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L’oreal Global Business Developer Vp Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is the current VP for Global Business Development in L’Oreal, Chez USA. Nicolas went to University of St. Gallen and pursued a degree in Business Management from 1990 to 1995. Nicolas was a member of ESPRIT Junior Enterprise while he was in the University. In 2006, at INSTEAD, CEDEP, he enrolled in a Corporate General Management Programme.

Nicolas Krafft has a whopping 14 years’ experience in good leadership, sales and marketing skills. He has great expertise in international brand management at both strategic level and operational level. He also boast of extensive sales working with agents, direct clients and distributors. Nicolas Krafft saw the launching of US brand cosmetics in 7 different countries across Asia leading to birth of a multi-million business.

Nicolas Kraft’s has all through his career worked at L’Oreal. He started off at Kerastase in 2002 August where he worked as the Marketing Director until August 2004. From August 2004 to December 2008, Krafft was the Marketing Director in Asia. In January 2009 to October 2011 he was the General Manager. After, he works as the Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe from June 2011 to December 2013.

L’Oreal, where Nicolas Kraft is part and person of the team held its 2nd annual fashion and beauty catwalk. This was on 30th of September 2018 with the star of the show being to showcase the diversity in women’s beauty. The show was spectacular, and unique as there was a 60-meter floating runway on river Siene, right at the heart of French capital. The new look summer fashion show was for L’Oreal to do more marketing and re assure clients. They showcased their on-going creativity and dedication towards making product more accessible.

The event was glazed by top celebrities as it shone spotlight on traits linked to French capital, diversity and creativity. The event was aired in over 30 countries live, as drones were filming throughout. Locals, tourists and passers-by enjoyed the show since there were big screens set up on the riverbank. This event presented a lifetime opportunity for L’Oreal to showcase their products to the entire world.

Deirdre Baggot Role in Improving Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot, unlike most women in the community, has spent most of her career life thinking about the rest of the people in the society. Deirdre has been serving as a clinician and a top executive in hospital. With her respected roles, the focused American businesswoman has brought smiles in the faces of the people she has been interacting with. Her prime role, however, has been becoming a pioneer in the world of bundled payments in healthcare. People in the healthcare section say that Deirdre Baggot is responsible for most of the innovations that have been taking place in the competitive industry. As a woman, getting this kind of innovation has not come the easy way. The market has always been a place that was reserved for men who have spent years in the university. The modern woman, however, has been looking forward to grab this opportunity and prove that they can perform better and consistently. Visit their website at

In her career life, Deirdre Baggot has been fortunate to feature in several platforms. These are the areas that have helped her to showcase her expertise in bundled payments. In the year 2013, Baggot got the appointment to serve as an expert reviewer by CMS. This was a great opportunity for the career woman to showcase her skills in bundled payments. Her prominent role in Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she served for ten years gave her so much experience too. People do not become experts in the healthcare section if they are not qualified academically. Baggot has a degree which she got from Chicago Loyola University. Baggot got her master’s from the University of Colorado. Spending so much time at the university exposed the career woman to the kind of knowledge needed in healthcare.

Deirdre became popular when she brought reforms in bundled payments. The reforms she had brought made doctors and patients have a good time when serving customers. The government has also awarded her several times because of her contributions in the market in the few years she has been working. The organization that has worked with her have improved so much in their customer satisfaction.

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Matthew Fleeger Bio

A household name in the oil and gas industry, Matthew Fleeger is worth his salt. Fleeger’s father, a renowned business owner, was likely the catalyst for Fleeger’s entrepreneurial pursuits. Like most businesspeople, Fleeger pursued a college career before delving into the business realm. Southern Methodist University was where Fleeger earned his degree, subsequently graduating and immersing himself in the oil and gas industry. 1986 marked the beginning of Fleeger’s career, and it was during this juncture when Fleeger realized his aptitude for business affairs. Fleeger continued to hone his skills before eventually becoming an executive at various corporations.

Fleeger’s time at the helm proved thrilling and rewarding, but he was ready to branch out on his own come 1993. In the hopes of applying his entrepreneurial knowledge, Fleeger endeavored to create a medical waste management company. Before too long, Fleeger’s aspirations materialized, and MedSolutions was born. The arrival of MedSolutions proved advantageous to both the industry and Fleeger’s career. Fleeger’s novel concepts drove the company to success, and in 2007, Fleeger was offered a handsome sum of money for his enterprise. Stericycle was the company that expressed interest in acquiring MedSolutions, and Fleeger eventually accepted their offer of $59 million.

