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Matt Badiali Uses Expertise in Geology to Become Successful Analyst

Matt Badiali is a trusted financial analyst who writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He began his career as a environmental advisor for natural resource companies. A trained geologist, Badiali holds Bachelor’s degree from Penn State, and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Following the advice of a friend Matt Badiali began using his expertise in geology to create actionable investment advice for average investors. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. Real Wealth Strategist contains his investment projections while Front Line Profits has stock tips for fast-turnarounds. Both of these newsletters focus on the natural resource market.

What sets Matt Badiali apart is the way in which he gleans his information. Badiali goes directly to the source and uses his knowledge to garner first-hand information. He travels around the world and physically visits natural resource operations. He test each investment prospect to ensure their validity. He then prints his findings in Real Wealth Strategist. So far his up close and personal approach has taken him to places like Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Haiti, and Turkey. In addition to testing the soil, Badiali also interviews staff and CEOs. He vets the overall production of the facility and finds out what their future prospects are. If he believes the investment to be capable of a nice return he brings the information to his readers. He also provides such information on social media.

Matt Badiali has a very active Facebook page. He is constantly posting trends, events, and prospects within the natural resource market. He includes links to his articles, articles about the market itself, and news reports. Badiali is always well-informed when it comes to natural resources. He looks into precious metals, cannabis, natural oil and gas, as well as the companies themselves. There is no aspect of the market he does not pay attention to. This is what makes Badiali a good investor and a reliable source to take advice from.

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The Commitment of Organo Gold

Organo Gold has become one of the most successful companies in the world. Founded by Bernardo T Chua, Organo is a company that is committed to helping people achieve their best health. Their mission is to help people find balance, freedom and well-being through their premium products. Organo Gold has used a unique distribution strategy to help them become a globally successful company.

Organo Gold is most known for its incredible coffees. Organo has taken one of the most consumed beverages on the planet and made it even better. Organo uses the herb Ganoderma lucidum to help improve the health benefits of its coffee. Ganoderma is believed to have numerous health benefits which include lowering cholesterol, improving circulation, helping with weight loss and even reducing stress. Organo not only uses Ganoderma in its coffee but also in a number of other beverages which include teas and hot chocolates.

Organo does much more than just produce beverages. The company has had great success by producing a number of personal care products. These products include their OG Smile toothpaste. OG Smile is known for producing a fresh clean mouth and includes a healthy amount of Ganoderma. Organo also produces G3 Beauty Soap. This product is known for its ability to cleanse and moisturize skin. The soap also contains a number of antioxidant-boosting ingredients which include glutathione, Grape Seed Oil, and Ganoderma Lucidum.

Organo’s commitment to health also extends into the world of body management. They have a number of supplements that have been successful across the globe. The company continues to look for ways to be innovative and forward thinking. They are willing to do whatever they can to help people achieve their best health.



Agera Energy

Agera Energy is one of the largest power suppliers in the US. The company came into existence in 2014. They have serviced millions of customers, and offer a variety of options to serve your power needs such as electricity and natural gas. They have already started implementing wind power production in one of their largest projects. They serve both small personal accounts as well as large industrial accounts.

What distinguishes Agera Energy from the other power suppliers is that they do not just focus on profits, but also focus on customer education and customer service. The ease of setting up a new account at Agera Energy bears testimony to their excellent customer service. Their customer service teams focus primarily on educating customers and guiding them through decision making processes.

Currently Agera Energy has approximately 2 million customers and is adding close to half a million new customers each year. The rates that Agera Energy offers are reasonable compared to what other suppliers are offering. Instead of starting off with residential and non-profit applications and then labeling them for reuse for business, Agera Energy starts off by refining solutions for business customers for whom energy expense is a critical priority. It then packages those solutions for individual residential needs.

Edwin Miranda Talks About KOI IXS

Edwin Miranda is the founder and the CEO of KOI IXS, a company based in Puerto Rico. The company specializes in advertising and marketing. It is also an advocate of programmatic advertising, one of the most popular advertising techniques today. On his interview with Ideamensch, Miranda will talk about KOI IXS.

When asked about the inspiration of the company, Edwin Miranda revealed that he loves working with talented group. He is also that type of person who enjoys giving his clients the competitive edge. With this in mind, KOI IXS was born in 1994. It is now boasting almost 25 years of excellence in providing effective marketing services.

Edwin Miranda also revealed that to become productive, he likes getting up early at 5:30 AM every day. A light breakfast and a cycle for 30 minutes plus time with his family before setting off to his work at 7:30 AM is his daily routine. Miranda also revealed that in making his ideas come to life, specifically KOI IXS, his passion is one of the greatest factors that enabled him to carry on and build own company. Until now, KOI IXS is standing strong and ready to take on challenges from its customers.

When asked about the trend that excites him the most, Edwin Miranda revealed that he is head over heels with attribution and predictive marketing. The reason for this is because he always loves results. Miranda stated that the booming of machine learning technologies enables customer growth.

