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ClassDojo Is The Reason Many Parents No Longer Have To Worry About Parent-Teacher Meetings

There are always disruptive apps showing up in just about every business sector, but one sector that hasn’t had as many disruptive apps come on the scene up till now is education. Many classrooms had few tools to make learning more enjoyable until one certain app named ClassDojo arrived. This app may be one of the most unheard of tools, yet it is ever growing in use just the same. Using a social media kind of platform this app is handy for teachers and students to post their classroom work for parents to see and comment on. It certainly has spurred conversations between parents and students about what happens in class on a daily basis, but even better is that parents and teachers can talk directly on a day-to-day basis and don’t need to host parent-teacher meetings as a result.

The entrepreneurs who created ClassDojo are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, learn more about their creation, visit this page. These two young men wanted to introduce technology to classrooms that would encourage better collaboration between student groups and teachers and would reward good behavior with points. But they also wanted an app that they wouldn’t need to charge teachers or students to use, and one that could be downloaded without having to ask school administrators. After a great deal of work they launched ClassDojo which evolved from simply a good student behavior merit app to more of a classroom version of Facebook. The app is compatible for all mobile devices.

Chaudhary and Don knew that some students needed a little extra push to study hard for certain subjects, so they decided to include a student learning and mindset growth video series with ClassDojo. The videos were put together by a learning research and development team from Stanford University, and in the series animated characters use different methods to solve learning problems. The videos are aimed at changing student approaches and thinking when it comes to different subjects.  Check this on

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ClassDojo has also garnered interest from venture capital suppliers. The app started with a few hundred thousand dollars to work with, but its funding grew into the millions and after a $21 million offering in 2016 ClassDojo has now obtained $30 million in total capital. The app has not been monetized but Chaudhary and Don have spent nothing on marketing because they want people to tell others about the app instead of commercializing it. They believe this builds better credibility for the app and allows them to spend more funds on important things like security and usability. Plans to monetize the app will include optional pay content to go with the apps free basic use.