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Matt Badiali Uses Expertise in Geology to Become Successful Analyst

Matt Badiali is a trusted financial analyst who writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He began his career as a environmental advisor for natural resource companies. A trained geologist, Badiali holds Bachelor’s degree from Penn State, and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Following the advice of a friend Matt Badiali began using his expertise in geology to create actionable investment advice for average investors. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. Real Wealth Strategist contains his investment projections while Front Line Profits has stock tips for fast-turnarounds. Both of these newsletters focus on the natural resource market.

What sets Matt Badiali apart is the way in which he gleans his information. Badiali goes directly to the source and uses his knowledge to garner first-hand information. He travels around the world and physically visits natural resource operations. He test each investment prospect to ensure their validity. He then prints his findings in Real Wealth Strategist. So far his up close and personal approach has taken him to places like Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Haiti, and Turkey. In addition to testing the soil, Badiali also interviews staff and CEOs. He vets the overall production of the facility and finds out what their future prospects are. If he believes the investment to be capable of a nice return he brings the information to his readers. He also provides such information on social media.

Matt Badiali has a very active Facebook page. He is constantly posting trends, events, and prospects within the natural resource market. He includes links to his articles, articles about the market itself, and news reports. Badiali is always well-informed when it comes to natural resources. He looks into precious metals, cannabis, natural oil and gas, as well as the companies themselves. There is no aspect of the market he does not pay attention to. This is what makes Badiali a good investor and a reliable source to take advice from.

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Matt Badialli: Investment Guru and Natural Resources Expert

Who Is Matt Baidali?

Matt Badiali finished his bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences at Penn State University. He got his Master of Science in Geology degree at Florida Atlantic University. He worked on his Ph.D. until 2004 at the University of North Carolina where he discovered the world of finance.

Freedom Checks

You may have heard about Freedom Checks and might be wondering if it’s a scam. The truth is the strategy is founded on buying shares of MLPs or master limited partnerships. It’s a common investment technique that most seasoned investors are aware of. Freedom Checks was introduced in the early part of 2018 as a publicity stunt for Real Wealth Strategist, which is a financial investment and stock newsletter.

Real Wealth Strategist

Real Wealth Strategist primarily focuses on natural resource stocks and the huge possibility that they offer. Smart investors are always attracted to natural resources because they are at the core of almost everything. Aside from being sustainable, they are much safer long term investments. In Real Wealth Strategist, author Matt Badiali evaluates thousands of companies in the natural resource and commodity industry. It hopes to find the best commodity stocks that are stable and growing in the market. This includes metal mining companies, major oil buyers and distributors, cannabis producers, and large metal purchasers.

Banyan Hill

In March 2017, Matt Badiali joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He works as a natural resources expert doing research and endorsing investment opportunities in energy, precious metals, and agriculture for the company’s newsletters. Prior to Banyan Hill, Badialli was the editor of the Stansberry Research Resource Report for 11 years. It is a monthly advisory that talks about investments in metals, energy, and other natural resources. Matt Badiali also worked as a consultant for an environmental company and a geologist for a drilling company.

All of us dream of making that one bold genius investment that alters our lives in just a matter of weeks. However, genuine life-changing investment takes time and a lot of patience. It is more of knowing their potential before they have progressed into positive action. Matt Badiali has earned his reputation operating in the world of natural resources. He has shown great patience and sharp investing when others are cowering to try new ways. Real Wealth Strategist: Marijuana Investment Symposium By Matt Badiali

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Tiffany & Co. Building Purchased By Fortress Investment Group At Half The Estimated Price

Fortress Investment Group is a New York City-based investment management firm that focuses on alternative assets in liquid hedge funds, credit funds, and private equity. The firm was established in 1998 by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman, and became well known for being the first private firm of its kind to become publicly traded. Fortress Investment Group was acquired late last year by Softbank for $3.3 billion, and became once again a private firm.

The firm made headlines recently after making a deal in southern Florida, and acquiring the iconic Worth Avenue building in Palm Beach. Worth Avenue is a famous shopping location, and the building in question has been the home of Tiffany & Co. since 1991. The brand operates out of the 2nd floor, leasing a space of 11,081 square feet. Despite the fact that the building got purchased by Fortress Investment Group, it will retain its current tenants – one change is expected however, as plans are to create a class A office space using the remaining available space on the second floor, a venture which is expected to generate solid returns for its investors. More Business News at

The deal naturally generated a lot of buzz in the area, but it also generated surprise due to the fact that the building got sold for $20 million. When the property was put up for sale in 2016 by Franklin Street, a commercial brokerage firm in Tampa, the local media outlets and newspaper estimated that the location could sell for up to $40 million, double the amount that it actually got sold for. Greg Matus, a senior vice president of investment sales at the Franklin Street brokerage firm, handled both sides of the sale and noted in an official statement that it was a rare opportunity for the investor to purchase a premier asset on one of the most well-known retail streets on the planet.

