While he does not make any excuses for his failure, Holyoake understands that to quibble over every small mistake is useless. He brings this energy to work as CEO of Iceland Seafood International; when his employees have a negative attitude towards a project, Holyoake will always remind them that challenges are worth embracing, for without them, we lack the ability to develop.

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Adam Milstein: Taking on a Role Most Vital to the Preservation of Jewish Culture

Just by analyzing Adam Milstein’s list of lifetime achievements, one can conclude that Milstein is a man who is most passionate about his family, career, and culture. With every step that he has taken to become the accomplished and prominent businessman/philanthropist that he is today, he has persistently enforced maximum effort and based his life’s choices upon their extent of benefit to the Jewish community. Nonetheless, if one were to peer even further into Adam Milstein’s life, one would deduce that he possesses the characteristics of heroism, wisdom, and integrity—three key traits that have significantly enabled him to excel beyond the power of one person to set a cultural shift in the world.


When Milstein left the State of Israel and came to the United States in 1981, he had the notion that he was going to make great changes in his life and the lives of others. Only this time around, his method for change would be much more effective than his days of combat in the Israeli Defense Forces. After having previously earned his Business Management degree in Israel and going back to school to acquire his MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983, Adam Milstein was destined to become an influential figure in society. He then applied his business education to the real estate industry and upon doing so his career began to set into place. Over a short period of time, Milstein transformed himself from being a novice real estate sales agent to being one with great proficiency in the field as a Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties. Moreover, once establishing himself as a Managing Partner to one of the largest real estate investment firms in the U.S., Milstein had proven to himself that he was qualified to manage something much greater than real estate.


With his wife at his side, Adam Milstein configured an alternative method (as oppose to war combat) to target the issues that involved the Israeli-American community. To bring about more leadership roles in the community, Adam Milstein co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. The main objective behind the Milstein Family Foundation is to promote the importance of active philanthropy and life impact by working with community members (particularly the youth) to encourage leadership via the provision of Jewish education, job training, and pro-Israel organization funding. Furthermore, in addition to working with other organizations like StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, and Hasbara Fellowships to promote pro-Israel activism across the U.S., Adam Milstein stretched his limits a bit further with his co-founding of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) in 2007. Likewise, since 2007, the IAC has served its purpose in cementing the identity of Israeli-Americans with their Jewish heritage as well as fortifying the bond between the State of Israel and the United States.

The Great Work of Wes Edens

West Robert Edens, born on 30th October 1961, is a businessman, investor and an owner of a basketball team known as Milwaukee Bucks. He is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and the founder of new Fortress energy. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1984 with a B.S in Finance and Business Administration. He lives in New York City in New York with his wife and four children. Find out more about Wes Edens at

Edens fortress investment

Edens fortress investment, founded in 1998 by Wes Edens is a company that deals with investment services with highly competitive investment partners. With time, the company has managed to attract more companies creating an impact in vital industries such as healthcare, infrastructure financial services, and real estate.

Contribution and investment

Wes Edens and his wife have supported the important field of education to enable learners to deal with complex challenges of our modern-day life. He made this a reality by establishing a professorship in global health. The two-million-dollar professorship at Macalester College is mostly concerned with health and medical geography. The professorship is focused on educating the students about the global challenges and the global economy in the days to come. The professorship also stands with efforts to eradicate the problem of inadequacy in healthcare services. It provides services in developing countries by building hospitals, training staff and offering healthcare consultations.

Wes Edens and his partners in the Milwaukee Foundation have made a significant impact on the growth and development of the U.S economy. As a sports franchise, Milwaukee Foundation has led to an establishment of a basketball arena in Milwaukee area, costing two hundred million and able to hold more than 17,500 seats. The stadium is expected to bring in millions of dollars to the community from hosting live events and concerts.

In a partnership with a new fortress, a company that supplies electricity in the U.S, Edens has made sure that most people have had access to reliable and affordable clean energy. The company is working to help in the growth of infrastructure and supply of environmentally friendly power.

Since buying the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014, Wes Edens has unlike other team owners been forming in-depth relationships with coaches, managers and the players themselves. He has gone to the extent of knowing each player individually offering free guidance on how to manage their wealth. In addition to this work, Wes Edens has also participated in charity donations such as support for Marthas Vineyard Hospital, The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, and The Student Sponsor Partners.

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The Acquisition Deal Between Fortress Investment Group And SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by Japanese investment firm company, SoftBank. The $3.3 billion deal was completed after prolonged discussions between the two organizations. Through this deal, SoftBank seems to be on a path to becoming the biggest investment company in the world.

To understand how the deal between these two companies was arrived at despite both dealing with totally different industries, one needs to look at their history.


