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Fabletics: A Company for Today’s Lifestyle

An online subscription fashion retailer JustFab, carries abundant varieties of handbags, denim, shoes and handbags. Plus they are now selling the brand names FabKids, ShoeDazzle and their delightful line of exercise clothing under the brand name Fabletics. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded JustFab in March 2010. Coming on-board as President and Creative Director in September 2011 was Kimora Lee Simmons. Once obtaining millions in funding in 2011 and 2012 JustFab began expanding their business into international areas. The new business hubs were located in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Always forward looking in 2013 JustFab acquired the children’s fashion company FabKids on Many well known celebrities are getting into the fashion business as of late. YouTube beauty gurus and sisters Elle and Blair Fowler have signed on with JustFab. As has popular singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne. Television’s Style Network launched a unique TV show offering audiences a glimpse into daily life at the JustFab offices and the varied responsibilities of the company’s marketing, merchandising and public relations teams. After gaining ownership of Fab Shoes in 2013 JustFab proceeded with their international expansion into the countries of Spain and France. They marched ahead to acquire Shoe Dazzle in August of 2013. JustFab is today an extremely successful internationally renowned online fashion subscription company. Once agreeing to a small $39.95 monthly membership, which is immediately conferred, customers can begin making their first purchase. Registration is made to be easy to use and only asks members to provide a survey advising of their personal fashion preferences. A “Personal Stylist” chooses clothing items at the start of each month. These selections on Pinterest are drawn from the personal survey information. Members may choose this offering. But they are totally free to request another style or to by-pass the month completely. By only 2011 JustFab had reached four million members. But by January of 2013 the membership had grown to at least ten million. There are great tutorial videos offered by JustFab on YouTube. Many types of topics are covered including “Glam on the Go: Day to Night Makeup”, “Five Minutes to Beachy Waves” or monthly fashion stylist tips. Tennessee’s Elle and Blair Fowler share “real girl” tips in many of the videos. Humorous commercials and zany shoe and handbag music videos can be seen. Their brand of workout clothing, Fabletics, is a line for today’s active on the go woman. And this line is co-founded by another of their celebrity stylists, Kate Hudson, and the JustFab team of designers. The designs are made for fit, style and function – all at reasonable prices. Fabletics offers a varied selection of sport bras, tops and tees. Become a VIP member to enjoy free shipping and easy returns.