With Fleeger no longer at the company, the opportunities awaiting him were endless. Given his expertise in seemingly every aspect of business, Fleeger could have pursued any avenue. Fleeger decided that a job at his father’s company, Gulf Coast Western, was the best choice. Fleeger was immediately offered the position of CEO, and it’s a title that he still holds. Being the diverse businessman he is, Fleeger often takes a vested interest in burgeoning industries. Tanning is one such domain. Currently, Fleeger is the lucrative co-owner of two prominent tanning franchises, Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan.

Gareth Henry, Athlete and Courageous Advocate

Gareth Henry is a man of many sides. He is a champion badminton player, a social worker and a fearless fighter for equality and gay rights in his home country of Jamaica. He has 154 wins as a professional including a gold medal in the 2018 men’s doubles at the Central American and Caribbean Games and was part of the Jamaican men’s team that took the bronze at the 2018 Pan Am Badminton Championships. However, despite representing Jamaica in the games, Gareth Henry lives in Canada as a refugee due to threats and violence that caused him to flee his country.

Jamaica is considered one of the least friendly countries to gay men in the world. Despite knowing this, Gareth Henry fought for gay rights as the leader of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG). Henry was already volunteering with the organization and took the reigns of the organization, even knowing the risks to himself, following the murder of leader and co-founder Brian Williamson. During his tenure with J-FLAG Gareth Henry dealt with the violent deaths of 13 of his friends from homophobic attacks.

Unfortunately much of the violence inflicted upon gay men was perpetrated by the police in Jamaica. Henry continued to work as an advocate even after witnessing the death of a friend at the hands of police and a mob. He then experienced this violence first hand as he found himself the target of multiple attacks. The worst of these incidences was a brutal beating at the hands of authorities at a pharmacy in Kingston, Jamaica. Following that attack Henry was forced to go into hiding. Gareth Henry was forced to leave his home escaping to Toronto where he lives now with his husband. He still considers himself to be a Jamaican, and continues to fight from afar for equal rights for himself and others in his home.

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Wes Edens, South Florida’s Brightline Rail System Owner

Wes Edens is an accomplished private equity investor with interests in sports. He joined the Oregon State University where he pursued his major in Finance. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies in the year 1984, he moved to Lehman Brothers and was employed as its partner. After a few years, he relocated to BlackRock where he worked as its partner and Managing Director. In the year 1998, he had acquired enough managerial and his leadership skills to establish his firm. He partnered with Michael Edward, Randal Nardone, and Robert Kauffman to create Fortress Investment Group. They founded the company with $400 million in equity investment.

Fortress is a private capital firm with a focus in the control and management of assets. Later in the year 2009, he was appointed Fortress’ board of directors Chairman. His appointment to head the company’s private equity department is attributed to the skills he gained while at working at Lehman and BlackRock companies. The department witnessed a long streak of success under his leadership. He enabled the firm to purchase Springleaf Financial Services. In January 2018, Wes Edens announced the sale of his main business, Fortress Investment Group. He confirmed that Japan’s SoftBank Group Corporation would purchase the company. The firm that was only established with $400 million was sold at a high figure $3.3 billion in cash. It was however agreed that Fortress would retain its base in New York City.

In a five year contract, it was established that Wes Edens would have his managerial position together with Randal Nardone. Wes is reported to have accumulated a hefty $500 million from the deal. He also boasts of his South Florida Brightline train rail system. He says plans are underway to expand the rail to other areas in the United States. The train that records a maximum speed of 135 mph is set to enhance business in the area. In the year 2014, he collaborated with Marc to acquire the Bucks Basketball team from Kohl Herb at $550 million. The duo pumped another $100 million in the construction of a multipurpose arena that would serve as Bucks’ home ground. Wes Edens enhanced his love for sports when he bought Astonvilla Football Club. He joined hands with businessman Sawiris to purchase 55% of the England based club. The buyout made them the highest stakeholders in the club. At the time of the purchase, he said his goal was to make it a competitive team in England.

