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Testing Wen by Chaz

Emily McClure wrote an article for Bustle testing the Wen by Chaz product on her hair for one week. For her long hair, per bottle instructions, she should have used 24-32 pumps of product, which she stated was, “insanity”. She decided to use the minimum of 10 pumps recommended for any length of hair, because her hair was fine. McClure followed the directions of the WEN hair bottle and massaged it into her scalp, then followed through to the ends. Allowing the product to sit for a couple of minutes she rinsed it out.

M McClure blow dried her hair and noticed quite a bit of shine and extra bounce in her hair, but in the morning she noticed her roots were uncharacteristically greasy. That night she followed the same routine, but hoped her roots wouldn’t be as greasy in the morning. Thankfully, her hair was not as greasy as day one, but still more oily than she liked.

On day three McClure made sure to rinse her hair carefully and styled her hair using her normal products. The following day her hair fell flat as usual, but kept the over-all shine and health that she enjoyed. Day four McClure didn’t have time to wash, and her hair was extremely greasy; even after using a dry shampoo at work.

Day five was perfect, because she showered in the morning and loved the soft shine of her hair for the entire day even though her curls didn’t last. On day six and seven she continued to wash her hair in the morning and loved the results even though her curls fell much sooner than she liked.

Wen is an all-natural shampoo/conditioner product created by Chaz. He owns a salon in Los Angeles and serves a celebrity clientele. Chaz crafted Wen to include his holistic viewpoint of health and wellness. Wen does not include any shampoo or sodium laurel sulfate in its ingredients.  Wen hair care products are available on Sephora and on QVC online.

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