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EOS Lip Balm Is The Bomb!

If you are a fan of pumpkin or vanilla, then you will love EOS lip balm’s new holiday collection. This is a very exciting time for EOS Lip balm fans because with this holiday collection comes with dual lip balms. This package can be purchased for just $6 at the convenient stores.

The pumpkin lip calm comes in a beautifully orange shell, now available here at The actual lip balm is fantastic, it has a hint of pumpkin scent. The lip balm is naturally flavored with pumpkin spices. Since the lip balm is made of shea butter, it will keep your lips moisturized beautifully throughout the day.

The vanilla lip balm comes in a warm cream shell. The scent of vanilla from the lip balm smells just like a fresh vanilla bean. The vanilla balm is also packed with shea butter which will keep your lips feeling refreshed after being used. The ingredients keep lips feeling and looking extremely soft.

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Both lip balms come with vitamin E and jojoba oil, in addition to shea butter. Based on, all of EOS Lip Balms have been dermatologist tested, they were proven safe to use. The company has different product lines to choose from in addition to their holiday collection, they also have an organic line, a medicated line, a visibly soft line, a crystal lip line, an organic lip stick line, a shimmer lip balm, and multi pack lip balm line as well. Overall EOS Lip Balm is a great company and they have been around for a while. Even though all of their products are excellent, this holiday collection is definitely a great investment. They smell amazing and they also come in the prettiest colored shells! The holiday collection will only be sold for a limited of time so it will be wise to purchase your lip balms immediately.