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Fabletics Taking the Lead in the Online Fashion Market

It is no small feat to make headway in the evermore competitive e-commerce fashion industry. Most of the major players already have a head start and cornered all the conventional marketing strategies. Amazon, the ecommerce giant, alone accounts for a full fifth of all online fashion transactions.


But the odds are not an obstacle to ingenuity and an innovative approach to business. Kate Hudson saw a need a few years back and found a way to cultivate her new brand of online fashion providers to a $250 million organization.


Fabletics and a New Approach to Online Fashion marketing


Fabletics has brought a new wave of marketing values to the stuffy and crowded fashion market. By operating subscription basis they collect many customers to their community through online and offline engagements. This connection they make to their clients has created an enthusiastic following of likeminded individuals that gain support and quality products through their caring providers.


This represents a considerably innovative change from the antiquated notion that good quality and interesting designs and only be acquired at exorbitant cost. Today’s customer are looking for better prices, world-famous brands and recognition and as always superb customer satisfaction and service.


This is the very thing Fabletics works to provide to their loyal community of customers. The results have been a growing client pool and impressive growth from small beginnings only three years back.


What is the Secret behind this Success?


There are many up and coming e-commerce fashion enterprises and many older veterans that wish they could enjoy the type of growth seen by Fabletics. One of the greatest obstacles to success is operating a successful showrooming operation without savvy clients taking the design ideas to tailors and having the same option produced at a lower cost.


Fabletics has reversed this unprofitable trend and introduced an innovative approach to showrooming. Clients are able to browse the products featured at a brick and mortar location from an online source. This way when they visit the physical location they can enjoy trying on the product and engaging with the helpful staff after being introduced to the online showroom. The results have been an unprecedented success.


In addition to providing fascinating designs and top-quality at an affordable price, Fabletics has extended their services to allying themselves to the goals of their clients. If you would like to take advantage of the support and care of this community, consider taking part in the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz and make your first step toward fitness and fashion goals.

EOS Lip Balm Flavors

There are a lot of things to think about when you are looking at the different lip balms. The biggest one for you might be the flavors. You might be wondering what flavors they have and why you should get them.

Minty Flavors

The most common type of flavors for EOS lip balms are the minty ones. They offer the tingly feeling of the skin when they are applied. This makes them fun for those that want to have that kind of feeling on their lips. The mint also helps you to feel like you have better breath than if you were just using the fruity ones, but is not a substitute for oral hygiene.

Fruity Flavors

There are a lot of different fruity flavors. You have probably seen many of these flavors in your local markets. You might be looking at blueberry or a strawberry type flavor. These are great for those that want a sweet flavor with their lip balm. These flavors can be used more than once and you can get more than one flavor if you like a couple of them. More about the products on

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There are a lot of flavors that will help you to keep your lips feeling great, but still let you have a taste of something that makes you happy. You only need to make sure you are happy with the flavors you have and are getting only the ones you really like. It’s a good idea to try a few before making up your mind on what one is going to be the perfect fit for you. Check for more details.

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Three of the Best EOS Lip Balm Gifts

Are you out of gift ideas for your friends or family? Sometimes picking out the right gift can be the hardest thing to do. Luckily, EOS lip balms are a great idea for a gift. You can put them in a basket with other assorted gifts or even use them as presents during a holiday party for your coworkers. No matter that you choose to do, there are three highly-recommended EOS lip balms to choose from.

EOS Pomegranate RaspberrySheer Pink Shimmer Lip BalmCoconut Milk
4. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry. First of all, who doesn’t love the taste of pomegranate and raspberry? Your friends will love this flavor as well as its adorable crimson sphere case.
5. Sheer Pink Shimmer Lip Balm. Most girls love pink, especially when it shimmers on their lips! This is a definite must-have for any lip balm lover. Not only that, but it softens lips with its natural conditioning oils.
6. Coconut Milk. With an undoubtedly tasty flavor, coconut milk lip balm is an exceptional choice. Your friends will absolutely love their visibly softer lips.