Jason Hope Releases New Book Covering The Internet Of Things

Scottsdale, Arizona-based tech entrepreneur Jason Hope has been closely monitoring the nascent Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Many companies, both startups and major corporations, are developing devices that can transmit information to other devices over the internet. This includes smart appliances, thermostats, light bulbs, autonomous cars, and more. It is estimated that there will be around 30 million devices making up the Internet of Things by 2020. People will be able to interact with IoT devices remotely such as turning on the heat in their home from their office or starting up the coffee maker while still laying in bed.

Beyond writing about the upcoming IoT revolution for publications like Huffpost, Jason Hope also wrote a book about it. His book is titled, “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era”. In this book, he explains to be in clear language how IoT will impact everyone’s daily lives. He explains what the benefits of this revolution will be as well as the potential risks. The biggest danger, he says, is information and security breaches. He outlines ways of protecting yourself from these types of risks while still taking advantage of the benefits. Read his article on Daily Forex Report

Another thing that Jason Hope has been paying a lot of attention to over the past several years is anti-aging efforts. As people age, they become more and more susceptible to age-related diseases such as dementia, cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 Diabetes. There are researchers seeking to ways to slow down or even halt the aging process and prevent diseases like these from occurring. One of the organizations involved in this effort is the SENS Foundation. This is a California-based nonprofit dedicated to using biotechnology in order to improve all of human life.

To support this organization and their goal Jason Hope provided it with a $500,000 donation in December 2010. He presented this donation during an event called “Breakthrough Philanthropy” that took place at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. He has since made additional donations and has supported their outreach efforts to make people aware of what the SENS Foundation is trying to accomplish.  Learn more:


Paul Mampilly helping investors achieve financial freedom

If you are an aspiring investor, then Banyan Hill Publishing should be a familiar term. This is a publishing firm that offers investment advice to people who have no experience in the industry or those who have tried to be profitable but are yet to make any progress. Banyan Hill is composed of people who have been in the financial industry long enough to have accrued experience that qualifies them as experts. The senior-editors in the firm are led by Financial Expert and Investment Guru Paul Mampilly. By following these experts, one will be left with knowledge about the way this industry works. You will no longer be making losses while you could be making profits. This is the whole beauty of working with a financial expert from Banyan Hill Publishing.

Paul Mampilly has a clean track record as an investor and investor adviser. He is the first person to leave the lucrative deals in the Wall Street to come and help people who have been facing challenges with investment decisions out here. At the age of 42, Paul Mampilly retired from the Wall Street and switched his focus to the people he calls Main Street Americans. These are the normal Americans in the street who do not have the privilege of hiring experts like the Wall Street Millionaires to help them make money from the financial markets.

Paul was pushed by the need to make a difference in the lives of people. Many Americans are struggling with financial freedom. They did not know how they can make money in the stock market since the whole process seems complicated. However for the Wall Street millionaires, they do not need to know anything, all they need is the money to hire experts such as Paul Mampilly who will make money on their behalf.

Paul Mampilly is now publishing investment material which aspiring investors can read and learn from. He is also publishing a newsletter known as the Profits Unlimited. This is a newsletter that contains information of the stocks he trades. He gives a detailed analysis of the stocks which he thinks will make good profits every year. Every month, he makes a stock recommendation to his followers. The newsletter has been rapidly growing and currently has over 100,000 subscribers.

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The Contribution Of Guilherme Paulus To The Tourism Industry Of Brazil

Guilherme Paulus, also called Guilherme de Jesus Paulus is one of the Forbes billionaires. He partnered with a Brazilian politician and founded a tour operator in 1972. By then, he was around twenty-four years old. Since then,

Guilherme Paulus has been the chairman of the tour operator. However, four years later, his partner left the venture leaving Paulus as the only leader. His leadership has contributed to CVC’s tremendous growth making the company be the largest tour operator in Latin America.

In 2009, Brazilian investor Guilherme sold CVC’s 63.6 percent of the company’s shares to global private equity firm Carlyle Group. The price was approximately four hundred and twenty million dollars. According to CVC Brazil, this was a restricted offer. Guilherme stated that he was to provide all the information about the new shareholders and their stakes only after the transaction was settled.

