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Stuart Weisbrod and Jacob Gottlieb to Join Forces Again After Two Decades Apart

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod, who previously worked together at Merlin BioMed Group, are now working together again after nearly two decades of separate ventures. Stuart Weisbrod co-founded Merlin BioMed Group in 1998 as an investment management company that focused on the healthcare sector. Before Weisbrod co-founded Merlin, he had built an impressive track record that includes degrees from Colgate University, Columbia University and Princeton University as well as positions at Oracle Partners, Harpel Partners, Merrill Lynch and Prudential-Bache Securities. This provided him with the ability to build a successful team at Merlin. Jacob Gottlieb was included on this team and worked for Weisbrod as a portfolio manager. Gottlieb was successful in generating large returns which helped Merlin land influential clients. However, despite Merlin’s continued success, their doors closed in 2007.

Since Merlin closed their doors, Weisbrod founded a new investment firm called Iguana Healthcare Partners. Much like Merlin, Iguana also focuses on the healthcare sector. Gottlieb also created his own firm after leaving Merlin called Visium Asset Management. Visium became quite successful after surviving the financial downturn in 2008 and growing to become an $8 billion hedge fund with offices in New York, San Francisco and London. Despite this success, Visium abruptly halted operations in 2016 after three executives were accused of insider trading and mismarking. Gottlieb has never been charged with any wrongdoing and maintains his role as CEO as he returns funds to investors and closes the company. Now in 2018, Gottlieb has already begun his next venture called Altium Capital, another healthcare-focused hedge fund. It is at Altium Capital that both Gottlieb and Weisbrod will be working in the same office. While is it is not clear what their exact plans are for future collaboration, this move is a clear indicator of their future together.

Wes Edens Journey to Success

More than three decades ago, Wes Edens did not know that he was going to become a prominent person and change the lives of American investors. The businessman was busy with his many investments, and he was doing anything possible to make a profitable career out of his many businesses. Fortunately, his hard work has been paying off, and he is currently a prominent figure in the international community, and he commands so much respect from all people in the globe because of what he has managed to achieve. The market has never belonged to the faint-hearted. Wes knew this secret from the word go, and he has never failed to meet his duties as the founder of several organizations in the world.

In the year 1998, Wes Edens had a different business idea, and he was thinking about making this idea a reality. Wes had already worked in many companies and started his own companies. He, however, noticed that there were several hardships that were being faced by the investors in the market. Wes Edens felt that he had the resources and determination to change the lives of the American investors, and this is when he started a company called Fortress Investment. The company was just like the rest when it was new in the market. The competition was tough as usual. Getting the right professionals to work in various positions in the company was also not as easy as many people thought. Edens and the other founders needed to deal with the challenges that were coming up in the market, and they set up the right strategies to survive the American market. Twenty years later, Wes and his team are all smiles.

Wes Edens and the other company founders are excited because of various reasons. This team has managed to establish their company into one of the biggest in the market. The company covers the investors in America and other parts of the world, something many organizations have never done despite being in the tight market for a longer time. Wes has done so much because of his academic qualifications and his discipline. The businessman is sharp and always determined to go and achieve bigger and better things for his company. Wes Edens has been to the best educational institutions in the past, and he has a degree in finance and business administration. The skills he got from the Oregon University have been of great help to the lives of investors from all over. Billionaire Nassef Sawiris And Wes Edens To Buy Significant Stake In Aston Villa

Tony Petrello’s Philanthropic Dive

Philanthropy could not wait to attack Tony Petrello, the CEO of Nabor’s Exchange since October 2011. Having been the company’s COO since 1991, being also a director at the Texas Children Hospital and Stewart and Stevenson LLC

Tony Petrello having gone through Yale University for both Bachelors and Masters and Harvard University Law for a JD, Tony Petrello has earned skills that have driven him to riches and the heart to do good.

Tony and his wife Cynthia, donated 5million USD and pledged an additional 2 million USD to research in Fruition. The art to help was catalyzed further when his daughter was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that affects coordination in eating speaking and walking. Having been born prematurely at six months, the disorder turned into Cerebral Palsy that affected brain and body structure development. Tony Petrello has dedicated himself to funding researchers and doctors with regards to the treatment and cure of his daughter’s condition. He has further motivated more people to donate to the Jan and Dan Duncan neurological research institute at Texas Children’s Hospital.

During Professor Lang’s memorial service, a mentor and a college professor to Tony Petrello, he announced he would donate at least 150,000 USD to establish an endowment fund in memory of Professor Lang to match any additional donations from Yale’s alumni, which funds an annual prize. In November 2017, Tommy Tune, a multitalented Broadway legend was privileged and honored with a cocktail reception hosted by Tony and Cynthia Petrello at their home in Houston.

After Hurricane Harvey in 2017 destroyed homes, streets and caused a scarce supply of commodities in Texas, and with 10% of Nabor’s Exchange employees affected, Tony Petrello acted fast by supporting his employees to daily meals within Naborhood café. The employees were further paid time off to go help in various locations and participate in projects, fundraisers, and events that were dedicated to easing the effects of the hurricane. He further donated an equal amount to what the employees spent; a fund referred to as the Nabors disaster relief.

The couple has established the Petrello Family Foundation which supports research in health, education and performing arts throughout Houston.

Preserving the Earth — Waiakea Water

Selling bottled water is no easy task! It takes skill. It takes effort. It takes patience. That is why Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has enjoyed so much success. The entire industry is worth more than 100 billion dollars. That is the figure for every water company that produces bottled water and similar products. People love the water industry. It is one of the most popular luxury items in the world! The convenience of having a bottle of fresh water just can’t be beat. It is not without its downsides however. The bottled water industry is responsible for much of the pollution that plagues the earth. We must find a better way to get our water!

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has come to the rescue with their environmentally friendly water. They obtain their water directly from the volcanic source. It flows naturally and gets filtered naturally. The taste is crisp and clear! Many people that have tried Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will not go back to other types of water. It has become their favorite. The best trait of Waiakea Volcanic Hawaiian Water is the environmentally friendly bottling. The bottles are biodegradable. They break down within 15 years! Many plastic bottles will take over 100 years to break down. They will be polluting the earth long after we are gone, but Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will preserve our legacy by keeping the world clean.

The company began as a small startup I Hawaii. The founder based his goals and morals off of Hawaiian culture. He believes in giving back to the planet and preserving the earth we live on. He does not like the idea of destroying the only home we will ever know. He had a difficult time obtaining partnerships with the older members in the bottled water community, so he partnered with other young startups. Because of this savvy move, he has become one of the youngest millionaires in bottled water. He continues to donate to charities and preserve his legacy by remaining environmentally friendly. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will be one of the most popular bottled water companies for years to come.