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New EOS Lip Balm Products

When it comes to health and beauty, a lot of brands have emerged and given people access to products that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. By taking the time to find a brand that you resonate with, you are able to use it not only as a way to increase your health and beauty, but to also use it as a fashion statement. Great articles to read here on

In this regard, EOS lip balm is one of those companies that has figured it out and done things the right way. You will be pleased to see that this company of innovation has taken the time to re-invent itself yet again.

Read on and consider these tips to learn exactly what they have done to change up and how you can get the best service through them.

This brand, which is already flying off store shelves, found a way to reinvent itself in a crystal clear manner, read here.

Usually, people come to know EOS lip balm due to its colorful, super round lip balm. People find these pods totally cute and it has risen in popularity as a result. They’ve got an upgrade recently, due to the fact that the company is coming out with a see-through version.

This see-through version, called Clear as Crystal has the same great vegan, chemical free ingredients but in a sleeker design as mentioned also here at Not only is it clear, it is also a different shape, which is slightly less round.

The product itself is wax free and gives you access to some of the smoothest and healthiest lips you’ve ever experienced. In addition to this new crystal clear offering, you’ll enjoy that it comes into exquisitely delicious flavors. These new flavors include vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach. They were released in early August and sell for $4.99.

Look into stores now to check out these products for yourself. Watch also this video,!