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Fabletics: A Growing Online Subscription Fashion Line

Fabletics is one of today’s hottest fashion brands. The clothing is stylish, comfortable and versatile. It is also very affordable. Millions of people worldwide have become enamored with the clothing and have become members of the subscription fashion line. In just three years the business is valued at $250 million. That’s significant inroads in a market 20% of which is controlled by Amazon. Kate Hudson and Fabletics are doing it by combining convenience, quality and innovative styles and an inspirational push. They are also leveraging gratification, brand recognition, exclusive design and the overall customer experience.


Fabletics is marking its mark in the growing ‘activewear’ movement. The subscription model has proven to be easily adaptable to fashion and the internet enables people to have access to the company right from their smartphone or computer. Plus Fabletics is seen as smart and forward leaning. They have recently added plus sizes to make their clothing more accessible to women of all shapes and sizes. They’ve even created a men’s line, FL2, and are in the process of building 100 brick and mortar stores. The company is dynamic, aggressive and wildly successful.


The fashion membership brand is offering a reimagined vision of ‘high-value’ by providing on-trend fashion and personalized service that’s fast, easy and affordable. And customers love it. Fabletics even markets its stores differently. It holds regular events and finds numerous ways to build relationships with the community. Stock is chosen for the stores based on input from members, social media, customer trends and real-time sales. The data gathered is used to better serve the customer and decide which global fashion trends will meet customer’s preferences and increase their satisfaction.


At Fabletics it’s all about people, culture and accessibility. People like that they offer a balance of quality active lifestyle clothing with outstanding consumer education and a wonderful customer experience. It’s averaging 35% growth each year. As long as they’re producing their quality products and combine it with great marketing the sky’s the limit. Creative teams turn data science into innovative membership programs, fast purchase options and smart distribution. Their goal is the perfect customer experience online or off. A combination of all those things is what it has taken for Fabletics to compete with Amazon.


Fabletics was the brainchild of JustFab’s Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kimora Lee Simmons, in combination with actress Kate Hudson. Their work together has been magical. Ressler and Goldenberg are masters at online performance marketing and have been running successful companies for almost 20 years. Kimora Lee Simmons is a fashion icon that has the eye for what works. Kate Hudson brings her knowledge, beauty, athletic good looks and innovative ideas.


And the future looks bright. Fabletics now has quality children’s and adult’s shoes, clothing and accessories from all over the world available with a few keystrokes. Fabletics has just begun to evolve, define itself and offer its exclusive products. So far the buying public is impressed. The fashion brand is sure to have gotten Amazon’s attention.