The media is currently speculating on weather the purchase made by Fortress Investment Group is in any way related to their involvement with the All Aboard Florida, a passenger train line that is currently being developed by Brightline, a company also owned by FIG.

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Talos Energy and the Talos-Premex Energy partnership.

Talks energy was established in 2012 by Timothy Duncan in Houston, Texas. The startup capital, 600 million dollars, was from an equity acquired from Riverstone Holdings and Apollo global management. Talks energy is an international oil and gas company that is involved in exploration production and development of gas and oil products in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. The company is lead by a team of professionals in with years of experience in offshore production and exploration of gas and oil. Talos energy has specialized in acquiring deep-water and operated shelf assets in both Gulfs. They go further as to use advanced techniques and technologies in the exploration of the assets. With the team, the technologies, and the techniques, Talos has a strong positive track record with the consumers/ market. Before Talos, Timothy Duncan and his team had successfully established and sold two Gulf of Mexico oil and gas companies, Phoenix exploration and griffin exploration Co. which have continued to give their equity investors significant returns.
Premex and Talos energy partnership.
Talos energy is focused on having the best platform to explore the deep waters and utilize the assets to be acquired. For this to be, the oil and gas company is partnering with Premix, a Mexico state-run energy firm to develop a potentially more lucrative joint venture. In their recent shallow waters explorations, Talos energy discovered an anticipated 2 billion barrels oil deposit in the Gulf of Mexico. This deposit is likely to be close to the Premex’s adjacent block. Premix is set to drill it’s well to ascertain it’s share by the end of this year. These events, confirmation of data among others, will speed up the partnership so that the companies can move on with their projects and investments. Negotiations are underway with meetings taking place whereby the relevant heads of the gas and oil firms, Mr. Duncan and president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The partnership, Mr. Lopez anticipated, will help increase the production which will assist Premix to catch up with the fourteen years production slump. The production or rather drilling is set to resume fast with Talos energy investing approximately 325 million dollars for the two new wells. Other studies and data exchange is expected to end by mid-2019

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Wes Edens Journey to Success

More than three decades ago, Wes Edens did not know that he was going to become a prominent person and change the lives of American investors. The businessman was busy with his many investments, and he was doing anything possible to make a profitable career out of his many businesses. Fortunately, his hard work has been paying off, and he is currently a prominent figure in the international community, and he commands so much respect from all people in the globe because of what he has managed to achieve. The market has never belonged to the faint-hearted. Wes knew this secret from the word go, and he has never failed to meet his duties as the founder of several organizations in the world.

In the year 1998, Wes Edens had a different business idea, and he was thinking about making this idea a reality. Wes had already worked in many companies and started his own companies. He, however, noticed that there were several hardships that were being faced by the investors in the market. Wes Edens felt that he had the resources and determination to change the lives of the American investors, and this is when he started a company called Fortress Investment. The company was just like the rest when it was new in the market. The competition was tough as usual. Getting the right professionals to work in various positions in the company was also not as easy as many people thought. Edens and the other founders needed to deal with the challenges that were coming up in the market, and they set up the right strategies to survive the American market. Twenty years later, Wes and his team are all smiles.

Wes Edens and the other company founders are excited because of various reasons. This team has managed to establish their company into one of the biggest in the market. The company covers the investors in America and other parts of the world, something many organizations have never done despite being in the tight market for a longer time. Wes has done so much because of his academic qualifications and his discipline. The businessman is sharp and always determined to go and achieve bigger and better things for his company. Wes Edens has been to the best educational institutions in the past, and he has a degree in finance and business administration. The skills he got from the Oregon University have been of great help to the lives of investors from all over. Billionaire Nassef Sawiris And Wes Edens To Buy Significant Stake In Aston Villa

Southridge Capital: The Workforce, The Founder, The CEO and The Achievements

The success of Southridge Capital as a major player in the nationwide and global finance industry has well been documented in the news feature posted at Release Fact. The article revealed many of the key strategies, ideas and transformative decisions that have made Southridge Capital one of the most structured finance services that provide an extraordinary level of service to public companies.



It could be added here that what stands out in Southridge Capital is the fact that it offers innovative financial solutions rooted in real market situations. Most financial services companies just go with theory. They don’t realize that reality is different from practice. They don’t distinguish empirical reality with ideas that only work in books. Fortunately, Southridge Capital’s executive team knows the difference.