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In the year 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts where he also served as a member of the board of directors. This organization controls more than fifteen hotels and restaurants in Brazil. The venture is growing so well that Guilherme Paulus is even looking forward to building and maintain several hotels near the airports in Brazil. This is because of a large number of visitor expected in the country.

The tourism sector in Brazil is booming. The Republic’s president named Guilherme Paulus as the member of the Tourism National Board. Guilherme Paulus’s investment in the tourism sector has dramatically improved Brazil’s image among many investors. Paulus has made many investments in most of the areas that are related to tourism in one way or another. Currently, the chain of hotels and restaurants that he has opened are serving more than ninety-two guests in the country. The father of two has been recognized as the most influential personalities in the tourism industry of Brazil. The hotels have also employed close to two thousand employees. The creation of employment has improved the economy of the country.

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Malcolm CasSelle: In-Game Tokens and Cryptocurrencies

Malcolm CasSelle is an American businessman who is most well-known for his platform called the WAX, or the WorldWide Asset Exchange. This platform is being used by gamers who wanted to have a pleasant experience in trading items online. According to some groups, the trading system can sometimes be full of scammers, and it feels bad to be tricked and not receiving anything in return. Malcolm CasSelle decided to build an engine that would stop the hackers and scammers from trading valuable virtual item because he believes that even though the item is virtual, it would still have a value for those who have owned the item online.

Malcolm CasSelle has also introduced a new way to play games which are connected to the internet. He revealed that there are more modern gadgets that are embedded in the technology that cannot be infiltrated by hackers and scammers. He also told that he included the technology behind bitcoin, which is called the blockchain technology to summarize every trade and to identify which ones can be considered as a scammer. For Malcolm CasSelle, his job is enjoyable, and he would continue doing it for years. Many players are also thanking him for the time that he has been giving some of his projects. The platform, for example, has detected thousands of would-be scammers, and legitimate players are saying that without the WAX, they could have fallen victim to those who wanted their rare virtual items and would be paying them with nothing.

Being a fan of cryptocurrencies, Malcolm CasSelle stated that he would be integrating the same system to his gaming system because it is an effective blockade to fraud. Since the introduction of WAX, more people have been putting their trust back into the system. They are stating that with the introduction of blockchain technology that will be integrated with WAX, many online players would now become more confident, especially if they are dealing with trades that involve valuable items. Malcolm CasSelle continues to develop new programs that would help the online gaming community, and he stated that he would be more than happy to innovate several things that are being practiced today in gaming.



Susan McGalla Paves the way for Gender Diversity in Male-Dominated Firms

Statistics suggest that, a business is more likely to perform better with gender diversity. Research from top qualified consultancies went on to cite those top quartile companies with ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to garner higher returns than lower quartile companies with little to no gender diversity. It is believed that such companies are more open to better performance because they are open to innovative ideas. Apart from that, the diversity provides multiple perspectives. Even so, it is sad to note that only a few women hold executive positions in the gender-diverse companies.

The Back Story

In as much as there are challenges when it comes to creating gender diversity in the companies, there are women who have conquered this difference by seizing high-level positions in high-profile organizations not only for themselves but other women as well. One such woman is Susan McGalla. McGalla attributes her success to how she grew up amongst two brothers who hardened her to learn to live out of her comfort zone.

Early Life

Growing up in a family that had a coach for a father, Susan McGalla did not enjoy the typical breaks a girl-child is entitled to. She was pushed to work for what she aspired to become in life. Apart from that, McGalla was allowed to pursue her dreams without outside interruption. Perhaps that is how she learned to carry the lesson forward in life and seek multiple high-profile positions in her career.


Susan McGalla first paved her way up in the industry by working as a merchandising manager. Later in the years, she found her footing through the famous American Eagle Outfitters, a company in which, most employees were men. With her input, the company started buying the idea of gender diversity. With time, she was issued the job title- president of the company. That was a few years before she left to establish P3 Executive Consulting.


Currently, Susan McGalla is the vice president of Pittsburgh Steelers. She doubles as the creative development manager. Surprisingly, this is a male-dominated company as well. It is evident that McGalla thrives in challenging careers fields. Perhaps her confidence and determination are essential characteristics that define her resilience.