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EOS Lip Balm Is Perfectly Designed Both Inside And Out

Even though some people don’t bother, lips need extra loving care, and there are a few ways to perform these beauty necessities.

First, let’s briefly look at the anatomy of the lips in general. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, mature, full-lipped or average-lipped, all lips share these characteristics. They include very delicate thin tissue that is not supported by much melanin for protection against the sun or oil glands for adequate hydration.

That means our lips are forever thirsty and vulnerable to dryness, chapping, peeling and even blistering and sunburn.

Some women like to perform a simple brown sugar/olive oil scrub on their lips with an extra toothbrush. After that, they choose the perfect lip balm to maintain deep moisture and protection, check on for EOS products.

Not every lip balm is created equally, and the ingredients will always tell the story. EOS lip balm happens to be one of the leaders in the huge lip balm pack because of its incredible formulas with shea butter, Vitamins C and E, jojoba oil and other lip-friendly ingredients. The brand prides itself on offering organic and 99% natural products, and the flavors are so luscious, these balms are addictive.  For details, be sure to click this.

Fans also welcome the genius of the unique sphere-shaped balm with the convenient twist-off cap. EOS lip balm is gluten-free and also chemical-free. There are zero parabens, pthalates or petrolatum, and not every balm can make that claim with honesty.

If you’ve never sampled EOS lip balm, here are two favorites to get you started:

Sweet Mint is a cult fave for its incredible fresh flavor and 100% natural base. It glides on like butter, never sticky or waxy and provides your lips with long lasting moisture.  More of this on

Blackberry Nectar comes from EOS’ Visibly Soft collection, and fans adore it. The balm is dense, pure and soothing.  Follow now EOS on their page.

To learn more EOS lip balm and other products, visit their website at

How a Five Pack of EOS Lip Balm is all the Variety I Need

EOS is selling a five pack of flavors of lip balm which provide a compelling mix. All too often multi packs of flavors include varieties that don’t sell well and use multi-packs as a way of getting rid of excess inventory. The EOS variety pack was refreshing in this sense by having a great mix of flavors that are among the most popular blends offered by the brand. These five packs include sweet mint, summer fruit, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, and honeysuckle honeydew, see this on

EOS is a world leader in lip balm after emerging in the industry just a decade ago. EOS differentiated themselves from their competition by selling higher quality lip balms that contained all-natural oils like coconut and jojoba oil, or shea butter, all with interesting flavor combinations.EOS packaged their lip balm in these nifty orbs that stood out on shelves but also were sanitary and easy to carry.

Their summer fruit, strawberry sorbet, passion fruit, and honeysuckle honeydew flavors are all in the fruit category, but are mellow and not at all overpowering. These flavor, despite being all fruit related, are very different tasting and have a wide range of flavor notes. The passion fruit and strawberry sorbet flavors are reminiscent of summer with a strong delicious flavor. Summer fruit is more subdued but a great and mellow addition to a pack that has a complex underlying fruity flavor. Honeysuckle honeydew was ultimately my favorite of the pack and provided an sweet addition that felt like an everyday option for me.

Mint flavors work so well with lip balms, but the majority of the brands out there have mint lip balm that tastes like medicine. Not EOS lip balm though, whose sweet mint flavor tastes fresh and natural and but has a powerful min flavor too it.  More info on

Variety packs should have a great mixture and variety of flavors that allow you to sample a range of flavors to find your favorite. This EOS lip balm variety pack was no exception. While I liked all of the flavor varieties, I found my everyday lip balm with honeysuckle honeydew.