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These are only three EOS lip balm ideas to choose from. But don’t forget there are many other yummy flavors to choose for your friends. Give the gift of delightfully nourished and noticeably softer lips to a friend of yours today!  Helpful link here.


Fabletics is creating a successful online and physical store apparel business

When you are wanting quality and comfortable workout apparel, many people believe that you need to spend a lot of money to get clothing that will last. That was true until recently. In 2013, Fabletics was launched to bring high-quality workout clothing at affordable prices to their members. It was launched with the help of actress Kate Hudson, to offer stylish, trendy, and comfortable workout apparel to their members at a price that will fit into their budget. Their business model is a membership based subscription service where their members pay a monthly fee to receive a two to three piece outfit delivered to their doorstep each month for their fee.


Since they launched, Fabletics has turned into a multimillion dollar company. With their online success, they have decided to implement a reverse showroom technique. To do so, they are now opening physical stores. This is opposite of what many stores are doing, moving much of their business from stores to online websites. Many brick and mortar retailers are losing sales to online websites when their customers find the same items online at a better price. Fabletics stores work together with their online business. Their stores work as another layer of customer service for their members, allowing them to see and try on the clothing before they purchase. When members try items on in their stores, the clothing also goes into their online shopping cart. Then they can either buy in the store or online. Fabletics uses their stores to learn the different styles and trends that are popular in the areas that they serve. The stores also help increase the number of monthly subscription members to Fabletics. While up to half of those who enter Fabletics stores are already members, another quarter of those who shop in the stores, become new, loyal monthly subscription members.


The quality of clothing that you receive from Fabletics are comparable to the expensive, premium brands. Only Fabletics offers them at a fraction of the price. This keeps their monthly subscribers loyal customers because they feel like smart and savvy shoppers. The clothes are thick, soft, and comfortable. You will want to wear them everywhere, not just to the gym! Plus, they are trendy and stylish, so you will feel good about wearing them to run your everyday errands. The compression and shape of the clothes will hold up to many cleanings, giving you the support that you need for each and every workout. The colors of the fabrics won’t fade either, so you will be looking fantastic for many outings.


To help streamline your shopping experience, Fabletics has developed a quiz to determine your clothing preferences. The quiz will help narrow your preferences and exercise habits, to make it easier to pick out the perfect outfit. This will save you time shopping, giving you that time to enjoy your life and not spending endless hours searching for that perfect outfit. You can quickly find what you need and are looking for, thus being able to resume living an active and healthy lifestyle.

EOS for Everyone

Lip balm is an essential necessity to anyone’s beauty regiment during the winter. Protecting your lips from the harsh winter air is easy if you have the right tools in your purse. Everyone knows that lip stick applies so much smoother to properly cared for and smoothed lips. Even if you’re not a lipstick enthusiast, one wants cracked, painful lips in the winter. The skin on your lips is paper thin and easily dries out if not nourished properly. Lucky for beauty gurus everywhere, there are more lip balm choices on the shelf than ever before.

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EOS, Evolution of Smooth, offers a line of lip balm to appeal to every consumer. The unique lip balm pods are packed with nourishing benefits from shea butter and jojoba oil as well as added vitamins to protect your delicate lips from the harsh elements. EOS lip balm pods come in a variety of flavors and colors and can be found at all major retailers and drug stores. EOS pods are popping up all over and a huge hit with Millennials and celebrities around the world.


Traditional lip balm enthusiasts may enjoy classic flavors like vanilla mint or coconut milk, or vanilla bean. Neutral flavors are great for all genders and smooth lips translucently. For a more flavorful kick, customers can choose from a variety of summer favorites like honeysuckle honeydew, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and blueberry acai. Fruit flavored EOS lip balm can be enjoyed by wearers and sharers alike. EOS lip balm pods are affordable at $3 each on average. For a more luxurious look, EOS offers a line of shimmer pods that give your lips a luminescent shine and glow.  Visit for more details.


Whatever your lip balm preference, EOS has a line of pods that are sure to suit everyone. Next time you’re in the checkout lane, pick one up!

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