SoftBank is a Japanese investment firm that was established in 1981 as a wholesaler of PC software. In 1996, it acquired a controlling stake in Yahoo and since then its path of growth changed significantly. Today, the company has managed to make investments in a wide spectrum of industries. Mainly, it focuses on the tech industry where its interests are in tech startups that have innovative and disruptive ideas. SoftBank was founded by Masayoshi Son.

Fortress Investment Group

While SoftBank is a 1980s company, Fortress Investment Group is a bit newer. It was started in 1998 in New York where its headquarters are currently stationed. Fortress is one of the largest alternative asset managers not only in the United States but in the whole world. It was founded by Randy Nardone who also acts as the CEO and his co-chair Wes Edens.

In the past two decades, Fortress Investment Group has proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are up to the task of becoming an alternative asset manager. Currently, they are managing assets on behalf of more than 1,750 institutional and private investors from different parts of the world. The total net worth of assets under its management is estimated to be over $40 billion.


In the deal between SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group, the latter will continue to operate independently and no changes will be made to its offices’ location or the top leadership team. Whereas acquisition deals involve the buyer determining the terms of the agreement, this deal between these two organizations seems to be different. SoftBank will not dictate any major renovations to the structure of Fortress group. SoftBank recognizes that Fortress Investment Group is a highly successful venture that needs to be allowed to run on its own.

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Ted Bauman Advises Investors to be Cautious about Investing in Apple

Ted Bauman is an experienced economist who uses his editorial platform at Banyan Hill to advise investors on lucrative investment deals. Bauman was born and raised in the United States but later immigrated to South Africa where he got his college degree and began a lucrative career in the world of economics. While at South Africa, Bauman worked as a consultant for big multinational companies and organizations including European and African government agencies. Bauman later in 2008 relocated back to the US and began his working career for an Atlanta based international organization. At the organization, Bauman was tasked with determining the sustainability and stability of the firm’s large programs.

Ted Bauman in one of his recent articles is cautioning investors against investing in Apple. According to Bauman, the once tech giant doesn’t seem to have a bright future as it had before the passing of the firm’s founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Although the firm’s past financial performance is looking good, investors are not interested in the previous financial performance but are rather more interested in the firms future and potential. Consumers have higher expectations from Apple since the company is known for great innovations and growth. However, the company has been faced by a myriad of challenges since the death of its founder and growth has stagnated for a while now. Ted Bauman says, this explains why the firm’s stock is dropping .

What is making Apple remain still profitable is its pricing power. Most of the firm’s profit comes from the iPhone product that enjoys a significant market share in countries such as the US, Japan, and the UK. However, the total world market share for iPhone is only 20 percent. This implies that it is not the market share that is making the brand profitable but the high price attached to the product something that is now making investors to get worried says, Ted Bauman. Apple market share according to Bauman is on the decline. The reason for the decrease is because the brand is slowly losing value. Customers tend to buy products whose brands are doing very well in the market. Companies with strong brand names are becoming more profitable and vice versa. Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon recorded high profits because of the growth in their high quality brand value.

Jojo Hedaya Makes Email Organization Easy with Unroll.Me

If Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald didn’t undergo frustrations associated with locating important emails in their flooded inbox, we would probably never hear of It is basically, a tool for organizing an email. The co-founder and the chief operating officer of Unroll.Me says that before creating this solution, his business partner, Josh Rosenwald couldn’t respond to his emails because he never seemed to find them. Josh explains that their product was created out of a desire to get rid of personal frustration. It was an opportunity for them to do what the major ISPs weren’t able to do.

The 24-year-old Jojo Hedaya shares his birthday with his business partner Josh Rosenwald. They have several other things in common such as studying in Jewish high schools and going to the same college. That’s why it wasn’t difficult for them to become friends. Jojo Hedaya says that the primary goal of Unroll.Me is to make things simple for email users.

Unroll.Me works by scanning through the inbox in a few seconds and compiling all the subscriptions into an email, known as The Rollup. This allows the user to go through all his/her subscription and if they come across something they don’t want, they can unsubscribe there and then resubscribe too.

Jojo Hedaya knows a few things about business culture and offers insightful tips on the same. He believes that hiring is a continuous process that is dependent on the needs of the organization. It is not a onetime thing. Besides leading by example, business owners should encourage entrepreneurial thinking at all times.

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According to Jojo, the people you hire are your business. Go for great minds, rather than just okay people to ensure success and avoid getting caught in mediocrity. In as much as the ability of your employees to exude positivity is critical to the success of your business, character is also important during the recruitment process. Another effective way of building a good company culture is to give employees as much freedom as possible, and also, make them own the company. Finally, never hesitate to follow your gut feeling in decision making.

