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Enhanced Athlete Emerges Victors in Court

Enhanced Athlete is a company that deals with bodybuilding and fitness products, founded with the aim of helping humans become superhuman. The firm which is located out of Cheyenne, Wyoming was taken to court by Nutrition Distribution for false advertising of their products. Enhanced Athletes is among the more than seventy bodybuilding firms that the plaintiff has accused of damaging their products advertisements. More often, Nutrition Distribution demands a financial compensation from the other firms for the decrease in their sales.


However, Enhanced Athlete emerged the victors when the District Court Judge of Eastern District of California denounced an injunction by Nutrition Distribution. The defendant argued that there was no relation between Enhanced Athlete’s marketing strategy and the decrease in sales for Nutrition Distribution. The judge ruled in favor of the defendant for lack of substantial evidence between Enhanced Athlete’s marketing and the reduction in sales of the plaintiff. The defendant argued that was not the first time that Nutrition Distribution had filed a case against other firms in the industry. Nutrition Distribution was accused of extortion by intimidating other firms to pay a compensation amount failure to which they often file a case against the company which would cost them time and a lot of money for legal fees.


The defendant urged the plaintiff to end the dozens of cases against their competitors and instead focus on the market and increase their sales. The Chief Executive Officer of Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell, stated that Enhanced Athlete would not fall victim of Nutrition Distribution’s extortion and called for other companies in the industry to stop compensating the plaintiff for alleged false advertisements since this would only encourage the plaintiff to coerce more companies to pay them.


Fortunately, Enhanced Athlete’s sister firms, Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear were exempted from the lawsuit. Enhanced Coaching was founded to provide guidelines to potential and existing consumers of Enhanced Athlete while Enhanced Gear deals with provides the necessary merchandise for consumers. The CEO of Enhanced Athlete uses technology to reach out to millions of their existing and potential consumers across the globe. He has created an online platform where consumers can interact with the firm. Doctor Tony Huge is Enhanced Athlete’s ambassador who uses the online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to reach out to the online community. In the company’s social accounts, Tony Huge shares the necessary tips for one’s journey on bodybuilding and fitness.