Because of predictive marketing, brands can target customers and deploy ads that are less irritating. In other words, predictive analytics is now enabling access to what is called “personalized marketing”. Edwin Miranda is happy that this technology is also becoming accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises, and not only limited to large organizations. He also advised that surrounding yourself with trustworthy people. Delegating tasks to good people is the key in growing business because nobody can do everything alone.

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Shervin Pishevar: Predictions Of Tough Economic Times Ahead

As anyone knows, the nation’s economic picture is subject to sudden changes. Whether it is a drop in the stock market, companies reporting less earnings than expected, or other developments, even the slightest hint of trouble can send investors and executives scrambling. Thus, when well-known venture capitalist and Uber investor Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter for a 21-hour tweet storm, the predictions he made concerning the United States economy took everyone by surprise.

As he started his tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar predicted tough times ahead for the U.S. stock market, with a decline of as much as 6,000 points being possible in the months to come. Knowing this would leave investors very nervous, he offered another prediction as to how they could salvage their investments. Citing bond market volatility, he stated his thoughts that by investing in gold and other precious metals during this time, investors could come through the crisis unscathed.

Next, Shervin Pishevar moved on to make several predictions about Silicon Valley companies, which he sees as being in decline. Predicting these companies would continue to struggle in the coming years due to increased foreign competition from such nations as China, he stated that unless Silicon Valley companies made a renewed investment in strategic planning, marketing, and recruitment of top-level talent, they had little if any chance of regaining their position as the world leader in technology.

After painting a dark future for Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar turned his tweet storm toward virtual currency Bitcoin. Although currently enjoying great success worldwide, Shervin Pishevar predicts Bitcoin will tumble much like many traditional stocks. Predicting a $5,000 decline in value, he does believe that due to their current strength within the world economy, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies will be able to rebound quite well. In fact, he predicted in his tweet storm that although an initial drop in value will occur, investors who choose to remain loyal to Bitcoin will not just recoup their losses, but actually see their investments turn into huge profits. In doing so, he expects the market for virtual currencies to expand in the future.

Jojo Hedaya Makes Email Organization Easy with Unroll.Me

If Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald didn’t undergo frustrations associated with locating important emails in their flooded inbox, we would probably never hear of It is basically, a tool for organizing an email. The co-founder and the chief operating officer of Unroll.Me says that before creating this solution, his business partner, Josh Rosenwald couldn’t respond to his emails because he never seemed to find them. Josh explains that their product was created out of a desire to get rid of personal frustration. It was an opportunity for them to do what the major ISPs weren’t able to do.

The 24-year-old Jojo Hedaya shares his birthday with his business partner Josh Rosenwald. They have several other things in common such as studying in Jewish high schools and going to the same college. That’s why it wasn’t difficult for them to become friends. Jojo Hedaya says that the primary goal of Unroll.Me is to make things simple for email users.

Unroll.Me works by scanning through the inbox in a few seconds and compiling all the subscriptions into an email, known as The Rollup. This allows the user to go through all his/her subscription and if they come across something they don’t want, they can unsubscribe there and then resubscribe too.

Jojo Hedaya knows a few things about business culture and offers insightful tips on the same. He believes that hiring is a continuous process that is dependent on the needs of the organization. It is not a onetime thing. Besides leading by example, business owners should encourage entrepreneurial thinking at all times.

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According to Jojo, the people you hire are your business. Go for great minds, rather than just okay people to ensure success and avoid getting caught in mediocrity. In as much as the ability of your employees to exude positivity is critical to the success of your business, character is also important during the recruitment process. Another effective way of building a good company culture is to give employees as much freedom as possible, and also, make them own the company. Finally, never hesitate to follow your gut feeling in decision making.

The Life of Business Strategist, Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot doesn’t see herself like the traditional woman. According to her, career women should be in the office, trying to climb the corporate ladder and showing the world that they are good in whatever they are doing. The business strategist has lived all her life working hard to get to her current position. The expert in bundled payments does not take her role in healthcare lightly. For a long time, Deirdre has campaigned for the use of bundled payments in all the medical centers in the world. After a very long time, the business strategist can look back and smile. Her efforts are paying off so well. People are embracing the techniques she brought into the market several years ago. Read full interview of Deirdre Baggot at Inspirery

In an interview, Deirdre Baggot tells George Baker how her path to a successful career in health started years ago. Her greatest motivation in the market was to offer consultation services to people who wanted to make the healthcare industry a better place than they found it. Healthcare systems, according to him, have been ignored for decades. The business strategist made this discovery many years ago when she was working healthcare a decade. Doctors and patients have tight schedules to deal with on their daily lives. With the methods of payments used in the traditional times, Baggot realized that things were not being as effective as they should be. Every time a patient needed to make their payment after receiving a special service, they would be subjected to a lot of frustrations. Deirdre Baggot, who had invested so much in her education, realized that she had the power to change the market.

When Deirdre completed her PhD from one of the leading universities in the United States, she did not hesitate to start bundled payment systems that would streamline the operations in the healthcare sector. With so many issues in healthcare, the businesswoman who is highly experienced in leadership did not give up. Her company has worked towards reaching as many medical centers as possible. Her consultation services have helped so many people and organizations too. Deirdre is a career woman who loves to spend time with her family too.