Such talent to know the difference between practice and theory may have led the company to be able to invest about $1.8 billion total of investments across a variety of companies, in its entire operations since it was running in 1996. The strength of Southridge Capital comes from the fact that it understands everything one needs to know in making a company public. From learning how to leverage the employees’ skills to finding individualized financing techniques, Southridge’s people do their best to get to the core of the answers. You can visit scribd for more.




With all this technical expertise that Southridge has earned all these years, it is now able to partner with some exemplary companies, such as the Lounsbury House, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Walnut Community Hill Church, Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.



Another interesting aspect or angle in the growth of Southridge Capital can be read from the interview that Stephen M. Hicks, Founder and CEO of Southridge, did with Ideamensch. It’s in that interview that people could understand how the Southridge group of companies has grown, how its business development has run all these years and how the execution of such programs has grown to what the company is valued now. You can visit their site




Asked about a favorite book in the interview, it may be of interest for people to know that Hick’s answer was the biographical history book “Titan”, which was about the life of Rockefeller.




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Anthony Petrello, the CEO with a Purpose

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, Ltd. Nabors is a global contractor of oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling. They operate 500 land drilling rigs in 25 countries, 48 offshore rigs in areas surrounding the U.S. including nine additional countries and they operate specialty rigs specifically for drilling gas in regions like the Middle East. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation
Anthony Petrello is responsible for leading this massive company. He has been with Nabors Industries since 1991. He began his tenure there working as President and Chief Operating Officer. In 2011 he was promoted to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. In 2014, it was reported that he was the one of highest paid CEOs in America with a total salary of $68.2 million. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston

Petrello haled from humble beginnings in Newark, NJ. His family was a hard working Italian family that taught him the values he holds dear to this day. These values are what makes him such an appreciated leader. It’s his respect and understanding of the working individual that makes him a unique leader. How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

He studied hard to obtain an excellent pre-college education. He excelled in mathematics, performing PhD level linear algebra and calculus. This won him a full scholarship to Yale University. He continued to impress his professors and even the renowned mathematical theorist; Serge Lang. Lang enlisted him to help with one of his theories. Together they performed complicated theorems and proofs.

While Petrello had a promising future in mathematics, his interests were rechanneled and he began pursuing a law degree at Harvard Law School. After 20 years pursuing his educational goals, he then sought the fulfillment of his career goals. At first he wasn’t focused, but finally he found Nabors Industries and committed 20 years to them before becoming their CEO.

Petrello is a very different kind of CEO. He is not content simply accepting a large income. He insists that his income be directly tied to the company’s earnings. If the earnings go down, so does his salary. His leadership has led to the company now employing 100,000 workers all of whom receive high salaries. This all proves the value Petrello provides as CEO of Nabors Industries. His value is derived from who he is and his respect for his fellow man, his business principles and his intelligence. Tony Petrello’s Nabors Industries Will Purchase Tesco This Year

The Benefits of the Madison Street Capital Investment Firm

For a unique investment experience for both the veterans of investment as well as for the newcomers that are new to this volatile world, one investment firm stands out in particular due to the customer service that is of the highest quality, as well as due to the excellent services that are provided to each business or individual that seeks out consulting. This investment firm is Madison Street Capital, a firm that assists clients in making the right investment choices in a wide range of industries that not only yields a high return, but also has the least amount of risk involved in the process of making the investment. The experts at Madison Street Capital make sure to sit down with every single client to not only understand their requirements, but to also get to know the client and their desires. At Madison Street Capital, the investment experts believe that face to face interaction on a personable level is the best way to ensure the best business is conducted.

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 as a middle market investment firm that provides a variety of services that can benefit a client in any way that they need. The experts on that work for Madison Street Capital want to get to know each and every client. Every client and even every employee at Madison Street Capital often comments on the fact that they feel like a partner of the company due to the fact that they feel as though they are truly listened to and respected based upon their wishes.

With offices that are located in North America, Asia, as well as Africa, Madison Street Capital is able to guarantee that their best services are provided to individuals as well as to other businesses around the world. With a specialty in mergers as well as in acquisitions, this company continues to be heavily sought after by businesses as well as individuals in the private sector and within the public sector. With results that continue to astonish the clients, Madison Street Capital has been able to attract a large number of loyal clients for a reason. See:

As a growing business that specializes in consultation, Madison Street Capital is a fully committed company to building better businesses for both the customers as well as for the employees. With a team of experts with knowledge, experience, and all that is needed to create the best and most creative investment solutions on Chicago Tribune, every client of the company is guaranteed to walkaway feeling happy and listened to. Each client is respected and is matched with the best investment opportunity that will yield the highest return with their set goals, requirements, as well as their set expectations.