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Paul Mampilly helping investors achieve financial freedom

If you are an aspiring investor, then Banyan Hill Publishing should be a familiar term. This is a publishing firm that offers investment advice to people who have no experience in the industry or those who have tried to be profitable but are yet to make any progress. Banyan Hill is composed of people who have been in the financial industry long enough to have accrued experience that qualifies them as experts. The senior-editors in the firm are led by Financial Expert and Investment Guru Paul Mampilly. By following these experts, one will be left with knowledge about the way this industry works. You will no longer be making losses while you could be making profits. This is the whole beauty of working with a financial expert from Banyan Hill Publishing.

Paul Mampilly has a clean track record as an investor and investor adviser. He is the first person to leave the lucrative deals in the Wall Street to come and help people who have been facing challenges with investment decisions out here. At the age of 42, Paul Mampilly retired from the Wall Street and switched his focus to the people he calls Main Street Americans. These are the normal Americans in the street who do not have the privilege of hiring experts like the Wall Street Millionaires to help them make money from the financial markets.

Paul was pushed by the need to make a difference in the lives of people. Many Americans are struggling with financial freedom. They did not know how they can make money in the stock market since the whole process seems complicated. However for the Wall Street millionaires, they do not need to know anything, all they need is the money to hire experts such as Paul Mampilly who will make money on their behalf.

Paul Mampilly is now publishing investment material which aspiring investors can read and learn from. He is also publishing a newsletter known as the Profits Unlimited. This is a newsletter that contains information of the stocks he trades. He gives a detailed analysis of the stocks which he thinks will make good profits every year. Every month, he makes a stock recommendation to his followers. The newsletter has been rapidly growing and currently has over 100,000 subscribers.

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The Contribution Of Guilherme Paulus To The Tourism Industry Of Brazil

Guilherme Paulus, also called Guilherme de Jesus Paulus is one of the Forbes billionaires. He partnered with a Brazilian politician and founded a tour operator in 1972. By then, he was around twenty-four years old. Since then,

Guilherme Paulus has been the chairman of the tour operator. However, four years later, his partner left the venture leaving Paulus as the only leader. His leadership has contributed to CVC’s tremendous growth making the company be the largest tour operator in Latin America.

In 2009, Brazilian investor Guilherme sold CVC’s 63.6 percent of the company’s shares to global private equity firm Carlyle Group. The price was approximately four hundred and twenty million dollars. According to CVC Brazil, this was a restricted offer. Guilherme stated that he was to provide all the information about the new shareholders and their stakes only after the transaction was settled.

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In the year 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts where he also served as a member of the board of directors. This organization controls more than fifteen hotels and restaurants in Brazil. The venture is growing so well that Guilherme Paulus is even looking forward to building and maintain several hotels near the airports in Brazil. This is because of a large number of visitor expected in the country.

The tourism sector in Brazil is booming. The Republic’s president named Guilherme Paulus as the member of the Tourism National Board. Guilherme Paulus’s investment in the tourism sector has dramatically improved Brazil’s image among many investors. Paulus has made many investments in most of the areas that are related to tourism in one way or another. Currently, the chain of hotels and restaurants that he has opened are serving more than ninety-two guests in the country. The father of two has been recognized as the most influential personalities in the tourism industry of Brazil. The hotels have also employed close to two thousand employees. The creation of employment has improved the economy of the country.

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Malcolm CasSelle: In-Game Tokens and Cryptocurrencies

Malcolm CasSelle is an American businessman who is most well-known for his platform called the WAX, or the WorldWide Asset Exchange. This platform is being used by gamers who wanted to have a pleasant experience in trading items online. According to some groups, the trading system can sometimes be full of scammers, and it feels bad to be tricked and not receiving anything in return. Malcolm CasSelle decided to build an engine that would stop the hackers and scammers from trading valuable virtual item because he believes that even though the item is virtual, it would still have a value for those who have owned the item online.

Malcolm CasSelle has also introduced a new way to play games which are connected to the internet. He revealed that there are more modern gadgets that are embedded in the technology that cannot be infiltrated by hackers and scammers. He also told that he included the technology behind bitcoin, which is called the blockchain technology to summarize every trade and to identify which ones can be considered as a scammer. For Malcolm CasSelle, his job is enjoyable, and he would continue doing it for years. Many players are also thanking him for the time that he has been giving some of his projects. The platform, for example, has detected thousands of would-be scammers, and legitimate players are saying that without the WAX, they could have fallen victim to those who wanted their rare virtual items and would be paying them with nothing.

Being a fan of cryptocurrencies, Malcolm CasSelle stated that he would be integrating the same system to his gaming system because it is an effective blockade to fraud. Since the introduction of WAX, more people have been putting their trust back into the system. They are stating that with the introduction of blockchain technology that will be integrated with WAX, many online players would now become more confident, especially if they are dealing with trades that involve valuable items. Malcolm CasSelle continues to develop new programs that would help the online gaming community, and he stated that he would be more than happy to innovate several things that are being practiced today in gaming.



Susan McGalla Paves the way for Gender Diversity in Male-Dominated Firms

Statistics suggest that, a business is more likely to perform better with gender diversity. Research from top qualified consultancies went on to cite those top quartile companies with ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to garner higher returns than lower quartile companies with little to no gender diversity. It is believed that such companies are more open to better performance because they are open to innovative ideas. Apart from that, the diversity provides multiple perspectives. Even so, it is sad to note that only a few women hold executive positions in the gender-diverse companies.

The Back Story

In as much as there are challenges when it comes to creating gender diversity in the companies, there are women who have conquered this difference by seizing high-level positions in high-profile organizations not only for themselves but other women as well. One such woman is Susan McGalla. McGalla attributes her success to how she grew up amongst two brothers who hardened her to learn to live out of her comfort zone.

Early Life

Growing up in a family that had a coach for a father, Susan McGalla did not enjoy the typical breaks a girl-child is entitled to. She was pushed to work for what she aspired to become in life. Apart from that, McGalla was allowed to pursue her dreams without outside interruption. Perhaps that is how she learned to carry the lesson forward in life and seek multiple high-profile positions in her career.


Susan McGalla first paved her way up in the industry by working as a merchandising manager. Later in the years, she found her footing through the famous American Eagle Outfitters, a company in which, most employees were men. With her input, the company started buying the idea of gender diversity. With time, she was issued the job title- president of the company. That was a few years before she left to establish P3 Executive Consulting.


Currently, Susan McGalla is the vice president of Pittsburgh Steelers. She doubles as the creative development manager. Surprisingly, this is a male-dominated company as well. It is evident that McGalla thrives in challenging careers fields. Perhaps her confidence and determination are essential characteristics that define her resilience.