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EOS Lip Balm Explores Ascent in Industry

How much time have you personally invested into paying attention to the lip balm industry? Not much, right? Well, the team over at EOS lip balm has been working long and hard to completely reinvent the wheel and bring lip balm back in a big way. EOS lip balm has been steadily rising over the past seven years into a true titan of the industry, making them the second best selling lip balm in the U.S.A. — behind Burt’s Bees. Let’s see what the team at ESO did in order to get this far.

It all started with EOS co-founder Sanjiv Mehra working in packaging for PepsiCo. He got to see first hand how packaging can completely change a product and give it new life. This led Mehra to conceiving the little pastel oval containers that we are so familiar with today. Mehra would come on strong and develop the idea in order to hit the shelves. His goal was to bring something new to market that was both interesting and targeted for his specific audience: women who wanted a lip balm that catered to their exact needs. Mehra says, “The products that women depend on every day should deliver moments of delight that elevate these daily routines.” With this mindset Mehra was able to bring something to market that was both new and interesting. For more of EOS wonderful features, hit on

Nowadays we can look at ESO as the true #2 within the lip balm realm. EOS has turned the corner and is worth nearly $250 million and they have no signs of slowing down in the future. Mehra’s focus with EOS lip balm was to “engage the five senses” while keeping the price competitive. When Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian are using your products in front of their fans — well, your plan must have worked.  For additional interesting article, click on

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Best Drinks To Quench Your Thirst Or Drum Up The Memories


There are many beverages to choose from when one is looking to quench their thirst including top brands Florida’s Natural orange juice, Minute Maid orange juice, Coca Cola, and Dr. Pepper. Florida’s Natural Growers were organized in 1933 by orange farmers that were looking to produce the best possible product.

The juice is freshly squeezed, contains no additional ingredients and is available in no pulp, some pulp, and most pulp options. The not from concentrate product offers up grapefruit juice and was the first to market the resealable pouring spout. Minute Maid orange juice, fully merged with Coca Cola in 2003, was the first to market its orange juice as a concentrate.

Today, Minute Maid orange juice brands are  available in multiple forms including no pulp, Calcium and Vitamin D, Country Style, Heart Wise, Kids, Low Acid, and Premium Original. Minute Maid markets the good source of vitamin C and potassium one will gain by drinking the product along with the juice is good down to the last delicious drop.


Coca Cola is an old soda brand that was first served for five cents per glass and now serves an estimated 1.9 billion consumers globally. Coca Cola has been available to the consumer for the past 127 years and was the first drink to be made available in a six pack. Most favor original Coca Cola, yet the product is available in diet, cherry, vanilla, and zero calorie versions.

Dr. Pepper was introduced in 1880, and unlike other companies, continued to use sugar in its soda despite the increase in price in the 1980s, namely in its Dublin Texas plant. Dr. Pepper is offered in diet forms as well as vanilla, cherry, chocolate, and berries and cream.

The Most Distinct Lip Balm On Earth: Evolution of Smooth

When it comes to lip balms, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Fortunately that notion doesn’t ring true as there is one brand that is currently setting new trends in what many people would call “boring market.” Yes, lip balms are similar in practicality, but all lip balm products aren’t alike. Some of the top brands use chemical fillers which could cause dryer lips in the long run and some just don’t work at all. That’s where Evolution of Smooth enters the picture.

Though it’s only been on the market for about 7 years, Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has become the second biggest seller of lip balms after Burt’s Bees. You may be wondering how is this possible? The company has figured out how to cut costs, mass produce, and bring much more variety to an already bland market. EOS lip balm has it’s own manufacturing facility which keeps it away from third-party hands. The company decided to rethink the current status quo and create a product that was much more appealing. Unlike other lip balm products on the market, (EOS) was more distinct thanks to it’s fresh new packaging, wonderful smell, variety of flavors, and health benefits.

After initially being introduced at Walgreens, the brand is now found at numerous big chain stores like ULTA worldwide and has a net worth of $250 Million. Evolution of Smooth is truly the most distinct product with the most distinctive look. Company representatives stated that the lip balms will most likely continue selling over $1 Million units every week, but by the year 2020, could be selling as many as $2 Million per week. All in all, Chapstick and Blistex just can’t keep pace with this movement and will need to be totally revamped in order to remain a competitor. For more information, visit the website and view the company profile on Linked In (