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Making the Grade With Your Edtech Product

The question:

In this ever expanding world of edtech, how do you stand out from the crowd of startups like Nearpod and Classcraft, or the already established star players such as ClassDojo? In the environment of a market being flooded with new tech, but with limited educational budgets, competition can be fierce. This is especially the case in light of possible looming cuts to Federal education spending. Hang on kids, it could be a bumpy bus ride!

The Answer:

One of the keys is to make learning fun for kids and easy for teachers. ClassDojo has hit upon the recipe for success. With ClassDojo being used in two out of three schools, it’s obvious they are doing something right. The company co-founder Sam Chaudhary committed to a ground-up change to the process of designing the product. Where most companies focused on making things fun and easy, ClassDojo collaberated with educators, students and parents through the entire development process. The result was a communication platform by which a connection can be made between the teacher and the parents to show the students progress outside of the face to face parent teacher conference. This gives the parents more overall empowerment in their students learning process.

Making the Grade:

The startups can and should take a cue from ClasDojo when planning to get their product implemented and adopted. Firstly by making sure they are actually solving problems educators care about. Then seeing to it that their product is proven and tested by use of edtech accelerators which help both the companies find the right audience, and the teachers find the right product. This can make the difference in getting sales when the purse strings are tight, but the interest for a new product is there.

Class over:

Ultimately edtech companies like ClassDojo are creating a community in which the student can strive under the watchful eye of both teachers and parents. This is creating a positive culture in classrooms and schools where the focus is back on actually enjoying learning, which was actually the goal in the first place.