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Eos’ New Lip Balm, Crystal, Is A Must Have

Eos has finally started selling their new product; Crystal, a healthier alternative to the clear lipstick fashion trend. With an all vegan mixture of oils and butters, Crystal is sure to conquer your dry and cracking lips, in a stylish way. Eos is leading the competition in this trend to learn towards more healthy, affordable products. You may also refer to to read more fantastic related stories.

Eos created a whole new formula, to ensure it stood up to your, the consumer, standards. It consists of shea and coconut butter, to help sooth suffering lips, along with sunflower, castor, and avocado oils, to help add shine for a healthier glow. Eos’ new formula is completely clear, meaning your new Eos Crystal is as clear as a crystal ball – making this new healthy formula part of the clear lipstick trend. Eos is, in a way, forcing all other competitors to make their clear lipstick healthier as well as more affordable, shop here!

Crystal is Eos’ way of letting everyone have the ability to jump onto this trend by making it healthy and affordable. Crystal is an excellent add to your makeup kit. With no heavy waxes or harmful dyes, Crystal is perfect as your only lip wear or as a primer for waxy, glossy, or matt lipstick. You can rest assured that if you use Crystal as a primer, it’s sure to combat any drying effects of your current favorite lipstick. Don’t feel like you have to throw out your favorite lipstick because it’s too drying, just add Crystal to you daily routine, and you’re sure to forget that was ever a problem.

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