OSI CEO Sheldon Lavin: The Power of Listening

Sheldon Lavin is considered to be one of the most respected and revered businessmen in modern times by many young entrepreneurs. His lifelong work in taking OSI Group from a locally based company to international leader has been recognized by not only those in the industry but governments as well who honored Sheldon Lavin with awards such as the Lifetime achievement award for service to the community by the city of Chicago.

Often young entrepreneurs attempt to replicate the success of Sheldon Lavin but fall short in really understanding that his success does not come from bunkering down alone and solving complex issues in an ill-lit office, instead Lavine takes into consideration all possible solutions from his team in which he then delegates various tasks to ensure the best possible solution. For example. a few years ago an expert contacted Sheldon Lavin about a possible shortage in the rapeseed oil industry due to a swarm of pests, this, in turn, allowed Mr.Lavin to purchase a large quantity of rapeseed oil ahead of time and save the company from dealing with a shortage in the future.

As previously stated, Sheldon Lavin managed to introduce OSI Group and the food industry in general to other parts of the world, including Europe where this particular industry has had a poor record through history relating to their waste and takeover of local markets.

Lavine in an effort to ensure that OSI Group was a different and better company began to focus on environmental conservation projects in those countries. This included investing large amounts of money in converting OSI facilities into the most environmentally friendly plants as possible while offering local ingredients that benefited both OSI and the community who sold them. Today, his leadership style and contributions to the conservation of the environment in business have led many Millennial entrepreneurs to attempt to match his leadership skills.

About Sheldon Lavin:

OSI Group Was Transformed By Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a multi-billion dollar food company that has been growing since 1909 when it was first founded by Otto Kolschowsky. Sheldon Lavin has since taken up leadership at OSI Group as the Chief Executive Officer, a position he has held for many years now. OSI Group was founded in Chicago as a small business, but they now have more than 60 facilities worldwide and maintain a leading position on the market. One of the biggest contracts OSI Group has achieved over the years is with McDonald’s that largest fast food chain in the world. Sheldon Lavin has been maintaining this relationship with McDonald’s for decades and for good reason. McDonald’s has been a primary source of revenue for OSI Group since the 1950s.

Although Sheldon has done very well in the financial industry and as the director for OSI Group, there are many more aspects to him that make him such a successful and inspirational businessman. Throughout his time as the director for OSI Group, Sheldon has been a generous figure for many communities and has taken the time to support philanthropic causes all over the world. Sheldon is also an active board member for various different non-profit organizations out there today as well, such as the Ronald McDonald Charity House and the Sheba Foundation. These charities fight to help children and the homeless around the world through dedicated support.

Sheldon Lavin is in a position of huge success today, but this has been a long time coming for him given his past and personal dedication to success. Right after completing his college education, Sheldon took on the title of entrepreneur and business owner right away with his own company known as Sheldon Lavin and Associates. This company was focused on financial advisement to various other companies throughout the region and was in operation for 15 years throughout the Chicago area.

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Ted Bauman Committed to Helping Ordinary People Preserve and Secure Their Wealth

Ted Bauman, a renowned economist by training, was born and raised in the US. Bow later in his life in the mid-1980s relocated to South Africa where he was deeply engaged in the development and implementation of South Africa post-apartheid economic and urbanization policy. Bauman while still in South Africa also served as a consultant to a wide range of clients including African and European governments and the UN. While in South Africa, Bauman traveled far and wide to other African countries including Asia. Bauman while on his tours was able to learn the relationship between politics and economics in different societies. Bauman besides being an experienced economist is also a researcher and writer. He has published numerous researches and commentaries some of which have been featured in prestigious international journals such as The Journal for Microfinance among others.

Ted Bauman in 2008 moved back to the US where he began working for a non-profit organization based in Atlanta as the Director of International Programs. At the firm, Bauman was able to develop a technique that could help assess organizational sustainability including effectiveness. In 2013 Ted Bauman Joined Banyan Hill Publishing Company which was formerly referred to as Sovereign Society. Bauman followed in his father’s footstep and became a part-time editor at the firm. Bauman using his economic and international expertise in his writing within a short time became very popular and was able to attract hundreds of thousands of subscribers who loved his articles. Bauman is currently the editor of The Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishers. The letter is a monthly publication that focuses on informing readers on how they can preserve and secure their wealth using innovative investment strategies.

In an interview with Inspirery, Ted Bauman passion in financial writing was as a result of his internal desire to help others. Bauman as a financial investment expert intends to use his knowledge and expertise to protect ordinary people from the threats of governments and large businesses. According to Bauman one thing that makes him successful I what he does is good time management. Bauman knows the time when he is most productive, a critical success factor.

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