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Sunday Riley : Innovation Begins With Packaging

Hannah Choi of Allure magazine takes us into the night that she discovered Sunday Riley and her skincare line. While having dinner with a friend, Hannah noticed that her friend kept going on and on about Sunday Riley’s packaging, I’m a sucker for the packaging her friend stated, in addition, she also commented that it made it less scary.

Less scary? How can packaging make a product less scary? Hannah’s friend explained that retinol is a very scar ingredient to see on a skincare product, visions of redness and flaky skin are what usually come to mind when people see that particular ingredient. Not with a Sunday Riley product, however, because retinol can be used in a good and bad way, Sunday Riley always makes sure that the products are formulated with the best version of an ingredient, in this case, retinol.

Luna’s Sleeping Night Oil, a skincare product that contains retinol, however, the oil has a blue inky look to it, why? because of the anti-inflammatory ingredient called blue tansy oil. Although the price is pretty steep at $105 per bottle (so don’t spill any!) like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The cost is actually not as bad as other brands that charge up to $300 per bottle or sets. The reason why Sunday Riley products are of such high quality and so low cost comes from the fact that she herself formulates the final products.

Keeping prices low are her number one priority, says Sunday Riley, but the quality of the product must also match that price. She states that there’s a distrust in the skincare industry over most of the products on the market. Charging high prices and delivering sub-par products has jaded many consumers. Sunday Riley further comments that she is not in it to make a luxury brand, her aim has and will always be to formulate a good quality product which any can afford.

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