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IAP Worldwide Is Involved In The United States Army Like Never Before

When it comes to the United States military obtaining products and services, IAP Worldwide is the only company that comes to mind. IAP offers many products and services that are used in the United States military and militaries all over the world.

It was recently announced that IAP Worldwide would be involved in the United States Army’s Distributed Common Ground System. This is a system that has to do with contact between troops and bases. Old methods of technology allowed the enemy to easily hear troops contacting each other. The enemy would know where the main base was located and where the troops were going next. Sadly, this caused many individuals to lose their lives.

IAP Worldwide has issued new technology that has made contact between troops a secret. Some of this technology comes in a digital form. Troops will have a tablet-like device on them. This device is able to receive incoming information from other troops and from the main base. When the information arrives, no sound is made at all. This is more classified than traditional methods like walkie-talkie devices.

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Soldiers can now even have speakers within their helmets. These speakers are similar to common earbuds. Only the individual soldier will hear the information transmitted through these speakers. This is great for soldiers that find themselves alone with no one to trust. They can trust the voices of their fellow troops and the voices of their leaders at the base.

IAP Worldwide has never been a big fan of public advertisement. This is because they would rather their products and services speak for themselves. However, with just about all the world on social media, IAP Worldwide thought it would be wise to build some type of reputation in the social media world.

IAP Worldwide recently opened a Facebook account. This account is for employees, customers, and the general public to create conversations regarding the organization. IAP Worldwide representatives review and update the account on a daily basis. They take all of the suggestions made very seriously. Updates are also given when these suggestions are addressed. News about the company and recent job postings are also listed on the Facebook page, as well as other relevant information.

IAP Worldwide has even made a Twitter account. Representatives send out positive sayings on a daily basis. IAP representatives have shown strong interest to Twitter. They feel Twitter allows them to connect with the public in real-time.

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IAP For Global Logistics And Procurement

IAP is the acronym for the Ingenuity And Purpose corporation which was founded in Irmo, South Carolina as a specialized logistics and procurement company on Initially, IAP was formed to provide generator supplies and support to the U.S. Army during operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia in 1990. However, since then it has grown and evolved into a leading world provider of global scale logistics services, facilities management operations and advanced professional and technical services. Because of our record with the Armed Forces of America we have become a trusted partner with the United States Military for not only international procurement contracts, but also for temporary and mobile power generation supplies, as well as emergency disaster, relief, and transport services.

In addition to the wide range of services IAP Worldwide Services already provides to the U.S. military, it will now be able to provide several extremely important new technologies as a consequence of new acquisitions it has made. Because of these acquisitions, IAP can now supply to its clients aircraft repair management, logistics, and mission support services, in addition to engineering, information support technology, and communications support solutions. Both of these services will be a huge benefit to IAP’s main client, the U.S. Department of Defense. These new acquisitions are expected to be housed in a section of IAP Worldwide Services’ existing National Security Programs unit. In addition the company expects that these new services will double IAP’s available market share.

IAP had been so successful in its logic’s business that it has come up with slogan “We specialize in making the impossible possible”. They can do this because they employ over 2,000 employees in more than 25 countries worldwide read and able to solve any public or private sector customer’ most pressing emergency. IAP Worldwide has actually come to expect the unexpected from tornado and flood disasters to maintaining and managing military installation on any environment overseas. Our main goal has always been to deliver not only the people, but also the management to support our customers around the globe.

For over sixty years we have done just that and built a reputation as a market leader by not only meeting but also exceeding our customer’s expectations. What sets us apart is that the problems that keep our customers up at night are the same problems that we can’t wait to tackle when we get out of bed. Our difference is that we always adopt our customer’s problems as our mission on Devex. We can then channel our talent, commitment and expertise into the problem so we can provide you with solutions that work and extraordinary results.