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Using VR To Assist In Real Time Issues

Alex HernIn mid-November of this year, a wildfire burnt through age the central area of California leaving nothing but burnt and scorched earth beneath it. The fire was responsible for deaths of 77 people and has the burning of more than 8,000 households.

Some people say that the weather in Cali has been as a result of the growing population that has been taking over the state while some believe that it is the effect of global warming that could be causing these fires to peak at this time, especially in the dry months.

However, according to Alex Hern, he thinks that if we have been able to navigate ourselves into a storm then we could just as easily be able to get to the eye and protect ourselves as we try to come up with a way to eradicate these wildfires as a whole in the State. How? By using Virtual Reality.

As a way of training chief firefighters and leaders, Alex Hern believes that it is possible to use VR simulation to bring to life a disaster such as a plane crash or even a burning building in order to make the training as real as possible in the face of the service men and women. A VR simulation is all the closer to a real-life issue and in such cases, the simulation is supposed to help you identify the correct protocols to take in the event of such an occurrence or disaster.

With the help of Alex Hern and Tsunami XR, is devoted to making a workspace that fits the needs of the 21st century. The VR material they produce is even able to provide 3D experience for you to be able to feel it firsthand like the real thing.

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Rick Shinto Announces Addition of Executives to InnovaCare’s Leadership

InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare provider in North America. It is well-known for providing managed healthcare services that are geared towards meeting and surpassing the changing health needs. The healthcare provider is redefining healthcare management with a primary objective of meeting the challenges of the complex healthcare environment. It takes commitment and hard work to achieve success in corporate governance. InnovaCare Health has been at the forefront for developing an able leadership team to help in achieving success and corporate management. The leadership at InnovaCare inspires and motivates other employees in the organization to perform extraordinarily well in their respective areas of service.

InnovaCare understands that successful leaders must work together as a team to achieve the goals of the organization. With that in mind, InnovaCare Health recently announced the addition of three professionals to its team. The three experienced professionals have vast experience in the healthcare industry, and InnovaCare hopes that they will take the company to the next level

Jonathan Meyers

Jonathan Meyers has been appointed the chief actuary officer during the recent appointments. Jonathan was serving as the director of actuarial services, Medicare and Medicaid before he was named to join InnovaCare. He was working as Horizon BCBS, the largest carrier in New Jersey. Jonathan previously worked at New York-based Healthcare Partners as a chief actuary officer. Jonathan is the right candidate for the job position at InnovaCare, having offered employee benefit consultancy services to corporations and large businesses like Northwell Health, International Paper, Johnson &Johnson, AXA Financial, and SEIU 1999.

Mike Sortino

InnovaCare has announced the integration of Mike Sortino to the company as the new chief accounting officer. Mike held a position at Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Ltd as a controller of its U.S. branch. Mike was working at HCC Specialty as the chief financial officer before joining Samsung. Mike has over two decades of experience in the industry, which adds to the 120 years of combined experience in InnovaCare in the areas of managed care services. Mike has exceptional leadership skills, creating innovative ideas, and industry knowledge.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is among the three executives who have been appointed to leadership positions at InnovaCare Health Solutions. She has been appointed as the chief administrative officer. Penelope was previously working in the same organization as the chief operating officer before her appointment. Kokkinides served as the chief operating officer at Aveta before joining InnovaCare Health. Penelope brought to InnovaCare her 15 years of experience in government programs and managed care sector, which will have a significant impact on the top leadership of InnovaCare Health solutions.

Tiffany & Co. Building Purchased By Fortress Investment Group At Half The Estimated Price

Fortress Investment Group is a New York City-based investment management firm that focuses on alternative assets in liquid hedge funds, credit funds, and private equity. The firm was established in 1998 by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman, and became well known for being the first private firm of its kind to become publicly traded. Fortress Investment Group was acquired late last year by Softbank for $3.3 billion, and became once again a private firm.

The firm made headlines recently after making a deal in southern Florida, and acquiring the iconic Worth Avenue building in Palm Beach. Worth Avenue is a famous shopping location, and the building in question has been the home of Tiffany & Co. since 1991. The brand operates out of the 2nd floor, leasing a space of 11,081 square feet. Despite the fact that the building got purchased by Fortress Investment Group, it will retain its current tenants – one change is expected however, as plans are to create a class A office space using the remaining available space on the second floor, a venture which is expected to generate solid returns for its investors. More Business News at

The deal naturally generated a lot of buzz in the area, but it also generated surprise due to the fact that the building got sold for $20 million. When the property was put up for sale in 2016 by Franklin Street, a commercial brokerage firm in Tampa, the local media outlets and newspaper estimated that the location could sell for up to $40 million, double the amount that it actually got sold for. Greg Matus, a senior vice president of investment sales at the Franklin Street brokerage firm, handled both sides of the sale and noted in an official statement that it was a rare opportunity for the investor to purchase a premier asset on one of the most well-known retail streets on the planet.

The media is currently speculating on weather the purchase made by Fortress Investment Group is in any way related to their involvement with the All Aboard Florida, a passenger train line that is currently being developed by Brightline, a company also owned by FIG.

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